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  1. Brilliant!

    eBay version 4.0

    The Rangers ones still sell no matter what. I sold my Amonte game-worn TBTC for $9,000.00 last year.
  2. The ocean?? What ocean??
  3. Ol' Brown Eye finally got himself a ring.
  4. 2017-18 set 3/playoffs.
  5. Word has it that Harvey Dent has one just like it.
  6. Hey, who are we to judge? Some people like some weird stuff. Life is hard. Why not spend it that way?
  7. We know what you dabble in. I'm thinking Buffalo Bill in a Rangers jersey!
  8. Exactly my point! She loves buying new shoes and he loves buying new jerseys...and maybe occasionally glazing some shoes.
  9. Heh..."other teams"...suuuuuuure!
  10. Or maybe he has a foot fetish and really digs all the hot new shoes she buys every week.
  11. That's most likely just something that was sold at retail at the time. No team wore a Canada Cup patch on their jerseys until 1987 and even then it was only Canada for some reason.
  12. Screen door on a submarine, ya dork.
  13. I don't think Saad would have worn that style. Save for one game in the 2008 Worlds (ultrafil too), the 1960 version only really made a comeback during the 2010 Olympics against Canada. I don't think it became a permanent fixture until after that. I do know the junior team wore it during the 2011 tournament in Buffalo. After 2011 was probably when it became part of the regular uniform rotation.
  14. Wait a minute....how in the EFFING HELL do they play Postmortem WITHOUT Raining Blood??? No disrespect to anything from Show No Mercy at all but, as far as I'm concerned, Postmortem/Raining Blood is one single track.
  15. Holy crap, what a lineup that is! I love the Heineken tribute to Jeff too. That's awesome. Did Tom forget half of his lyrics like he usually does?
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