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  1. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    If they are anything like what RealSports sell as customized they are crap. Everything is heat pressed and not stitched on. When you see them in person in their store the nameplates, letters and numbers have the zig zag stitching but the stitching is on the individual pieces to give it the look that it is sewn on but a quick look inside the jersey reveals the truth. I know a lot of people hate the replica stuff and many places botch the customizing. Good shops though that care size the letters and numbers correctly for them and stitch them on properly as well with correct layering and whatnot.
  2. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    Just spoke with a rep from Real Sports head office as I needed to cancel an order. He said he had no idea if/when an Authentic version of the jersey will be sold to the public. He did say however that more winter classic product will be rolled out in the fall as the 2013-2014 season approaches so there's a good chance that if an authentic is coming out for public consumption it'll likely come out then. On another note in regards to the shoulder patch for the jersey. The patch currently available is not correct at all and the authentics will come with the patch as it is stitched in place. Incorrect Correct
  3. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    OK....just got back from picking up a Leafs replica WC jersey. All in all it's a very nice jersey but purists should note there are some key differences between these and what I assume the authentics will be if you are ordering online as the pictures retailers are using to depict them are incorrect. The key difference is the lettering on the crest......the pics shown online depict individual felt letters that are sewn in place when the actual replicas use embroidered lettering. Replica: Authentic: I spoke with the manager ay Real Sports and he has no idea if or when an Authentic version would be available. Another important note in regards to the WC patch that goes on the right shoulder. There are two different sizes of the patch.....a large one and a small one. The large one that is currently the only one available does not fit the replica jersey as the stripe on the shoulder of the replica is narrower than the authentic. Pictured below is what it would look like thanks to this joker on eBay trying to sell a "rare" $139 replica for $280 that he affixed this wrong size patch to. The patch is supposed to be within the confines of the stripe and not overlapping onto the blue: I asked the manager about buying the smaller version and again....he had no idea if and when it would be available but he said it does exist. They were also sold out of the large version. Another thing to note....I would highly recommend buying one in person vs online as the quality of the felt of the crest varied quite a bit from the ones I saw......many of them had crease marks from improper folding of the jersey, bunched up areas between the lettering, etc. I looked through 16 jerseys in my size to get one I found acceptable so online buyers beware. They had some replica Detroit WC jerseys as well and I'm happy to report for you folks that they are exactly as depicted below BTW......customizing the Leafs version is going to difficult for many I presume. The number font is basically much like what the Leafs use currently except it has rounded corners (sorry for not snapping a pic) The numbers and letters are felt to match the crest but a key detail is the numbers are completely stitched with scroll work that would be extremely difficult to replicate without and embroidery machine. The numbers RS was using are all pre sewn with this pattern for the numbers on the back and sleeves. Not sure if the authentic jerseys will do this detail on the player names as well but RS was simply using the current font in felt on a twill nameplate with the "old school" number font on the crested versions they were selling. The scroll work looks like this:
  4. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    $35 is a bargain....especially by the official customizer. Sports Lettering Company does the Leafs jerseys......they charge $69.95 plus tax. Most places around here charge $50-$60 to customize a jersey you bring them.....quite pricey considering all the Leaf stuff is single layer names and numbers.
  5. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    I think the difference is the fact the jerseys were finalized and likely manufactured quite some time ago to be ready for the original date in 2013. Due to RealSports affiliation with MLSE my guess is they had first crack at stock in Canada and other vendors will get theirs in the coming weeks. I placed my order this morning as I wanted to make sure I got one. I'm sure they'll make plenty to go round but I have this feeling they'll seel fast at brick and mortar locations and might be difficult to get hold of. I'm thinking of getting the Detroit one as well even though I'm a Leaf fan......they make a nice looking set.
  6. Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    For those who'll be purchasing these jerseys, make note that they DO NOT come with the patch on the right have to buy it separately. RealSports has these in stock already with pricing at $139.99 for the jerseys and $19.99 for the patch. My guess is these will be hot sellers....especially the Leaf jersey.....the detail work in the crest is very nice.
  7. Major League Lettering (MLL) Gone?

    Just to add: MLL is alive and well operating out of their new shop called Pro Wear Sports Thanks to Google I came across this site as I was in need of getting a couple replica jerseys done up. I dropped 3 jerseys off and picked them up a week later and can attest that their workmanship is top notch as is their attention to detail in getting the jersey right. One of the jerseys I had done was a Sakic 2002 Team Canada Black alternate. When I picked it up I felt they made a mistake as the numbers were single colour white as opposed to the white with red I had seen done by another customizer. They assured me that Team Canada did in fact use dual colour numbers on all of their jerseys in 2002 except for the black alternate that they wore for one game at the Olympics. It's quite difficult to find pictures from that game with at jersey but they took the time to dig one up to show me they got it right but were more than glad to fix it if in fact it was wrong. After 15 mins of searching we found the proof and all is good . So Pro Wear/MLL gets full marks in my book for not only great workmanship but customer satisfaction as well. After seeing what a great job they did I dropped off my virgin '96 CCM Pro Leafs (the one with the 65th Gardens patch) to be done with Gilmour.