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  1. Mach_9

    The New Jerseys

    I would have LOVED those if they didn't have the HORRIBLE wordmark.
  2. I'm 5'10ish and about 165 and I wear 46's in authentic and Large in replica.
  3. Mach_9

    The New Jerseys

    Those Islanders jerseys are worse than the fisherman, hands down.
  4. Sounds like a scam to me. "Oh, yeah, those are authentic, but these, these are what the players really wear, see?" BS. Unless it's game used, it's nothing special.
  5. Mach_9

    New Jerseys Year 1

    Anaheim Ducks - Pronger Atlanta Thrashers - Kovalchuck Boston Bruins - Bergeron Buffalo Sabres - Miller Calgary Flames - Phaneuf Carolina Hurricanes - Staal Chicago Blackhawks - Havlat Colorado Avalanche - Stastny Columbus Blue Jackets - Nash Dallas Stars - Morrow Detroit Red Wings - Datsyuk Edmonton Oilers - Hemsky Florida Panthers - Jokinen Los Angeles Kings - Kopitar Minnesota Wild - Gaborik Montreal Canadiens - Koivu Nashville Predators - Radulov (tough one now...) New Jersey Devils - Brodeur New York Islanders - DiPietro New York Rangers- Lundqvist Ottawa Senators - Heatley Philadelphia Flyers - Briere Phoenix Coyotes- Aebeschire (if he plays well) Pittsburgh Penguins - Crosby San Jose Sharks - Thornton St. Louis Blues- Kariya Tampa Bay Lightning - Lecavalier Toronto Maple Leafs - Toskala Vancouver Canucks - Sedin (one, the other, or both) Washington Capitals - Ovechkin Book it!
  6. Nice post. Very informative and I'm not the least bit surprised, now that I've thought about it. Upsetting, for sure. Especially since I don't buy into 99% of the stuff being released today.
  7. I've got an RBK Forsberg black Flyers sweater with the "C", but he wasn't my "hero" when he was with the Flyers; Forsberg of 96-2001 was the best player *I've* ever seen play the game of hockey and the only player you could ever say I truly "worshipped". That's why I'd throw down the money for a set of all 3 Avs authentics in one purchase.
  8. Ouch. They really got hit hard, huh?
  9. Well unless any of you can find me "Forsberg era" Avalanche authentics, in size 46, for the home, road and alternate styles, I'm still just putting Forsberg on RBK authentics. (If I could find them in my size, in the correct style, I'd get them, but I doubt that's going to happen...)
  10. The only exception I'll make is that I'm going to get a new set of Forsberg Avalanche jerseys (all 3) and he wasn't on the Aves when RBK made the jerseys.
  11. I mean, alright, Penner might be a little better, given his age and all, but I think they're pretty comparable that Hunter would be better on another team. He certainly hustles his brains out. Either way, I just think that was a good price. He may have only had 35 points in 77 games (20 goals), but he was also 5th in the league in hits, and I just like the way he plays.
  12. Wow! Islanders got a GREAT deal on Hunter. Considering the inflated prices of guys like Penner and Roy, that's a steal. I think Hunter is on par with Penner, just on a worse team. I think Hunter will end up producing better than Penner and Ryder, who also just signed for more than Hunter, this season.
  13. Ah, I just went with what Villa posted. It's still too much though. And either way, I feel the cap should stay at around 48m regardless of revenue. If the cap is tied to revenue, and so it's gone up becausing we're making more money, wouldn't we stand to benefit more from keeping the cap at a reasonable number and taking all of that profit to lower ticket prices, run some good promotions to bring in new fans, or just keep our facilities nicer? Why does the cap have to go up just because the league has a good year? There's no reason for the cap to be at $50.3m 2 years after a lockout. What happens if the cap gets to $60m? Where is the challenge in putting together a team for under $60m? You saw my team in our GM game. Look at the callibre players I could afford for under $44m. Not that other GM's would really make a few of the trades I made (they'd probably accept some of them, to be honest though) but the point is, if I could fit Datsyuk, Havlat, Ovechkin, Forsberg, Neidermeyer, Lundqvist under my cap (even after re-signing Lundqvist to a 5.5m extension) than I only stand to lose respect for the jobs that GM's have to do. I realize the immense difference between real life and our game, but the dollar figures are the same. Getting GM's to bite on the deals would be the hard part, but the salary cap is ridiculous. Our 2nd season cap is $1.7m lower than the NHL's current cap and I've managed to be $1.2m under that (basically $2.9m under the NHL's current cap) and I have 3 guys making over $6m and two guys making over $5m.
  14. I don't see Penner ever being much better than a 50 point guy. Over $5m a year is a butt-load for a 50 point guy. I don't understand the NHL at all. We have a lockout. The sport almost dies. We finally settle things and get back to the actual sport. See some mild success. Salary cap goes up. Another season. Salary cap goes up. Players like Thomas Vanek and Daniel Briere are making $10m this season and averaging over $7m a year on their contracts while Joe Thornton is making less and Sidney Crosby isn't even getting $10m when his new deal begins (though he has a higher average pay - rightfully). Derek Roy is making $4m a year, despite being pretty much completely unproven. Now Dustin Penner will make over $5m a year. Can you say lockout 09-10? Vanek and Roy played great last year on an ALL offense, 4 line deep, most goals in the league, President's Trophy winning team. Now they will be the top line player, facing all of the best shut-down guys, getting the most minutes against the toughest defenders. There's not going to be any Drury or Briere (and without Briere, to be honest, a lot less Pominville) for teams to keep an eye on. You've got the Roy-Vanek-Afinogenov line. Focus on shutting it down and Buffalo's next biggest threat is Connolly - Hecht - Pominville. Well... no offense to any of those guys, but no one on that line breaks 75 points next year, in my opinion. Maybe not even 65. After that, what? Gaustad-Kotalik-Stafford? I love Stafford but... c'mon. And then Ryan-Mair-Paille? The Sabres have one very threatening line and the rest are decent. No coach is going to lecture about "shutting down the big Connolly line". If teams figure out the R-A-V than Buffalo is done and both Roy and Vanek will be monumentally overpaid.
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