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  1. That Calgary St. Louis jersey is awesome. That's one you don't see everyday (I've never seen one)
  2. nhlstore in nyc now has them
  3. likeaboss2

    Worth Fixing?

    Hey all, tried to find an appropriate thread, but figured I create a new one for this question. I sent an edge 1.0 08 Winter Classic Pens jersey to Cutting Edge to have it made into a Crosby. Got it back and it looks great, except it was pointed out that Cutting Edge gave me the newer Captain's C, worn on the baby blue alternates after the Winter Classic. In the Winter Classic, the C was a bit wider. Real jersey My jersey Should I send it back? I had no idea 2 different C's were used or I would have pointed it out. Could a shop like EPS or Brilliant make this change easy? Thanks for your input
  4. Nieds is beautiful. Need a stevens in that style badly
  5. Ive seen jerseys on ebay (fortunately not hockey jerseys....yet) get magically retagged and advertised as new with tags. Just another thing to look out for.
  6. I am worried we may not be seeing sales of that magnitude now that fanatics has taken over the mlbshop. They will spam your inbox with promotions, but most of the sales are only 5-10% off.
  7. I have a Canucks alternate Koho size 46 jersey in like new condition, and a youth replica jersey for matching nameplate material. I would love to trade this for a Flames Koho size 46 horsehead jersey in like new condition. I would like to make it into an Inglia. I also have a Rangers 1.0 in excellent condition, size 50. I would like to trade it for a Rangers items in my sig, or anything else in my sig. I'd also throw in a Brian Leetch retirement night patch.
  8. ^my money is on Baron getting as many as he wants regardless of this rumored 150 team store limit.
  9. As a nba fan, im not really impressed with that haul. Thats my alibi.
  10. http://canadiens.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=62048 (read #10) I tried emailing them to see if they would accept a blank jersey for customization but they didn't respond. Might be tough logistically if you live in the U.S., but let me know if you do try to contact them, I'd be curious to hear what they say.
  11. They only make goalie jerseys in 58 & 60 as far as I know....putting a goalie on an authentic smaller than these sizes and calling it a foul seems silly to me, especially if you wear your jerseys
  12. Fwiw, a lot of nba jersey collectors are bummed that when you order customized rev30 jerseys from the nba store, they will come twith twill numbers, when players jerseys on court have mesh numbers. Depending on the team, some team stores sell star player jerseys with mesh numbers. Other people have had success finding rev30 jerseys with mesh numbers on the europe nbastore website. Probably worth calling the bulls team store and asking.
  13. Hey dude, I collect NFL jerseys and I can relate to how you feel about wanting as close to the real thing as possible and navigating through murky NFL jersey waters. Here are my 2 cents regarding elite vs on-field & and pre-made vs customized: I collect my jerseys to wear. Most NFL game worn jerseys appear difficult to pull off wearing, due to their long elastic bottom or the sleeves being very short, or simply because the jersey was designed for a 320 pound lineman. However I own one Nike elite and it doesn't even fit that comfortably. As far as the differences between elites vs game worn...the elites appear to have smaller nameplates which irks me. Also, some teams also did not adopt 100% of the Nike jersey changes initially, so it can get very confusing and difficult to try to get a wearable jersey that's exactly what the players wear. I personally am happy with a collection of "retail authentic" jerseys, but I wish Nike would make adjustments to make their jerseys closer aligned with the game worn jerseys (bigger nameplates, elastic sleeves, etc) Unfortunately I have heard bad stories about ordering customized jerseys when comparing them to the pre-mades. If you have time to go through this thread: http://niketalk.com/t/332565/2015-nike-nfl-apparel-footwear-jerseys/2880, you can get some insight on the pre-made vs customized struggle. I am unsure whether if you order from fanatics, nflshop, or the team store, if they all get their jerseys from the same source. I would love to know the truth. I would probably avoid fanatics if you can help it. Based on what I have seen/heard, I am unwilling to shell out the dough for a customized jersey because I am sure I will be disappointed with the results, which is a shame because my favorite jerseys are the obscure ones where customizing is necessary. And depending on the team, you don't really have many player options for pre-mades in 2015. I hear rumors here and there that Nike Elites have gone through changes and maybe they are more comfortable now. I have a bumblebee Polamalu, which I placed as a customized order in 2014 (before I knew better). Fortunately, I the jersey I received was old pre-made stock (circa 2013 probably). If you do find any new information, please let me know as I find this all interesting. Hope I didn't come off too cynical; I am very enthusiastic about jersey collecting so all these issues between elite vs gameworn and premade vs customized bother me more than most, lol.
  14. When i first joined the board, slim was selling that jersey. Would like to get one someday...alternate captain stevens would be nice
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