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  1. 2017-2018 Jersey Watch

    Selling an authentic 2018 New York Rangers Winter Classic blank I bought the other day. Size 46. If anyone is interested in having it for $150 with free shipping, PM me.
  2. The Want List

    Did anyone here purchase this recently? If so, please sell it to me. PM me asap!
  3. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Did anyone here purchase this recently? If so, please sell it to me. PM me asap!
  4. The Want List

    Desperately seeking a New York Rangers CCM mesh (90's style) WHITE, Gerry Cosby version jersey in size 48. If anyone has one of these, please PM me
  5. It arrived today v.

    Just picked this up recently. Not sure if I'm going to hold onto it...
  6. If you were to hold any of the mesh ones you have against a new edge style or premier white jersey, do you think any of the ccm mesh would match the stark bright white of the newer jerseys? My ccm mesh jersey is very white in good lighting, but somewhat of an off white in certain lighting. The new white jerseys are just SO white its unreal almost.
  7. Can anyone with a 90's era CCM mesh New York Rangers (home/white) jersey confirm that their jersey has a slight yellowish tint to it in certain light. In bright lighting my jersey looks white, but in other lightning it looks almost like a dull yellow. I know nylon starts to yellow a bit with age, just trying to get a gauge of what others are like who have them. When you compare it to an edge jersey for example (rangers, away/white) the difference is crazy. The new jerseys are such a stark white. Were the 90's ccm mesh white ever THAT white when they first came out? I don't remember them being that stark. Any info on this is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. New Arrivals v6.0

    That Ogrodnick is quite the abortion...haha
  9. New Arrivals v6.0

    Matt, What is the length of the back numbers? 13 inches?
  10. New Arrivals v6.0

    The back numbers look fine, its only a matter of spacing out the letters ever so slightly more to give it a closer look to what he actually wore on the ice. The spacing is so minimal it wouldn't affect the jersey unless it was a size 36 or
  11. New Arrivals v6.0

    Matt, As I texted you and Cygnus yesterday, it seems Cosby's is stitching the letters on Richter's name a bit too close together. I took a photo of Cygnus' Richter jersey, and I photoshopped the letters to be spaced slightly further apart from each other. The result is something that I have photo matched on many Richter photos from the 94' season. I also noticed that his name was stitched a bit to close to the top of the jersey, and on the photos of his actual jersey, it starts a little lower, so on the retouched version I lowered everything. When I take my jersey to Cosby's to get customized, I am going to bring these two photos and a bunch of reference photos explaining how I would let them to do it. To me, I can't accept anything less than perfect. Being a graphic designer by profession, I know that the tracking/kerning (space between letters) can greatly affect the look of a font/typeface. Cosby's has the correct 90's thin fonts, however they need to be perfect when it comes to the spacing they did in that era, or else it won't look perfect!!!
  12. The Want List

    Yeah, already seen that one. Too many stains, and the customization is horrible. Plus, even removing that customization would bring up a staining problem im sure. Thanks for looking out though!
  13. The Want List

    If anyone has an authentic 90's era CCM MESH NEW YORK RANGERS HOME (WHITE) jersey in size 44 or 48, I will pay top dollar for a perfect one. I am trying to get one for a 1994 Stanley Cup, MIKE RICHTER 35 jersey. My all time favorite player, and all time favorite jersey. If anyone has one, or knows where I can get a blank one (preferably) please let me know! Attached are images of what I am in search of.