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  1. I'd be interested in one please
  2. After getting screwed over by Josh at EPS... thought I'd get some game worns 2012-13 Toronto Maple Leafs - Phil Kessel 2011-12 Colorado Avalanche - Milan Hejduk 2008 OHL All-Star Classic - Steven Stamkos
  3. Yes, I don't quite understand his message, but don't intend in ever dealing or talking with him again. I'm trying to get some money back through PayPal to at least help me have all my kits resewn. Regardless, I appreciate everyone's input and I'm sorry for my rant. I am not even as frustrated necessarily with their work, but Josh's attitude.
  4. So I got 4 Team Canada jerseys out, all I specifically asked if he could replicate the numbers, he said he can and that's their job to match... I inquired down the road and he says that they didn't end up doing it how I asked but if I'd like to get it the "wrong" way, I can pay $40 for each small number that I wanted to have stripped and done up "incorrectly". One jersey has a wrong nameplate colour, red vs burgundy basically. Other 2 jerseys I had problems with were Avalanche jerseys, both spaced really close, and the numbers for both were crooked, one even had the nameplate crooked with the numbers as well. Last jersey I had asked specifically for Edge material and he said he would make sure it's Edge. And it comes back with twill Now I know why they charge $20 PER proof picture if you want to see your jerseys before being shipped out. He knows shipping is ridiculous outside of US and that I'm more than likely not going to ship it back to have things corrected, but even so... he has the nerve to tell me I HAVE TO PAY TO FIX THEIR ADMITTED MISTAKES!! I know most of you are saying "if you want it exact, then go to the team customizer", but will you be singing the same song when your jerseys come back crooked? When you ask if they can match a specific detail and they promise that they can do it 100% because that is their job??? And then when they make a mistake, they blame another company and say they're right and the best at what they do?!? This was his response to fixing the mistakes he acknowledges himself: Ben, I cannot do this type of work for you. I am not going to be fixing any of this. You can pay for changes and we will do our best. I think it’s best for us to part ways as your customizer. This guy is such a scum... I'm furious at myself for paying through PayPal balance as PayPal will most likely side with them since they bring PayPal way more money than I do.
  5. How accurate do you guys expect customization to be from non-official sources? Reason I am asking is I got a bunch of jerseys done up by EPS and I am very unsatisfied with the work they did on my jerseys. I gave them detailed instructions, pictures on all jerseys and they seem to not have followed them. I understand small font discrepancies, but I'm talking about not getting the proper nameplate material, spacing between numbers very noticeably off, crooked numbers, etc. Also, when I inquired to make sure a small detail in a number font will be done correctly, Josh simply said they are already done and are incorrect, but the problem is not with them, it's the original font creators that are horrible at their work. He said they can fix it for me, but I will have to pay an extra $40 per jersey to change two small arm numbers. I am extremely frustrated, but I know that I should always try to go to official customizers, but I sent in 7 jerseys, and all 7 jerseys weren't done up properly despite detailed pictures and instructions and then when I ask for a change, they tell me that they're right and the original customizers are in the wrong and I would have to pay to get the "wrong" specs. I have yet to e-mail Josh again, as I wanted to post here and get all of your opinions first... If I am being unreasonable I will not message Josh but I am definitely very unsatisfied with the work they did for me. Am I being unreasonable? Sorry that I don't have full pictures yet, but I will post some pics as soon as I get a chance.
  6. Nike is pretty cheap with their jerseys haha, I think the gamers even in the Olympics have heat pressed logos and name (i.e. the Black Team Canada alternate jerseys - the "C A N A D A " in the front is just pressed on as well as the letters on the nameplate) I was trying to find an old picture I had when I was at the HHOF for Forsberg's induction. They had a jersey a Sweden jersey with a patch on the front left shoulder as well commemorating him, but that specific jersey on display was 100% a Nike Swift jersey. As per the cut, I think from 2014 (in the Olympics and WC at least), most teams switched to a straight cut at the bottom of the jersey compared to the tapered cut you see in the earlier Swift jerseys (somewhat similar to Reebok Edge jerseys).
  7. From a close up of the patch pic, those jerseys look like they are definitely not made from Nike Swift material
  8. Exclusive Pro Sports can help you out. They have access to white Nike Swift Material so if you send the jersey in, they can dye the nameplate material to match the jersey colour. Make sure you specifically ask for what you want (i.e. heat-pressed only letters). Another minor detail in the nameplate is that it isn't stitched onto the jersey with the regular zig-zag stitching but rather a straight stitch. Here are some example pictures of the work they did on my nameplate:
  9. I compared the AHL with a same size team-issued NHL one and they are the exact same cut. The Marlies jersey is a 2.0. I think they are the exact same as Reebok (same supplier) just a different branding on it They did blow a 2-0 series lead and go on to lose in the first round 3-2.. Typical Toronto sports team LAK, those are some sweet jerseys, nice pickups... I usually only want to get Leafs/Avs players jerseys, but always love the Kings jerseys and that Blues one too
  10. 2014-15 Toronto Marlies Trevor Smith
  11. foppa21

