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  1. latenite

    2010 Olympic Game Worn Jersey Auction on NOW

    I agree... When I saw the link for the auctions i was hoping that it would have the China Womens team included. It would have been nice to add to my China game worns. Maybe at some point they will pop up somewhere....
  2. latenite

    2010 Olympic Jersey arrived today

    To add to this, I was at my local River City Sports today to just get a replica Canada jersey and noticed they had a bunch of the jerseys customized for sale. The usual suspects such as Crosby, Brodeur, Iginla... The one thing i noticed is that some had the name plate while others did not and the letters were just sewn to the jersey much like Calciomania. I wanted a Toews but they didnt have it in the white just red. But in the red the Crosby (just put on the shelf) and the Toews were with out name plates while the others had. The sales guy wasn't sure whay that was. So it seems that not just Ice Jerseys is having this issue.
  3. latenite

    Looking for Asian national team jerseys!

    With regards to River City Sports, I'm in Winnipeg where they are located and have asked them numerous times about Team China Jerseys. They have told me they only get them when someone is clearing out their warehouse. They havent had for awhile now. I have also contacted the ice hockey federation in China with regards to selling of their jerseys. They stated that they currently do not sell them and have no plans to do so. I even had one of my wife's friends (shes Chinese) who was visiting Harbin where most of the national team players are from and he had no luck there as well. They are very difficult to find. I have been lucky enough to secure 3 replicas and 2 game worns. Very hard to find though and if you do it is from the womens program as they are at a higher level in the world (Div 1) than the men's which I'm not even sure where they are placed right now.
  4. A short while ago there was a North Korea jersey that was offered on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...m=190210045419 I have come to find out that Lutch was the manufacturer of these jerseys. I have spoken with Terry at Global Hockey and said they can manufacture the semi pro jersey of this. I belive he did the one that was on ebay. Now these jerseys and not authentic as Lutch does not have the contract for the IIHF jerseys which is why there is no IIHF patch on the back of them and therefore a semi pro. The minimum for this custom order is 6 jerseys. I want to get one of the white and one of the red done up. But I do not require 6. So I'm seeing if there is any interest in some of us combing to get them produced. Now the minimum 6 can only be per colour. But you can order any size, number and name. I'm not looking to make any money on this. The price I have been quoted by Terry is the price that someone else would pay ($60.00 US + shipping). I would also hope that everyone would pay Terry separately and then once he has 6 order them from the factory. I have let Terry know that I'm trying to arrange this. If you want you can contact him at this email adress Global_Hockey@wowway.com to confirm. I would use these photos from the recently held tournament as a reference and then use IIHF stat sheets for names and numbers from this tournament. http://www.boshua.com/gallery/ So please let me know if there is any interest in this.
  5. latenite

    International Hockey Socks

    I would try River City Sports. They are in Winnipeg where I'am and they sent me emails about having socks. Check this link out maybe you will find what you are looking for. http://www.rivercitysports.com/US/shopbypr...e=INTERNATIONAL Hope this helps. Will
  6. latenite

    Chinese Hockey

    Hi There. I collect Chinese jerseys. I have the home and away national team nike jerseys. I believe the Sharks jersey you have in the picture is for Shanghai Sharks. The Hanzi (characters) on the top of the jerseys stand for Shanghai. I believe the bottom ones stand for sharks. Although my chinese is very limited ( I continue to learn from my wife) I'm certain about the top characters. Thought I would add a little info with regards to the picture.
  7. Hi there...thanks for the tips...I have seen the website http://www.frosken.com/hockey/iihf.html...He does have some nicejerseys in his collection... I will check out the other link you left me..I noticed on ebay a Japan jersey right now...thanks for looking out and do keep me in mind if you see anything...As will i for you if I see any hard to find international jerseys...Thanks again!
  8. Iam nostly looking for Asian Country teams... but I do have some others...When the World Junior championship was here i got my Canada replica jersey signed by the team and also while living in Edmonton I got an oilers jersey signed by the team...But mostly trying to find Asian teams and especially China...How about you what do look for?
  9. Hi Anthony, thanks (for taking the step back) I havent received it yet but I was watching that one very closely on ebay didnt want to lose it. My wife is Chinese so thats why my interest in China jerseys. I watched the womens team here in Winnipeg at the the world championship. She tried talking to the team but those jerseys are hard to come by. I know they practiced at a small town outside Winnipeg and presented them with a signed jersey. Like to get my hands on that. Anyways please do keep me in mind on that jersey in '08 for sure. If i get before then I will let you know. (might go to China with the wife so going to look there for one as well. Thanks for everything and good score on that Australia jersey. Will
  10. Are you willing to part with the Chinese Jersey as we have disucssed in the past. I looked on ebay and didnt see that one on there. hope I didnt miss it. Let me know. Thanks.
  11. latenite

    Team China Jersey Wanted!!

    Thanks for any help you can offer Villa. If you do run across one let me know. Thanks again. latenite
  12. I'm looking for Team China Hockey jersey's. I would like to get both the home and away (red and white) ones. If anyone has one or knows of one for sale please let me know. I can be reached by email at latenite1972@hotmail.com