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  1. redmosquito

    eBay version 4.0

    Looks like he got the new Pens thirds too.
  2. Great jersey. Very happy with it, glad to see the old gold back instead of vegas gold
  3. Still looking for a mustard Preds. Must be Reebok though, no Koho. Let me know.
  4. I heard Guam was getting an Orpik Caps jersey made up as we speak
  5. Fight strap attachment looks bad, so I'd say no
  6. absurd collection. Hope you have that insured.
  7. There are some ABYSMAL fake World Cup jerseys selling like hotcakes on Ebay. Like worse than some fake NHL jerseys.
  8. Again, not a hockey jersey, but still looking for a USMNT 2012/2013 home jersey, the red and white stripe one. Size M/L.
  9. Looking for a Preds mustard yellow third blank, Reebok only please. I see Kohos all the time but can't seem to find a Reebok.
  10. got a rad haul of Rinne's in today. Apologize for the shite pics, phone camera is all I have on hand. The navy alt and the white are both TI 2.0's and the home blue is retail 1.0.
  11. Looking for: White Preds current style Mustard Preds Reebok Both White and Navy Preds 05-07 Reebok Cream London Knights size 48-52 on the pre-Edge Reeboks, 50-56 on the Edges.
  12. Darn, sent in a bunch not too long ago, might have to send in some more.
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