    eBay version 4.0

    Definitely fake I would say...
  12. Was an impulse buy, but this jersey is beautiful! Wish I could get my hands on an NHL military jersey though. Not many options to put on, would have to be between Lack, Hodgson, and Rypien... But none really fit my collection
  13. Any chance anyone has any blue Nike Swift nameplate material (for a Sweden jersey)?
  14. foppa21


    mfitz, sorry I hope you didn't take that the wrong way. Just wanted to clarify, I appreciate you posting deals/steals though, if I didn't have his '01 I would've maybe picked that up!
  15. foppa21


    Also from the 2000 ASG to the 2001 ASG, the CCM logo moves from the bottom right back hem to the top neck area where we see the Reebok logo nowadays
  16. Appreciate the info regardless! Seeing as the games were held in Vancouver that year I still wonder if perhaps the jerseys were all done up at the same place. I remember a video came up for the 2014 Olympics jerseys I think (could have been World Championships though, not sure) but it seemed to be that all the jerseys were being customized at one place. Anyways, I'll shoot them an e-mail and just inquire. Thank you very much for the help!
  17. Did they do the jerseys for all teams? I'm looking for a customizer for a 2010 Sweden jersey that I have and I consider it my grail even though Sweden never wore blue, but I absolutely love it and want the customization to be spot on. Edit: and do you perhaps know if they have Nike Swift material for nameplates?
  18. Beyond excited to get this jersey!!! 2010 Olympics Team Sweden blue. Unfortunately, Sweden never got a chance to wear the blue jerseys in 2010, but I was still going to put Forsberg on it... What do you guys think? Is that still considered a foul? As I know they obviously did issue blue jerseys for every player anyways. I had already accepted I would never get a blank Nike Swift Sweden jersey... then this one came up for $40! The jersey fits like a regular long sleeve shirt would on me, but can't complain as it was so cheap and I've never seen another blank authentic blue for sale. The only other blank authentic I've seen for sale was a yellow size 54 that SuperTheGreat made into Forsberg! Anyone know where to properly get this customized?
  19. foppa21


    Last time I was there which was around the Christmas break, they had both the new home and away team issued Dallas Stars jerseys
  20. foppa21


    I've been at their store a few times and they have a mix of Indo, 1.0 and 2.0 so yeah your best bet is to call them, but make sure to let them know what to look for to differentiate.
  21. I usually don't reply to these, but I've seen you posting all over the place. Read the rules and look yourself. There are plenty of these all across the internet. What you are asking for is "Does anyone have a really good deal/steal on any of these jerseys?" Just look yourself, stop being so lazy
  22. Nice haul Cowboys, that Fuhr looks amazing!
  23. foppa21

    It is good or not?

    These aren't real premier jerseys. More like fashion jerseys that resemble the actual jerseys a bit more than your typical fashion jersey. Costco was selling off these in their respective Canadian NHL cities for less than $30 each. Edit: spelling
  24. Update: I called the pro shop at the CompuCenter and the employer there said it was "Locker Room Sports". However, I checked out their eBay store and the font they use is slightly off, so I'm not sure if they really are the on-ice team customizers. Thanks for the help anyways Dr_Puck! If anyone else has any leads, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Thanks a lot for the info! I will give them a call on Monday.
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