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  1. How exact of a match do you want for the Canadian flag patch? I've got some loose ones and a few I've stripped off jerseys (may have more somewhere). The one in the bottom left of the pic is probably the closest of mine I've found so far. If you want it, I can send it in an envelope and send it to you. If not, If I find a closer one at home I'll try to remember to post a pic here.
  2. This may or may not annoy people by resurrecting an old thread but thought I'd add some information on which Hockey: A People's History sweaters exist: along with the Kenora, Winnipeg, and Montreal ones mentioned earlier there was the Women's team the Preston Rivulettes with the green and white sweaters: and the Dawson Nuggets: Not sure if there are any more than those 5 styles.
  3. Have a 'blank' (no team name or number) acrylic sweater striped like the Detroit Cougars. Thinking of buying some white felt and making it like a Detroit Olympics (minor league team) sweater https://digital.library.wayne.edu/digitalcollections/item?id=wayne:vmc72477 Haven't done anything with felt. What is the best kind of felt to use and what would be a good source to get it. I'm in Canada but for another month or so could get shipped to parents in the U.S.
  4. Be a b**** to find one but there is the Thunder Bay Bombers (2005 Allan Cup winners)
  5. They have some replica 2012 (and 2007 & 2013) Team Canada Spengler Cup replica jerseys on Ebay. Seller (europeansportsjerseys) is out of New Hampshire - jerseys are $165 and shipping is $15 to US and Canada. Says jerseys are made in Switzerland by Ochsner - the official supplier. No Bergeon ones listed right now, but I suppose you could always ask them. In his Ebay feedback it looks like someone has purchased a 2012 Bergeron one in Nov 2013.
  6. Have ordered twill from stahls.ca I stongly suspect you don't need a business license - just a business name. While I used my dad's old charitable company's business name (which I was listed as V.P. or something on) and my home address and home phone number for my Stahls.ca account, I doubt they checked to see if the business was registered or even if it had ever existed. If you come up with a somewhat plausible business name and use your own address and phone number that might work. Before I ordered from Stahls, I once ordered from TwillUSA but the shipping costs to Canada were a fair bit higher. Before I got tackle twill (aka pro twill) from either one, I bought some from a local seamstress who does the sewn on customizations for all the local hockey shops. Haven't done a lot of reproducing of number and names. Have done more of reproducing simple crests (canucks stick in the rink, minnesota nstars, etc.) and making other crests (Lakehead Invaders, Exeter Squirrels, and others: some can be found here - http://reignoferror00.blogspot.ca/) Ones I did try to reproduce were a Bobby Clarke Flyers, Ken Daneyko Devils, and a Mike Liut Blues. Think I have the Devils and Blues ones on Photobucket: http://s1353.photobucket.com/user/reignoferror00/library/DIY%20hockey%20jerseys?sort=3&page=1. Orginally had a more jerseys (some DIY) up on Webshots before they screwed everyone over and haven't bothered finding and uploading pics off my computer (if they are all still there) to Photobucket. I think I either found an online pic of a game worn jersey and cropped the back number(s) and enlarged the image to about the right size, printed it out, and cleaned it up the image for a template and/or either eyeballed it from a online pic and tried to get it close or modified an existing template I already had and tried to get it close. Have both printed the templates directly on cardstock andh have printed them on paper and glue sticked to thick cardboard (old cereal or pop boxes). For names on namebars I likely used some NHL fonts I downloaded. Might have got them from here: http://eriqjaffe.50webs.com/ This site has some font resources for doing jersey concepts; some that would likely be transferable to making actual jersey numbers and letters for names: http://www.hockeyjerseyconcepts.com/p/templates.html If I couldn't get fairly close to the font I was looking for, I have modified the letters after I printed them out for a template. Could go on but think this post is probably long enough (or too long) already. If want to try some DIY and you are on Facebook, I'd suggest checking out and joining the DIY Hockey Sweater/Jersey Army. Members can give you tips on getting started on your project and may help with fonts, twill, fabric suppliers, etc. Some may even trade or sell supplies (twill, blank jerseys, etc). Are you "crazy for entertaining this idea"? If so, at least you'll have some company if you get into the hobby.
  7. No, won't be going. Even if I lived in an NHL city or closer than a 7 hour plus car ride (Jets or Wild) to one I probably wouldn't go. Haven't gone to my local university team's games yet; I'll likely go to at least one of them. My interest in NHL hockey this year is less than usual; much more interested in playing hockey and checking out a local game or two. Probably won't watch much NHL on t.v. - maybe around playoff time depending on how I feel by then and what the match ups are.
  8. Picked up a couple of local team hats (hockey and baseball) and a couple of hockey keychains at a thrift store for under $5 Also got my Eagle H34 gloves repalmed by Eagle with goatskin late last year - they were out of black but had the natural tan.
  9. Not sure of the exact typeface actually used but I customized a medium 2010 Finland replica jersey for a friend as a gift to the groom for a wedding his son was going to (he might have been part of the wedding party). He needed it done fairly quickly and said it didn't need to be exact so I did what I could do. Used League Gothic for the numbers and Alternate Gothic 1D for the name. Maybe you can find some more exact fonts, or slightly modify these one to get the results you are looking for. Anyway here's a pic:
  10. Can't really help with the design Here's the Colorwerx page for the correct shades of colours for MLB teams. http://ssur.org/research/TeamColors/Baseball/MajorLeagueBaseball/MajorLeagueBaseball.htm
  11. greyraven8

    Blackhawks crest

    A good site for large pics of game worn jerseys is drop the pucks. here's most of what they have for Chicago (also have some special collections for Chicago on the site) drop the pucks
  12. greyraven8

    Wear your name?

    Put my name over a previous player's screened on name on a beer league team's jersey I played in. When I returned the jersey I took the name bar off and put it on the one white Noridques jersey I used when the next team I played for had to wear white (when playing another team also in blue). Nordiques jersey had the previous jersey owner's name screen on back. Only have 2 jerseys with my name on them. I made a Team Germany crest to put over some awful screen printed logo that was on a jersey; put my name over whatever sponsor was screened on the back of the jersey. Also, made the 'CCCP' numbers and cresting for a blank uncrested jersey that was in the style of the soviets in the 1991 Canada Cup; put my last name transliterated into Russian Cyrillic on the back even though they used regular Roman letter last names then. I have no problem with people putting their name on NHL or other jerseys, but don't plan on putting my name on any of my other jerseys. I think I may have already posted a pic of the Soviet one a while ago in the 'Member Projects' thread. Here's the Germany one.
  13. Looking for the NHL shield patch that was beside the CCM patch on the back of NHL jerseys. The one I'm trying to replicate is from the Nordiques in the early 90's, so the letters 'NHL' run from the top left corner to the bottom right. I'm guessing it's about 1 - 1 1/4 inches. I don't have the Nordiques CCM shield patch either but have got one of another jersey that has a slightly dark blue background (Avalanche instead of Nordiques blue) and will do. Everything NHL shield patch I see on ebay is over 2" Willing to trade or possibly purchase one or more of these small NHL shield patches.
  14. Back when the Senators were relatively new, I had a Peter Sidorkiewicz replica goal jersey. Unfortunately it was later stolen from the dressing room. Just this year picked up a local player replica jersey at a thrift store - A Trevor Letowski Columbus Blue Jackets jersey.
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