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    Buffalo Sabres, Team USA
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    Jagr, Ovechkin, Malkin, Hasek
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    The OLD Buffalo jersey with the crossed sabres
  1. Your name is awesome :-)

  2. ANAHEIM WINS THE CUP!!! TAKE THAT OTTAWA!!! Let's see: Sabres were behind 3-1 and Ottawa knocked 'em out. Ottawa was behind 3-1 and Anaheim knocked 'em out. Taste of your own medicine, eh Ottawa?
  3. Well I was mad as ever on Saturday when Buffalo lost, and if I see the name Daniel Alfredsson one more time.... Buffalo just wasn't themselves in this series. They weren't hustling like they usually do, and they just weren't playing their best hockey. Too much pressure and they folded. Let's hope they can make it to the finals next year, even with the Briere-Drury situation. Right now, I could care less who wins the West, just as long as they kick Ottawa's butt.
  4. I was soooo glad the Sabres won last night and avoided a sweep. I hate the Senators and I really don't want them to advance. Only 2 teams in history have come back from being down 3-0, Toronto and NYI. If Buffalo can win the next two, they could be the third. I dunno if they will, but I have faith in them. They're fired up now, especially after last night's game. They had the motivation NOT to be eliminated that drove them to fight hard, and they're not gonna blow it now. As Lindy Ruff said, every 33 years or so something amazing (like coming back from 3-0) happens, and we're approaching the next 33-year mark. Who knows, maybe Buffalo can pull this off... As Drury said, "We could curl up and cry about it and go home, or we could fight like dogs." Last night they fought like dogs. Let's hope they still do.
  5. I have the Team Russia and Team Finland international jerseys. I like them both but I like the Russian one a bit better.
  6. I clicked on the link and it said the page didn't exist. Is it that pic of the guy wearing a Leafs jersey that said Losers Since 67 on it? I've seen that one before, it's great
  7. Heh..Ich lerne deutch in der Schule I don't have any pictures of my collection, but I posted which jerseys I have in the "How many do you own" topic. I've yet to buy a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey with #67 and the words "No Cup Since" above it!
  8. I've never seen that one before, but it looks a bit like the US Olympic jersey from 1980:
  9. Lol..yep I'm a closet Rangers, Wild, and Red Wings fan. But the Sabres are my #1 team, the others are second-favorites. I always cheer for Buffalo! Which forum is Granger a member of?? That's so cool!
  10. I've bought almost all my jerseys from IceJerseys. I would be a more regular customer if I had any money. Right now I'm counting on my parents to be willing to buy the jerseys, lol
  11. Sweet hipcheck by Fedor Tyutin Marek Malik's awesome shoot-out goal Dion Phaneuf trips over his own feet The Buffalo brawl (w/the goalie fight) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmLgucZUCkk The hilarious NHL All-Star commercial A hilarious "Bobby Granger's guide to the Rangers" commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pi7fhaS7E7E...ted&search=
  12. LOL!! I saw that on another board. "That's what I'm talkin' aboot" He's such a Canadian!
  13. Name: Sarah Age: 18 Sex: F Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA Hometown: Ellicott City, MD Nationality: American...Heritage = German, English, Irish, some Norwegian Height: 5' 6" Weight: 125 Hair Color: Dirty-blond Eye Color: Dark blue Mode of Transportation: Cars and feet Job: High school student (senior) How you became a jersey collector: Found this site, had to get jerseys! Favorite Player: Jaromir Jagr and Maxim Afinogenov Favorite Player to hate: Sean Avery College Attended/Attending: Plan to go to University of Minnesota!!! Video Game Systems Owned: None Favorite Game(s): NHL07 (play on the computer w/a game controller) Music You Listen Too: Not a huge music person Favorite Movie (s): Miracle Favorite Food: Spaghetti Favorite TV Show: The only thing I watch on TV is hockey Anything Else: GO SABRES!!! GO GOPHERS!!!!
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