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    new Capitals ones, new Sabres ones, last year's Flyers orange ones
  1. Well, mine is kinda strange actually. I always liked the Flyers due to me having family in the area and cousins who really influenced me. When I got a bit older and was picking favorites I stuck with the Flyers. Few years went by, and the Sabres introduced the "slug". Well, contrary to most people...I really liked the logo. That was also the year they won President's Trophy. So, call me a bandwagoner, but the combo of the logo and the fact that they were good and the Flyers sucked that year, the Sabres took over as my favorite team and have been ever since.
  2. It arrived today put pics of can use an image hosting site (photobucket, imageshack, etc.) and just copy and paste the image code.
  3. It arrived today

    as promised...although 2 months's a pic of me, my stepbro, coach hartley, and my jersey
  4. It arrived today

    Bertoli was my favorite Titan also...and yes i was EXTREMELY pissed at the Devils for making Trenton the Devils. Their reasoning behind it was total BS. "We want our players throughout our entire organization to feel Devils pride every time they step onto the ice." What a load of crap. Trenton has only 6 (at most) Devils prospects on their team. Do they honestly think the other 14 who are under ECHL/AHL care about Devils "pride" when they aren't even under contract with the Devils?? I do have a blank Titans that I got in the 04-05 season when i went up to trenton signed by Rosario Ruggeri. As for favorite team...even when the Titans were around...gotta be my hometown Gwinnett Gladiators.
  5. Fantasy Hockey

    I'm up for it!!! maybe i can get some better D this year...that's what did me in last year.
  6. It arrived today

    Yea it is. I got it from Hartley because my stepbro was attending his camp in York, PA. I came up to pick him up...and he was selling them. I jumped all over the oppurtunity. I'll get pics and post them ASAP. I'm still on Vacay in PA, so I'm unsure when that will happen.
  7. It arrived today

    haha thanks. I also added another beauty to my collection today (no pics yet though) Thrashers practice jersey, authentic with fight strap and all, autographed by none other than Mr. Ilya Kovalchuk himself. $50...WHAT A STEAL!!!!!! I bought it from Coach Hartley no joke.
  8. It arrived today

    I ordered this today (these are stock photos) Derek Nesbitt game-worn from 06-07 (Idaho won the Kelly Cup that year). He will be on the PHX Coyotes/SA Rampage this upcoming season.
  9. It arrived today

    Even with the lockout, they probably wouldn't have used that green jersey the next year and made it white for a home. The reason it was green was because the game was in Minnesota...and it would've been somewhere else the next year.
  10. It arrived today

    did some more picture taking...figured i'd show you a few. Thornton Premier Simon Gagne Swift...not sure if it's replica or authentic (did they have fight straps on those?) Gwinnett Gladiators 5th Anniversary autographed by the entire team. here is the rest of them.
  11. Oilers Jersey Question

    The Oilers never wore a game jersey this year...they just wore whatever practice jersey they had with them
  12. customization laugher

    I say go Wings. I hate both teams...but i hate the Stars more. REMEMBER 1999...NO GOAL!!!!!!
  13. customization laugher

    I saw a guy at the ASG festivities this year that had a jersey like that...but it was half Sabres Black from the Red and Black era and half Thrashers White. I thought it was pretty neat.
  14. EBay

    well...i was hoping to get this, so i was keeping it down for a bit, but it's a little more than i can afford for right now...therefore, a gift to my fellow Sabres fans out there.
  15. It arrived today

    ^^ what he said