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  1. Ask me TV questions for Around the NHL, and they will be posted in a future column. Anything about the TV business, US, Canada. Just dont ask "Why don't I get Versus?'
  2. I think we need to be carefully progressive on the supposed revolution of NHL clothing, like everything in the new NHL. Some of it we will like, some of it will annoy us, but not enough for us to beat our heads in, and some of it will be just plain terrible.
  3. I hope some people will join the site because of the poll and join our fun community.
  4. Here it is: http://www.sportsfanmagazine.com/sfm/articles.html?id=3072 A Preview: Encouraging news for HD Hockey fans. Comcast is planning to create a new HD-Sports channel, which will provide you with programming from Versus (including HD NHL Action) and The Golf Channel (MMM...Natilie Gublis Show in Hi-Def). Also good news? Comcast may be picking up HDNet, Mark Cuban's hi-def channel, which presents hockey on Thursday and Saturday nights. As HDNet Global correspondent Dan Rather might say, that makes me more excited than Carol Alt in an NHL locker room. All this plus rants on the All-Star Ballot, Manny Fernandez, Zach Parise and The IceJerseys.com Poll Question of the Week! Enjoy!
  5. The column is now up, which gives this site a plug and gives you a link to the poll. http://www.sportsfanmagazine.com/sfm/articles.html?id=3072
  6. The most popular answer will be featured in a future (11/20/06. to be exact) edition of SFM's Around the NHL, and will hopefully bring more posters to the site (As of now, the test poll I ran at HFBoards.com, which was linked to the column, has over 40 posters), but I'd like you guys, the tride and true posters here at IJF, get the first say. Tell me, your building the new Hartford Whalers, or Winnipeg Jets, or Quebec Nordiques, or Las Vegas Panthers, who's your first pick in the ultimate expansion draft: -Sidney Crosby -Ilya Kovalchuk -Alexander Ovechkin -Dion Phaneuf -Henrik Lundqvist
  7. SteveNJ


    Just thought it'd be fun to get your opinion on the infamous Eklund.
  8. Where is the best place to get the coolest sweaters at good prices in your area? Around here, we have Verona Sports Store in Caldwell, NJ where they sell stuff (aside from Devs and Rags apparel) vintage Pens, Hawks, Habs, Kings, Isles, Rockies, Scouts and every NHL team's current threads for reasonable coin. It is very rare around here to see a store like that. Where is your Verona Sports Store type place?
  9. There's also the Pronger leaving Edmonton factor that comes with Anaheim's likeability.
  10. From the NHL's PR Machine: FROM THE BUSINESS DESK TOP 10 SELLING JERSEYS ON SHOP.NHL.COM (Oct 1-31, 2006) 1. Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh 2. Ryan Miller, Buffalo 3. Alexander Ovechkin, Washington 4. Maxim Afinogenov , Buffalo 5. Chris Drury, Buffalo 6. Jason Pominville , Buffalo 7. Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh 8. Peter Forsberg, Philadelphia 9. Daniel Briere , Buffalo 10. Jaromir Jagr, New York Rangers TEAM SALES For the month of October, sales of Sabres merchandise were up approximately 1170% compared to last year. Other notable increases... Carolina - 433% Edmonton - 336% San Jose - 239% Anaheim - 235% Washington - 161% Atlanta - 135% New York Rangers - 106% New Jersey - 103% -- Overall sales on NHL.COM for the month of October are up 95% compared to last October.
  11. God it is fun to watch the guy unload on the power play.
  12. Not sure, I know Mike Emrick runs it, but I'm not sure of much else. Today's name: Just to prove the poster wrong who thought the Euro names'd be bad, It's Alexander Ovechkin: Alex oh-VEHCH-kihn.
  13. A preview of what you can check out here: http://www.sportsfanmagazine.com/sfm/articles.html?id=3057 A sample page: Here's my list of 5 NHL figures that would make great MySpace friends: 5. Sidney Crosby - You know he's totally the guy who only has a lot of MySpace friends 'cuz they all wanna see the girl's he's friends with. 4. Sean Avery - Because everyone posts pictures of their girlfriend on MySpace! Kim Bauer in a Kings jersey, here we come. 3. Keith Tkachuk - Not as much a MySpace page as a map of every Burger King, McDonalds and Wendy's in the greater St. Louis area. Could come in handy some time. 2. Larry Brooks - A great friend, even though he would TOTALLY start drama between you and your friends, saying stuff like "He'll never give into your demands to go out this weekend, because he's too strong of a person. It will never happen. NEVER". Go to the link and find out #1, as well as the poll question of the week, the trivia question of the week, and my thoughts on the NHL on Google Video, Jobing.com Arena, Islanders TV and the Atlantic Division in this week's Around the NHL
  14. It's not like the Leafs have their own TV channel or anything like that lol.
  15. That's the official guide. I garantee it. Tonight, rookie star Evgeni Malkin: ehv-gehn-ee Mahl-kuhn
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