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  1. 02-06 Canucks Twill Questions

    Hi Everyone, Looking to track down anything/everything related to embellishing an 02-06 Canucks "Faded" jersey. I work for a team uniform supplier and we do lots of jersey customizing, just want to make sure i'm getting it straight. Numbers - font? we should be able to find it either way Silver Flake insert Cardinal Trim Silver Flake outer trim Name - Silver Flake Bar - Navy Any thoughts/help is appreciated!
  2. The official IceJerseys swapping table

    I have a blue Quebec Nordiques CCM replica Size Large, looking for any OHL or CHL replica in a trade, L XL or 2XL
  3. Source Teamworks in London can help you out. They have the proper colors of twill for numbers and letters. Unless its a twill color that is custom/specific to a team, they have the ability to cut/sew anything that you request for other teams too. Art department is good with making sure it's accurate. (proper fonts, numbers, etc)
  4. Hockey East Patch?

    bump Dee's Sport Shop in Roseville Michigan will make CCHA patches in any color - they used to do work for the league.
  5. Your best bet would be to keep checking kijiji London, but I also check regularly to see whats posted and rarely do they come up. You won't find one at the Knights proshop or any retailer around here. Same story with eBay, rarely see any come up - I have a saved search that emails me daily. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but just want to let you know it may be tough. Again kijiji is your best chance probably.
  6. Brampton Battalion Jersey

    Try kijiji. Think I heard the Battalion shop is sold out.
  7. EDGE and Starter Replicas

    ok, thanks for confirming all this.
  8. EDGE and Starter Replicas

    Thanks, appreciate the info. My project is a 2007 Red Wings with an Yzerman retirement patch. If I am reading you correctly, my options are CCM 550 Replica or 6100 RBK Authentic to confirm, there were no replicas with the RBK logo made from this era?
  9. EDGE and Starter Replicas

    Figure i'll put this here instead of a new topic. I have found out the 6100 is authentic, but was there a certain model name for a RBK Replica? Specifically I am looking for a Red Wings RBK replica without the NHL shield on the collar. Is there a certain search term I could use to identify this? And may as well ask, any hints outside of eBay on where to find one?
  10. sports section may have what you need. edit, just checked - no luck w getty
  11. Hockey East Patch?

    Contacted AHLgoalie, he didn't unfortunately.
  12. The official IceJerseys swapping table

    Is this thread reserved for authentics only? If so, feel free to move this I have some replica CCM vintage jerseys I would like to trade. Both are size large. Looking for OHL Jerseys, or Nike Red Wings replicas.
  13. Hockey East Patch?

    Looking for a navy blue CCHA patch for a Michigan jersey. Any ideas ?
  14. Missisauga Commemorative Jersey Help

    Best bet would be to contact the steelheads organization and see if any game used are still available through them. I don't believe they were sold at retail. Finding a pair of the gloves will be even tougher, could probably inquire with a local shop/CCM rep to get a custom pair made.
  15. The Want List

    New here, looks like a great place to discuss jerseys though! Looking for: (all XL, or L) OHL: Windsor Spitfires London Knights Sarnia Sting Any Nike OHL Jersey NAHL/OHL Detroit Ambassadors