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  1. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Great thanks so they fit alittle bigger then the indo jersey. I wanted alittle bigger anyway I know the pros always fit bigger than that indo junk
  2. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Hey guys been awhile do the adizero jerseys fit the same as a mic adidas jersey? I tried on a size 56 in the store I’m trying to gage the sizing of pro jersey to order off meigray. Thanks
  3. 2017 all star game jersey customization

    Oh wow that’s nice I may use them. Thanks guys. I also have email into keener too. Thanks for your help both of you?
  4. 2017 all star game jersey customization

    Looking where to send a pro 2017 2.0 all star game jersey to be customized right.
  5. Nameplates Needed

    Hi looking for st louis blues home 2.0 reebok name plate.
  6. The Patch Thread 2.0

    The 100 year patches can they be sewn or do they have that hard plastic on the back.
  7. The Want List

    Looking for flyers 2.0 blank jerseys size 58 or 58+ home or away
  8. Senators jersey lettering

    No not all they were great. I have a karlsson also. BJ'S custmization is close. I'll post pic's when I get a chance
  9. EPS stripping

    I just want them to strip it. I wanted to send it to Denver athletic for customization. I might try stripping it and just take my time.
  10. EPS stripping

    Haven't bought it yet that's whats stopping me. Its colorado avalanche authentic koho away. I want to strip it and make it a forsberg.
  11. EPS stripping

    Has anyone had a jersey stripped by them? I've tried it once myself and I'm no good at it. I don't want to ruin another jersey.
  12. Do you wear your jerseys?

    I wear mine there to nice not to wear. I'm just careful I don't eat with them on lol.
  13. Senators jersey lettering

    I had a heritage classic 2.0 jersey I sent them and it came out perfect. I told them I wanted it done to team specs. Cost me 100 I believe and they sent a free heritage classic scarf when they shipped it back to me. They paid return shipping also. All numbers and lettering are spot on right down to the right nameplate
  14. The Want List

    Looking for colorado avalanche authentic home or away jerseys Size 56 up to goalie cut. CCM KOHO or reebok 6100 jerseys. Will consider correctly customized jerseys too.
  15. Nameplates Needed

    I need some white air knit to do a curved 2001 avalanche Sakic nameplate. I'm sending the jersey to Denver athletic but I don't think they carry that material anymore