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  1. Hey there, my current team is looking into getting a 3rd jersey, but it would be easier to do so If we had something to go off of, rather than just shouting out ideas in the locker room. Our current look is simple, we have the Lindros era Flyers jerseys. White for away games, and orange for home. Our current logo is the one you see as our display picture. I'm looking to get a design with a black template, but with a college/high school style wordmark of 'Vipers' across the front with the jersey number played into that. If someone could whip up a design or send me a template file so I could try a crack at it myself, that'd be brilliant. Thanks.
  2. Name: Iain Age: 25 Sex: M Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta Current City: Calgary, Alberta Nationality: Canadian/Scottish, dual citizenship y'all Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue Height: 5'11 Weight: 170 Job: Construction foreman College Attended/Attending: I spent 3 years at Mount Royal College studying English Literatrure and Composition, Comparitive Government & Politics and Religious History. This fall I start my masters in engineering. I know, strange mix. How you became a jersey collector: Just fell in love with them in my teens and just have slowly collected ever since. Favorite Player: I have a few, but my favorite all time was Peter Bondra Favorite Player to hate: Dion Phaneuf, any Vancouver Canuck or Chicago Blackhawk Video Game Systems Owned: xbox 360 Favorite Game(s): Any Call of Duty game, Brutal Legend, Alan Wake Music You Listen Too: Metal, blues, hip-hop, avant garde, industrial, classic western Favorite Movie (s): JFK, Religulous, Zombieland Favorite Food: fast food Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory, South Park, Metalocalypse, Arrested Development, Futurama, Archer, Clone High, SNL Anything Else: Not into doing things that are 'Canadian' just because I'm from here. ie: drinking Canadian beers or supporting the moves of sunbelt teams into Canada.
  3. scarecrow


    It's only a replica, but I found my blue Fisherman at a pawn shop for $30 in mint condition.
  4. seriously, you watch any Flames home game these days on TV and you'll tons of fakes. Even the other night on Hockey Night in Canada against the leafs. During the post game images package, they showed a Flames fan in an Iginla Heritage jersey, and is fit all my descriptions on fakes. It made me laugh, even though it was horeshit.
  5. wow, the lengths people will go to
  6. I love watching the Predators, particularily their home games. They have an awesome fanbase with an electric atmosphere in the building. I hate watching anything with the Leafs or Wings, mostly because they both have a tendancy to have comebacks in the third against my hometown Flames. the Leafs usually do this to any team though on hockey night in Canada making it kind of boring and predictable. The Wings seem to always play like s*** for 40 minutes at the saddledome, then they decide to play in the third and win it late or in extra time.
  7. Fortunately the teams I cheer for other than the Flames don't have to strong a rivalry with them. We did have a decent one when Gretzky left for LA and the small exodus of Oilers that followed him there. And in recent years, there has been a minor one with the Predators, but nothing that causes my allegiance to either to be jeoprodized. Unless any of my teams meet in the near future in the playoffs, I never have a problem with it.
  8. I just wanted to give some people a head's up on the Calgary Flames Heritage classic jersey. Having been to a few recent home games of the Flames, I noticed a lot of people sporting fakes. And i'm not exagerating, but the numbers of fakes I've seen is easily in the hundreds. If you're looking into ordering a customized authentic, here are 4 simple clues that show it is a fake. I will include pictures when I can get them up. 1. On the hem and sleeve cuffs of the fake jersey, the yellow stripe is close to 3 inches from top to bottom. It is also them same material as the rest of the jersey, rather than being seperate. On the real jersey it is about an inch on both the cuffs and hem. 2. The fake jersey's crest and customization are grossly incorrect. The jersey is unique in the fact that both crest and numbers are the faux felt vintage/creme white. On the fakes they are just straight up white twill over red. also on the crest of a true authentic, the faux felt with red trim is atop a yellow twill bottom. This yellow bottom is not present on most of the fakes. The sleeve number on the fakes is also much larger than that of true authentics. 3. The special Heritage classic patch on the right front breast of the sweater on the fakes is significantly larger than it is on ligitimates. 4. The reebok logo on the rear of the neck is not a patch and is however just embroidered onto the fabric, like pretty much all fakes in this instance. I personally have an uncustomized replica of this sweater, but I have seen both a customized replica and authentic in person. Both were at local retailers Hockey Experts, The Fanattic and Jersey City. As far as I know, the only place to find a true authentic online back when I witnessed the plethora of fakes was NHL.com's official shop, and at the time, even local retailers had not yet begun selling authentics. Again, I will post pictures of both once I can get the pics online, but I do hope this will prove helpful.
  9. Don't forget that Iginla has already played for the Flames since 1996 and still has like 3-4 years left on his deal. What happens after that is anyones guess, yet it is possible that he may stay for the duration of his career. Same with Regehr, he's also got at least 10 years under his belt and 3 more to go on his contract. With the market for a stay at home defensemen not as furvent as say, one for Mike Green, it is also possible that he could play 15+ years with one team and call it a career.
  10. I'm glad there is several retail shops here in Calgary that carry a variety of the Olympic participents and some nations that didn't make the cut. One store has both Austria's home and away threads, as well as Kazakhstan's. Next paycheque and both will be mine.
  11. I forgot the mention that it was the alternate of there's i'm interested in. it's have to large for replica and 54-56 for an authentic.
  12. I'll add the pre Edge Columbus jersey to my impossibles. Unless anyone out there has one they're willing to part with. Chances are slim though.
  13. I'm still searching for the pre Edge Columbus 3rd jersey that introduced the current primary logo to the world. That was a rareity as far as 3rd jerseys went for actually being really good. I'd love it with Vyborny, Malhotra or Klesla on it. Or blank, either would be great for my collection. I'd say stick with the Nash for now, and go with the Richards for variety. Orange realy stands out.
  14. -When you have about $60 to your name, walk into a sports collectibles shop and find a mid 90's Ron Francis Penguins CCM authentic jersey with the diagonal script across the front for $55 and decide it's more important than gas or food. (can't pass up a deal such as that) -When you're a season ticket holder for your local junior team and wear a different jersey from your collection to every game. -When you have more jerseys from around the NHL than your hometown team that you live and breathe. -When you have specific teams whose jerseys you will never pay for because they're the teams you despise most......however, you'll accept them as gifts, or make an exception to this rule when the jersey is $4.99 at a thrift store.
  15. my impossibles are mostly the ones in my sig, size 52-56. and i recognize that they're all well sought after by a lot of people.
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