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  1. cartmill72

    Starter authentics

    I appreciate all the information! I thought I had my facts straight, but it is good to get reassurance from several others. As for Penguins jerseys, I'll bet they account for about 1/4 of my collection of 50+ jerseys. I've been a Pens/Lemieux fan since I got into hockey in the mid-80s. I moved to Columbus in the late 90s and now I'm slowly converting to a CBJ fan. But I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the black and gold.
  2. cartmill72

    Starter authentics

    Hello everyone... I need some assistance. About 10 or 12 years ago, a friend of mine working for the Pittsburgh Penguins at the time gave me two jerseys. They were both packaged in a clear wrapper. The tags inside indicated they were authentic "Center Ice" gear as might have been worn by NHLers. They were not the Starter replicas sold at the sporting goods store - not even close. But there was a catch. Neither one had a fight strap. And the fight strap had always been my indication of authentic versus replica. The are three tags on the inside. One says NHL Center Ice. Another is the size tag - one is a 48-R and the other is a size 52-R. Finally, there is a Starter tag. The hem tag also is different than what was on the replicas. The hem on one has the Starter "S" logo with the NHL shield. The other has Starter spelled out with the NHL shield. The replica that I have has a different Starter "S" logo with the conference tag - not the NHL shield. And the weight of the jerseys is comparable to the authentic CCMs of that period. So what in the heck do I have? A real, on-ice jersey? Or a weird replica? Here's the worst part. I tried to sell one of them on eBay. I included very good photos. And I sold it for $50. Not great, but whatever. So the guy who buys it told me I ripped him off because I sold him a replica. I asked him what he based that on. He said that all NHL jerseys have to be made in Berlin, Wisconsin (never heard that before) and he said that all NHL jerseys have to have a fight strap. I played college hockey and our jerseys didn't have tie downs, but I'm not sure about NHL. At any rate, I have 500+ positive feedbacks and I'm pretty upset that this guy is accusing me of ripping him off. But I sold it based on what I had been told and what I knew. I got them directly from the Penguins locker room - what more could I say???? Let me know if anyone has any insights on this jersey. Thanks! Here's a photo of the tags... http://homepage.mac.com/scartmill/Sites/iS...168541309_1.jpg
  3. cartmill72

    Horrible Service

    Wow...what more could anyone ask for? I've ordered a couple of jerseys from Ice Jerseys and the transactions were great. But I remember back in the late 80s I didn't start worrying about customized jerseys I ordered until about 6 or 8 weeks. HA! I had to order them out of the back of hockey supply catalogs (remember the little black and white ads anyone?). Times have certainly changed.
  4. cartmill72

    CCM or Koho?

    I have two CCM Penguins jerseys from '02, '03 or somewhere around that time that are completely different in size. My black Lemieux XL is tighter than my plain white Penguins XL (which I later had customized as Malkin). I just bought a new Crosby XL this year and it is HUGE compared to both. It is also interesting to note that I have three authentic Columbus Blue Jackets jerseys that are size 48 - all three fit differently.
  5. cartmill72

    2007 All-Star jerseys?

    I saw the 2007 All-Star jerseys at Nationwide Arena the other evening. They had the replicas for $100 and there is no way I would buy it. I purchase a mix of replicas and authentics, so I am not biased against replicas. The fit was a bit smaller than I would have liked, but not as bad as I expected. Had I purchased one, I would have probably gone up a size or two from my regular XL or 52. However, the material was extremely light and the crest was screened (as someone has already pointed out). I've already sent e-mails to RBK/Reebok and to the NHL voicing my displeasure. If this is what the NHL is switching to, I won't be buying any new sweaters (even though I hesitate to use that term with these new unis).