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  1. Anyone know where I can order a Sarnia Sting (replica or authentic) jersey? Their own website directs to RiverCity Sports who don't have any Sarnia Sting merch available (WTF?!).
  2. Stitches NJ changed its name to Garden State Lettering around a year ago when they moved into a new location in Middlesex. I had several projects (both regular customization and restitch jobs) done there and they were perfect and super-cheap. The big issue I had was getting my jerseys returned - I had a few projects that the owner, Andrew, made several excuses for not being completed until finally returning them about 3 months later. Not cool but the place was my only option nearby to Madison. Anyways, they're definitely out-of-business as the owner's email bounces back, the Facebook page no longer exists and the website is down. Sucks. Anyone know of a good place in Northern/Central NJ that I could use now for customization/restitch jobs?
  3. I'm looking for a NJ Devils RBK EDGE Authentic RETRO (xmas colored) Jersey preferably in size 52 - the kind worn by the players during the Devils' annual retro night. I've been searching high and low but have only found fakes.
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