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  1. If it was named that it would have to smell like urine. Now it's a reef in Lake Erie. I wouldn't dare eat a fish that swam through that.
  2. I believe that the Hawks, Bulls, and White Sox all own a part of NBCSN Chicago along with Comcast. So the odds of them moving off of that channel anytime soon is highly unlikely. From what I've read on some satellite sites, when the Cubs opted out, Comcast gave a bigger piece to the other teams to make sure they kept them.
  3. You are 100% wrong, every one of those decisions was dictated by the Adidas board specifically to eliminate one of their competitors and all Reebok distribution is handled by Adidas, but I really don’t have the time or energy to argue about it.
  4. At least CCM still sells hockey equipment and jerseys for a few different leagues. Adidas turned Reebok into some MMA driven company and replaced their distinctive vector logo with a stupid triangle and stopped distributing it’s products to most retail vendors. You are forced to go to their outlet stores or website to buy their shoes. Now they are trying to reintroduce the vector but it’s way too late. Unfortunately this thing happens far too often anymore in consumer products. The company that owns Onkyo bought Pioneer, so try to find a place that will sell Pioneer products anymore. And now they bought Denon too. So the consumer home receiver marketplace is almost a monopoly now.
  5. Adidas is destroying NHL jerseys the same way they destroyed Reebok when they bought them.
  6. A couple of guys posted home jerseys that they got. I ordered both home and road last week and got them on Wednesday. I actually have both white and grey VGK in all three styles, MIC game issued, Adidas retail, and Fanatics replicas.
  7. When Ryan Miller played in the AHL for Rochester, they had SP make a 64G for him. Then the rules were changed to make that illegal so they just took a 60G and had it illegally altered. They never let those out. Anything out there “game worn” is most certainly not. I heard that from 3 different scouts who followed the AHL. He was a huge cheater.
  8. At one time that was on display at the Hall Of Fame in Toronto. Not sure if it’s still there.
  9. That's where my avatar jersey came from. It took almost 6 months to get that. They told me it was because Bauer thought that the team might fold and they stopped making their jerseys for a while. Barry Kemp then bought the team with all his money from "Coach" and other tv shows and moved them from the LA Sports Arena to Long Beach. I'm glad I have an authentic of both the home and road for the one year LA Ice Dogs.
  10. I was buying jerseys in the late 80’s and early 90’s, before a lot of the people here. When the Kings went to the black and silver, coinciding with Gretzky, it brought hockey jerseys into the mainstream where they never were. Then the Sharks original teal, and the Mighty Ducks eggplant really accelerated things, especially in the United States. It was truly a quantum leap in visibility for hockey. I even remember reading an article in the business section of USA Today about CCM, and they specifically mentioned those three teams’ jerseys as a reason to watch the company. Then you had the Coyotes, Lightning, Panthers and a slew of interesting minor pro designs like the Solar Bears, Lumberjacks, Ice Dogs, Spiders, Moose, Monarchs (Carolina), and Bandits, just to name a few. Those were really the golden age of jersey collecting. Multiple manufacturers, good quality replicas, reasonable prices, you could get just about whatever you wanted if you knew who to order from, even before the internet. Once the Edge/Premier design came in, it was game over. Then the dark ages started and IMO we’ve not left it yet, nor will we anytime soon.
  11. From what is in NHL 20, it looks like not too much differences. The AK patch below the collar in the front and back, and that's about it. Some teams may have done some tweaking, but overall no radical changes.
  12. NHL 20 has them in the game, it may have been in the initial 1.46gb update. Erie has new home and road, using the original logo in different colors with a new shoulder patch. Didn't really have time to scroll though them all. With the CHL going to the quicklite like the AHL did 2 seasons ago, and the ECHL going to AK, the Edge is gone in major North American leagues. Maybe the USHL, not sure, and I think last year the Swedish league still used them. Not sure about anyone else, but basically R.I.P. Edge template (2007-2019).
  13. Those Bauer IHL jerseys were the best. HJimm used to hang around here with an incredible collection. Haven't heard from him in years, not sure if he still has them, but he had a website that was awesome. Good guy to deal with.
  14. Since the NBA has stolen the trophy presentation on the court (it was always back in the locker room until about 10 years or ago), and the awards ceremony on tv, I would like to see the NHL steal an idea from them. On the back collar of any team that has won a title, they have a little gold patch on the back collar with an outline of the trophy and the number of titles won on top of it. I would like to see the NHL honor teams that have won the Stanley Cup with some type of permanent patch of recognition. Countries do that with stars on their jerseys when they have won World Cups.
  15. Game 3 was on a Monday. But Game 4 was on a Saturday, a long break due to the NBA finals also going on, and there were almost 20,000 there. AHL President Dave Andrews even mentioned it again on Sunday during the telecast of this years finals. Lots of alcohol that night. I stayed in a hotel downtown figuring the Monsters would win. Glad I did.
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