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  1. http://attaboy.ca/archives/2007/02/000986.php Enjoy!
  2. Kalitse

    Does anyone understand Bob Gainey?

    I'm confused too... I think Mach hit the nail on the head- "Sorry Habs fans, not this year." I may not be typical of Habs fans, but I have grown up expecting to have a competitive team. But ever since the Dark Ages that were Rejean Houle, we've been yearning for a shot. It's small consolation to lose to the Cup winner when you have so much history and pressure in a city that is very often defined by its hockey. I think Gainey realized that to try to do something this year would have hurt us long term so he played it safe and smart. Or maybe he tried to get something and failed... The fact is we may actually make the play-offs and with Rivet not in the line-up we at least another body to help us get to the play-offs. I dunno ....
  3. Kalitse

    Ryan Smyth to Islanders!

    One word to describe my sentiments for Oilers fans: OUCH
  4. Kalitse

    Teams you love or hate to Watch

    There are teams out there (*Cough* Devils *Cough*) that are just no fun to watch. This doesn't mean they're a bad team, just boring to watch. Then there are teams that are loads of fun to watch - EVEN if they're going to lose. As you can guess I really don't like to watch the Devils games. The only saving grace is when they break down defensively and you get to see Brodeur shine. I was loving watching the Habs play until we got hit with the Gainey curse. Since then they frustrate more than excite. I also really enjoy watching the Sabres and Sens play. I tend to only watch games in my teams division, but I have digital cable and wouldn't mind watching other exciting games, but I don't know who I should watch! My wife is not much of a hockey fan (yet...we only got married this summer:P) so when I get a chance to watch hockey - I want to watch GOOD hockey. So? Who gets your heart pounding, gets you shouting at the refs? What teams make you jump off the couch when they shoot it off the post?
  5. Kalitse

    Next on your list...

    NHL jersey - Authentic Home Canadiens, customized with MARKOV #79 Custom made - Canucks Alternate (the blending two-color) but black and green instead of purple and red with of course my own logo. It wouldn't be cheap to have it done because you gotta get a bunch to justify production - but I would love the look
  6. Kalitse

    Rbk Edge Uniform Officially Unveiled!

    I like the simple designs as well. Guess I'm just a little old school I feel that a lot of the changes are taking place in order to widen the American fan base. After all who are better consumers than Americans? It's a pity in one way - hockey is losing the romance I used to associate to it, but good in another - it's breathing new life into a sport that I love and it makes it more of an accepted topic of sports conversation among the general public. I look forward to see exactly how much the improvements will affect actual play on the ice. Will the speedsters get faster? Will the 2nd Overtime in a play-off game be livelier because guys have more energy from dryer jerseys? Or is all this hype about improvement just another marketing tactic? We shall see...
  7. Kalitse

    Fans of other teams

    Well the Leafs wouldn't make the playoffs, but if they did by some fluke chance, they wouldn't make it past the first round (Bring it Leaf fans! hehe )
  8. Kalitse

    Players you love or loved to hate

  9. Kalitse

    Fans of other teams

    I was a 90% Detroit fan (If you live in Montreal you can't NOT like the Habs - unless you have a death wish )since '86 when I saw Stevie Y play live for the first time, but without him ... I dunno, they just don't do it for me anymore. Now I'm a Habs fan "Cent pourcent". But when it comes to the playoffs I'll root for any Canadian team over an American team - nothing personal. Hehehe.
  10. Kalitse

    New Favorite Player...

    Credit where credit is due. To pull off the ground move takes skill, strength and presence of mind. He likes that backhand move too
  11. Kalitse


    Emery indeed looked crazy! Don't count the Habs out just yet. After last nights performance we might just make to the play offs. GO HABS GO!! (Drury, Kotalik, Afinogenov, Lydman, Novotny, Gaustad, Spacek, Connolly ... OUCH! That's a lot of injuries) I think both Habs and Sabres fans need to fear the Sens. They've been getting their act together and both teams have had a hard time beating the Sens this season (The Flyers blowout was mentioned earlier in this thread - I distinctly , and painfully remember the our humiliating loss to the Sens on Saturday the 13th of January). Good luck on Saturday Sabres fans! I wouldn't be surprised if the Sens end the season ahead of the Sabres though ....
  12. Kalitse

    The difference between Authentic and Replica?

    No there's more to it. The fabric is a heavier knit. The shoulders, and elbows (and collar?) are double stitched. There's a "Fight-Strap" that can be attached to your pants/belt to prevent your jersey from being pulled over your head. The Authentic jerseys are also a little bigger in the shoulders and the chest. To use different terms; Authentic = Game-Ready Side note - RBK and CCM are the same entity, just different names are used for marketing purposes. That's it .... I think