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  1. Name: Iain Age: 25 Sex: M Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta Current City: Calgary, Alberta Nationality: Canadian/Scottish, dual citizenship y'all Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue Height: 5'11 Weight: 170 Job: Construction foreman College Attended/Attending: I spent 3 years at Mount Royal College studying English Literatrure and Composition, Comparitive Government & Politics and Religious History. This fall I start my masters in engineering. I know, strange mix. How you became a jersey collector: Just fell in love with them in my teens and just have slowly collected ever since. F
  2. It's only a replica, but I found my blue Fisherman at a pawn shop for $30 in mint condition.
  3. seriously, you watch any Flames home game these days on TV and you'll tons of fakes. Even the other night on Hockey Night in Canada against the leafs. During the post game images package, they showed a Flames fan in an Iginla Heritage jersey, and is fit all my descriptions on fakes. It made me laugh, even though it was horeshit.
  4. wow, the lengths people will go to
  5. I just wanted to give some people a head's up on the Calgary Flames Heritage classic jersey. Having been to a few recent home games of the Flames, I noticed a lot of people sporting fakes. And i'm not exagerating, but the numbers of fakes I've seen is easily in the hundreds. If you're looking into ordering a customized authentic, here are 4 simple clues that show it is a fake. I will include pictures when I can get them up. 1. On the hem and sleeve cuffs of the fake jersey, the yellow stripe is close to 3 inches from top to bottom. It is also them same material as the rest of the jersey, rath
  6. I forgot the mention that it was the alternate of there's i'm interested in. it's have to large for replica and 54-56 for an authentic.
  7. I'll add the pre Edge Columbus jersey to my impossibles. Unless anyone out there has one they're willing to part with. Chances are slim though.
  8. my impossibles are mostly the ones in my sig, size 52-56. and i recognize that they're all well sought after by a lot of people.
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