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  1. any clue when the edge jerseys will be available for purchase? probably around september october, eh? which means i probably wont be able to buy one due to demand until february, lol.
  2. I'm not one to trash talk, but I love the idea that my NHL worst Flyers crushed the almost NHL best Detroit Red Wings! You know you're in trouble when Todd Fedoruk scores on a breakaway after coming out of the penalty box. Why can't it be October?
  3. The Modell's around here usually have grade-A flyers jerseys. The hockey equipment usually includes nothing but those mylec sticks and the maybe one or two of the baseball catcher style goalie chest protectors. Rivercitysports has a lot of selection but the prices are kinda high for me. Jersey-wise your best bet is here or ebay.
  4. I know the mayor of hartford tried courting Lemieux back there to try to move the Pens there. Maybe they have plans to have a team again? In which case they'll whip out the whale? If i were them I wouldn't hold my breath.
  5. My next jersey is up for question. I have a blank Phantoms jersey I want to get lettered and numbered by IceJerseys... I'm just waiting to hear back from them. I sent them a picture of the jersey lettered and numbered to see if they could do it, they haven't gone back to me yet. If not that.... an authentic 70s Flyers jersey with the 4 on the shoulder from when Ashbee passed.
  6. Modell's Sports is the only place to get hockey jerseys in my town. That's why I get all my jerseys on IceJerseys or eBay.
  7. jaroslav svoboda? 73-74 flyers, #26
  8. Yes their new alternate is a jersey even this Flyers fan would buy!
  9. A friend of mine spent his tax return back in the day on every whalers jersey he could possibly find. He didn't do too great until the whole vintage thing came around a couple years ago. He sold out pretty quickly and now drives a BMW X3. So you know what that means! Get your penguins jerseys now!!
  10. I agree simplistic logos are sometimes for the better. I personally find the Predator's logo as being one of the coolest looking, although a royal pain in the rear quadrant to draw. If you're looking to grab new fans in oh..say... Las Vegas or Kansas City I'd use a new edgy logo that captures people's eyes and interest. But if you're in Vancouver you've already cemented a loyal fan base rich in tradition, so you can successfully use an older traditional logo.
  11. good points. facts like those are usually dismissed by angry consumers, lol. to be honest after rereading my post i was kinda shocked how i sounded, lol. as for team re-designs... im praying the flyers decide a style change. its been over 20 years!! and even todays jersey is a small difference from the pre-1984 jerseys. while ed snider has vowed the logo to never change in his lifetime they could use a fresh new jersey. i wonder if all my old style jerseys will be worth more now!
  12. he was charging 15-20 bucks shipping even through australia. im not sure what the postal service is like down under so that could be legit. im afraid to even know what he/she/them would charge to the states. when it comes to ebay i found out... if it's too good to be true, it's too good to be true. you can get authentic brian dawkins jerseys on ebay everywhere but the name plate has the wrong font. when shopping for a specific jersey on ebay i always have a real picture of the jersey im looking for... usually one from icejerseys. you dont want to be dissappointed after spending that kind of money. also hints like enormous shipping fees usually spell out fakes. sometimes i even throw em in a corner by asking them the fabrics and what percent of each fabric there is in the jersey. its not hard to find out how much is cotton, wool, polyester, etc. it sounds like a lot of work for a jersey but it's worth it.
  13. I go to the homepage, and see theyre in stock. What the hay... I think I'll buy one. WHAAA 345 dollars? I know this isn't an icejerseys decision, it's purely RBK. Where's the village who lost their idiot to the NHL's marketing offices? How can they expect a sport that in some cities has to give away tickets when you buy wings at Hooters expect people to buy jerseys that are now 80USD more expensive then the number one sport in America, football? I know that is authentic, but still! I don't know the figures, it would be interesting if the icejerseys personell knew this... what is the number 1 NHL licensed product sold? Is it the hat, t-shirt, or jersey? I just feel the league is digging their merchandising graves with this. Sorry for the whining and moaning, it's just depressing not being able to buy what i love.
  14. 11. Tony Amonte/Don Saleski 12. Tim Kerr (Gagne in 5 years) 13. 14. Ron Sutter 15. 16. Robert E. Clarke 17. Rod Brind'Amour 18. Dale Hawerchuk 19. Mikael Renberg 20. Dave Poulin 21. Peter Forsberg 22. Rick Tocchet 23. Alexei Zhamnov 24. Sami Kapanen 25. Keith Primeau 26. Michal Handzus 27. Ron Hextall 28. Kjell Samuelsson 29. Terry Carkner 30. Garth Snow
  15. There's an all-time list on Yahoo somewhere that some guy came up with. We all know who our number 84 is!! As for my pro-flyer list. 1. Bernie Parent 2. Mark Howe 3. Behn Wilson 4. Barry Ashbee 5. Kim Jonsson (probably better one, Im having a brain fart) 6. Uhh Chris Therien? I hope not. 7. Bill Barber 8. Mark Recchi 9. Bob Kelly 10. John LeClair
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