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  1. That is spec-fuckin-tacular! Set 4? Is it a playoff set? Any signs of it being a recycled high school jersey like so many of those old beauties were back then?
  2. We use mineral spirits in my profession as a stripper of adhesive and a cleaner as well. I've noticed that any time the spirits is used with a white rag, the rag turns yellow. Even before cleaning. I wouldn't use mineral spirits on any jersey other than a Flyers one.
  3. "Nuts on Clark"?? I don't remember seeing that version of Vacation.
  4. It definitely wasn't just a Chicago thing. I had two Rangers ones as a kid. One with the crest on the chest and the other with the more modernized RANGERS script across the front when I was a teenager. I even still have one in my closet but it's neither of the two I just described.
  5. So, any information as to why they dipped all those Avalanche jerseys in chocolate?
  6. No, it's pronounced Oingo Boingo.
  7. Brilliant!

    eBay version 4.0

    The Rangers ones still sell no matter what. I sold my Amonte game-worn TBTC for $9,000.00 last year.
  8. The ocean?? What ocean??
  9. Ol' Brown Eye finally got himself a ring.
  10. Word has it that Harvey Dent has one just like it.
  11. Hey, who are we to judge? Some people like some weird stuff. Life is hard. Why not spend it that way?
  12. We know what you dabble in. I'm thinking Buffalo Bill in a Rangers jersey!
  13. Exactly my point! She loves buying new shoes and he loves buying new jerseys...and maybe occasionally glazing some shoes.
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