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  1. You've pretty much nailed the main ones already I think. However, to expand... Better The Devil You Know: Almost always brought on by the effects of Larry Murphy's Law, you will have had cause to question if this hobby is really worth your time, effort and money. This feeling usually lasts a day or two and may cause you to list a few of your least important jerseys for sale before Third Thoughts set in and you realize you'd need a new hobby if you gave up this one. And who can honestly say that that one wouldn't be worse?
  2. I was in Cosby's today, as I was looking to get a few jerseys done up after a year or so out of the hobby and I can confirm everything Blue Seat has said. I spoke to a couple of guys there and they do indeed get their kits from Stahl's, no mention of cutting the kits themselves in store. They did say, though, that if they have any old kits lying around then those could be used but they most likely wouldn't be for the most popular players (so your Leetch, Graves and Richter orders will likely need to go elsewhere for true accuracy). Best to call them first when you're looking to customize that Tom Poti jersey you've always wanted . I'm interested as to why they get the kits from Stahl's if they use Arena Wear for the sewing. Surely it's easier to just have them do all of it?
  3. You can never have enough Orty as far as I'm concerned.
  4. I suppose they could have been overstock from before the lockout. I've got no way of checking the details now though as I sold them years ago.
  5. Sure, no worries. I got the Rangers blue and Liberty styles in winter 2006, both with CCM tagging and the puck logo. The previous replica I got to that was a pre-lockout Liberty that had all the Koho tagging shown in the OP (the logos and crest were heat-pressed instead of embroidered, though). That would have been in 2002/2003 I think.
  6. I've worked on the basis that after the lockout I got a couple of CCM 550 replicas from Icejerseys and both had the orange/black puck on the hem. This was in 2006/07, so I had always figured the puck remained until the Premiers came into being.
  7. Yep, 2000-2004 were the years the white and coloured jerseys were split between CCM and Koho (both authentic and replica). When the change to Reebok came about post-lockout all replicas were tagged with the CCM logo, so if anyone has a dark/alternate replica 550 with a CCM logo on the back neck it will be from 2005-2007.
  8. Yep, was really excited to get hold of this one as I'm also a huge fan of his. The velcro is weird but it's a nice detail, along with the reinforced collar and fight strap, that separates it even further from the retail versions. I really like the font of those ASG jerseys. I've got an old Nashville game issued that uses the same but theirs were sublimated (including fake stitches between the 'layers'). The Leetch is stacked twill by comparison.
  9. Dom Moore 2014/15 Rangers Set 2 - Photomatched, velcro sleeve panels, huge hole in the sleeve. Blank Coyotes Throwback - Courtesy of The Baron. These are every bit as good as people say, just beautiful. I'll keep the 2002 All-Star theme going as well, as I just had the sleeve patches replaced on this.
  10. Awesome pickup Matt, I've really like the Pack speciality jerseys this year.
  11. Make the current third the primary, make a white version for the road, rekindle the black flying spaghetti skate as the alternate. Sorted. I like the Millionaires jersey but it doesn't fit.
  12. Yep, they can't do the 2 or 3 properly on the regular home and roads, which seems to be a common problem with customizers. I've also seen a lot of customizers do the Heritage nameplates arched instead of radial on the Heritage.
  13. BanthaBeard

    RIP Sabres Ugly 3rd

    I've never actually considered the Mooterus to be as bad as common opinion seems to. Okay, it's bad, but it's not in the same league as the recent Isles and current Lightning thirds.
  14. BanthaBeard

    RIP Sabres Ugly 3rd

    I wonder how many the Baron would have sold if he had taken a punt on an order? How many sick and twisted individuals would have bitten just to own a piece of hockey jersey infamy, and how much would they be worth in ten years time? Hard to say. While a Wild Wing or Burger King replica will cost you more than a brand new 2.0 these days, a Mooterus will only set you back loose change. And if that Blues alternate from the mid nineties had ever hit the market...?
  15. The Leafs Winter Classic I got from him was definitely done up by SLC.
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