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  1. Screen door on a submarine, ya dork.
  2. I don't think Saad would have worn that style. Save for one game in the 2008 Worlds (ultrafil too), the 1960 version only really made a comeback during the 2010 Olympics against Canada. I don't think it became a permanent fixture until after that. I do know the junior team wore it during the 2011 tournament in Buffalo. After 2011 was probably when it became part of the regular uniform rotation.
  3. Wait a minute....how in the EFFING HELL do they play Postmortem WITHOUT Raining Blood??? No disrespect to anything from Show No Mercy at all but, as far as I'm concerned, Postmortem/Raining Blood is one single track.
  4. Holy crap, what a lineup that is! I love the Heineken tribute to Jeff too. That's awesome. Did Tom forget half of his lyrics like he usually does?
  5. I would liked to have seen the Harry Ornest style make a return. That was very underrated, especially when done in all twill. Granted, he was a cheap but he did save the franchise from moving to Saskatoon.
  6. Nando? Like Asti Spumante? Oh and my first thought upon seeing the Blues jersey:
  7. Yes. More Blues stuff. Who would have thought that the Caps and Blues would win Cups in consecutive years? Who's next? Someone else who has a lengthy drought to exorcise??
  8. South Jersey especially. It's basically Alabama down there. God, that Gilmour is gorgeous...dare I say, even "Killer"?? Am I crazy or is the nameplate a different color? Was it restored possibly?
  9. Hey, where'd you get those blue and green Rays jerseys??? New stuff! 2019 Reds 1956 throwback worn on July 7th against Cleveland by starting pitcher Tyler Mahle (L - 4 IP, 6 H, 3 ER): 1991 road Mickey Morandini: 1992 TBTC (1942) worn by Terry Mulholland: 1992 TBTC (1948) worn by Wally Backman: I hate the Phillies but they've always had some great looking uniforms. Next, a retail 1997 Tampa Bay Devil Rays: This style was never worn on the field but was used during the team's introduction prior to fielding an actual team. It's famous for the rainbow trim around only ONE sleeve for whatever reason. The funny thing is that when this jersey was worn, Wade was actually still on the Yankees! But who else could I put on an early TB jersey? Next, a 2018 Nationals Stars and Stripes blank I got cheap on eBay and turned into a Blue(Brown) Eye: And finally the topper of them all....only available on MLB.com for a few hours before selling out forever, the 1969 Expos throwback worn by the Nats against Kansas City on July 6th to commemorate both clubs' inaugural season: These were so nice, I had to buy them twice. I had to wait over a month and a half for them to fulfill the order but it was worth it!
  10. What do you mean "still"?? What else is there for a Leafs fan??
  11. It's not a jersey but I got this today!
  12. Some new game-worn MLB stuff. First, a 1936 Philadelphia A's throwback from the 2012 season when Oakland visited Fenway for the 100th anniversary season: Next, a Lou Piniella Devil Rays jersey from 2003 (judging by the tagging): And finally a 2010 Nationals Tyler Clippard 1920 throwback to the old Senators days:
  13. It was a good showing this year. I thought there was a larger crowd than previous years. That was nice to see.
  14. https://public.fotki.com/Friggy/miscellaneous_crap-1/meigray-expo-2019/
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