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  1. This is an example of what I would want done. I can find better pics but I found this one pretty quickly.
  2. It's just a white number with a gold outline but said outline is sublimated. Doesn't sound immensely complex, but I'm not sure of the process.
  3. Is that the only option or the best option? Thanks for the quick resposne!
  4. Hey guys! Not sure if this is the right place, but feel free to move it wherever it must go. I'm looking to get a jersey done up but the twill for the name/numbers is sublimated on one layer of twill. Does anybody know where the best place for me to send it would be is? Thanks for any help!
  5. That's why they play the game! I'll be okay with watching UND blow every chance they have at getting that #8 despite all the chances they've had over the last decade. 7 doesn't seem so lucky....
  6. Thank you very much! After one more that I had on that order, that might be it for awhile unless something too good to pass up comes along. I do have some others I'd like to get lettered at some point down the line but we'll see. I will concede that to you on the miss by Connolly. However, I will leave this here as my evidence to remind you how that season turned iut.
  7. I didn't. I was aware if it but with my most recent addition plus this batch, I just could afford it. Plus I didn't want to spend the money on a gamer from that game.
  8. Here are my two newest: More in the College thread.
  9. Here are my pick ups for today. These are two jerseys customized at Vintage Minnesota Hockey. Both of these are replicas btw. 2010 UMD Bulldogs Throwback Justin Fontaine Jersey (DECC Final Series) This was worn December 3-4, 2010 to commemorate the final series at the 40+ year home of UMD Hockey. It featured a patch on the front for the occasion as well. Justin Fontaine was a senior during this season and was the only time he wore this style, which became the home jersey for the next two seasons (it was also worn for a weekend in November 2006). Fontaine had 58 points that season, playing with Jack and Mike Connolly on their way to the National Championship. Fontaine finally made it to the NHL this past season with the Minnesota Wild and signed a new 2 year contract with the team. 2010 UMD Bulldogs Amsoil Arena Opening Night Mike Connolly Jersey This jersey made appearances on the first page of this thread a couple years ago. Finally got it customized with Mike Connolly, an integral part of the team that season. He put a North Dakota player through the glass wearing this style before it was never seen again after a 5-0 loss. Mike left UMD after his junior season, signing with San Jose before being traded to Colorado. He currently plays in the DEL.
  10. Here is my most recent. I posted it in the college thread but may as well post it here too.
  11. Here is my most recent addition: 1996-1998 UMD Bulldogs Jersey - Home Shawn Pogreba Been looking for this style in white for a long time before finding this gamer. It has tons of wear all over! I think this was used for both seasons this jersey was used. Thankfully UMD has kept with more classic designs since getting rid of it but I also love it for how unique it is compared to everything else they've worn. This was worn during a 4 goal 3rd period come back against UMTC in the 1998 WCHA Playoffs, easily the best moment this sweater would have been apart of. I have a set of jerseys I hope to get back next week to show as well!
  12. I posted about it earlier in the thread but there it is again: http://classicmnhockey.com/collections/patches/products/2014-frozen-four-authentic-hockey-patch
  13. Nice Kariya! I've always liked Maine's double blues.
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