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  1. Yeah, guy who sold it to me said he sent it to central crests. This one doesn’t have the heritage patch but I have a blank one that has a heritage patch. Turns out Canucks wore it once vs Detroit the season before Heritage classic, and this jersey was sold from that batch
  2. My pickup today! Team issued and customized by the guys that customized the Canucks jerseys
  3. Picked this fun one up a little while back. Good to see lots of familiar names around still! Maybe posting another soon, will let you guys know!
  4. Someone buy something so I can buy something!
  5. Fire me some offers/PMs guys, I really want to get some paypal funds without uploading CAD and then getting raped on conversion by paypal
  6. Thanks Matt, right back at ya! So far in my... god knows how many years of buying and selling on here, I really havent had issues with anyone
  7. DaNoobie


    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Rare-Calgary-Flames-ProPlayer-Aunthentic-Jersey-w-Fight-Strap-NICE-/151980139362?hash=item2362b8e362:g:Z-YAAOSwQYZWu~9R This is a nice one too
  8. DaNoobie


    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Authentic-Toronto-Maple-Leafs-RBK-edge-jersey-54-2014-winter-classic-/222016477402?hash=item33b13698da:g:gj0AAOSwJb9WrExr same seller
  9. DaNoobie


    http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Authentic-Pittsburgh-Penguins-Lemieux-48-CCM-Jersey-vintage-/222021357473?hash=item33b1810fa1:g:hsQAAOSwo6lWOZtY Looks like a scuff and not a burn mark. Great price!
  10. DaNoobie


    http://www.ebay.com/itm/51109-Mens-REEBOK-PHILADELPHIA-FLYERS-FIGHT-STRAP-Sewn-Hockey-Jersey-BLACK-50-/331704005409?var=&hash=item4d3b197321:m:miMSgE9zISLUUU2zLh7F0iw I think this looks good
  11. A couple quick and easy deals with TheBZ and liquidice recently!
  12. sz 46 Oilers edge 1.0 NNOB. $120 sz 44 BNWT 2002 WC St. Louis. $150 sz 52 BNWT - A on wrong side, relatively easy fix. $150 All prices = shipped without tracking!
  13. The, great-if-you-are-Tyrion-Lannister collection. $100 each. Gretzky $150 sz 36 NNOB sz 36 NNOB sz 36 NNOB sz 36 NNOB sz 36
  14. Sz 56 Team Canada 98 Olympics Looks worn, but flawless. $150 -SOLD- Sz 52 Starter Flawless. $150 Sz 54, ultrafil ***SOLD*** Brand new with tags. $175 Sz 46 edge 1.0. 2010 SCF patch new without tags. $200 *SOLD* sz 52 edge 1.0 new without tags. $200 sz L, brand new with tags. $80 Have same jersey without V and without cresting, also brand new with tags for $50. Will throw in vintage V patch loose
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