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  1. Part 2. Columbus MiC xCiQqlCZTdCasPa+LqbddA %2o5ROAOT2epQD%Vo%BRew D0A1alrhR5+UJAEsnVK1FA Flyers 6100 F0eqU3OBSHCejiP3XqIx3A 1zybw02wTQ+1vAJgB3%fKA Pens 96-97 RU64sB2zRcWYQ8VLz0m5lA aAk5G5aNTYqUVDiz77KAiw RoboPen 6100 52UOAgZmSZqnCqkbOa14Qw ZbcLezXHRPmrQfEHHa8lOA Ducks SCF 2003 dIKMap7MS6qs+rRbb%L5Jg SBxlbZV1SbSDGMUTe8AYzg Flyers MiC 3rd G1kN9hsURmiSBgEoWVxjew SqlasSKhQ0Kbye5aBMM%8A k6q15uzPRvW0o%yH7M0uIw 3L3DWPesTh6MCjgd%oEZig Devils 2.0 f%JG+8z1ToKgBLxPJwiXfg %A3sztscRFylxy%xEbDa0g Stars 2.0 A9mIxct3SOaiyGWU6EDKmA +7+cytbGRECru60wiOY7mA
  2. I haven't posted in a long while. Part 1. MiC 25th anniversary 3rd XmF8kYh5RKClEqKbpNsXIA D6Qlhu33QMi%Q6BYZfhQEw G8nofuMVR8ODC8U0Rj+dFg Avalanche 2.0 GYUlzZYSSjaH1fadM6FBog STfwzRzNT2CCgkJ+rRrlZQ hwW1p%aZTaCh4W5qv+FDTw Islanders 2.0 oSfDX32+T46UXNmZiso8dg 6pAiPHHfR4mjSEKnSmfgLA Blues 2.0 irb8sD6ORGG%FaqlvYHQSw tMt1s8iCTlKTszwnxRyPbQ Panthers 6100 SFcWcMJKTOuAe2524x+BUA P174JeHoSo2KuZwlG9LFtQ Kings 91-92 Qbxr0nf3QmOYhnnpLzWYXQ uTKALTD4TFan9yFVM4ghqw Ead0Wm+MR82K99oFslZB4g
  3. Nothing as far as I can tell. We worked out a deal on a Habs jersey, then when it came down to the actual transaction, he never sent me an invoice. I followed up. Multiple times over weeks. No answer. Nothing. I finally gave up and found another source for my Habs jersey in the end. I then resolved to stop spending my money there after such poor treatment. I had spent thousands of dollars there over the years and he can't even be bothered to answer emails (even if it's to tell me he's changed his mind over a deal). 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Wasn't easy, but I landed this beauty. Jaxj8v9qQPqqNJC8CE4oQA 3QkCGp61RmSVb+B9njA%bw O2piToJuQFaIBGivPw6SqQ n135u73NQ8KjPXMDzOimMg
  5. My experience with JB has been mostly bad lately. Doesn't answer emails. I've resolved to spend my money elsewhere.
  6. For sure, I was implying he would wear it when one of the 3 captains was injured. I saw some photos of him wearing it in the 2001-2002, but I would love to find pics of that exact game to be 100% certain!
  7. That’s awesome. You did a great job!
  8. I appreciate this. I actually did try to research it to see if I could find any images of that particular game but couldn’t. While I know Leclair and Recchi wore the A, I did find examples of games where Desjardins wore the A that particular season (perhaps as a 3rd alternate).
  9. Hi friends, I haven't posted here in a while. I've lots to share with you. My arrivals from the first months of 2019. 2001-2002 Flyers eTWA52UhT2CwDcqcDLk%rg TVygq4o%Q9GVpXIQCzh%hg I2FR8pX3RySRJa+a4iy%Fg Explanation: fullsizeoutput_1ce8 2018-2019 Ducks 3rd (Made in Canada) s+5P%3ngRHeNggWnFW8w1Q 2bF2ymMzQ76vunVpLWno5g Kaj897FhSMObyAoQ7rAPjg fullsizeoutput_1ce2 2016-2017 Pens fullsizeoutput_1c3d fullsizeoutput_1c61 2006-2007 Flyers ODKGetu2Q5a9XGcIbeNEaA bR7Tq9t%Q1ebPnwSFYFopQ 2016-2017 Habs 8ls+ewz1Rb+K8CEgAI+cNw cGuzAlOuRRmUlKm88L5V3w 2005-2006 Sabres fullsizeoutput_1c69 w06rE12zRI6q+edRFI1gew 2017-2018 Avalanche (Made in Canada) mCfe2lS0S02%7lSfk%CZcg NT+yxbLlSSmx+Q1%08jHuA VGiZFdlwTV6jPjq1tAQNZg 2008-2009 Monarchs bmOXSFAiRpiMn94CO7bwyw Mr3YhD4ASo6IYGep0R5rpQ
  10. Mail Day! 91-92 Sakic Nordiques. He did wear the 'C' occasionally that year but he more consistently wore the 'A' that season, so I went with the latter. 88t70YNKQ2G4Q4vVr9FUKA NHnT%xb3Roi2Jq+gk%j+gw pYyNReERR8ihLDCnsDbw1Q 16-17 Oilers DyoNi2isTpGXLQOqE7wtAA ZjSxB3jmRVClhYdwVHaSUg N4hLQwB1QrWNp%A4ftitbQ
  11. Looking for: Message me in private if you're willing to sell one of these, with your price: - Habs home MiC Reebok from 2016-2017 size 52. Weber or Blank. - Flyers Stadium jersey from 2016-2017 size 52. Giroux or Blank. - KOHO Robopen away jersey from 2000-2001 or 2001-2002 size 48 or 52 - KOHO/CCM or Reebok away or home Sabres jersey from 2000-2001 to 2005-2006 size 48 or 52.
  12. Hard to believe he was playing his last games in the NHL when wearing the C. He just played a few games post lock-out in Pittsburgh and then mysteriously retired!
  13. I specifically asked that Keener put it there because there were marks from a previous customization I wanted to hide.
  14. I bought the patch separately and had Keener apply it.
  15. Thank you very much sir! I think you’re right, all the pictures I found of Palffy with the C were from 03-04. It’s interesting, they were probably one of the last teams (03-04 LA Kings) to give the C to an alternate when the captain is injured. Nowadays, teams just issue a third A. You no longer see « temporary » captains. Same for the Richer, he was an alternate that season. I usually watch the Keener live Instagram show, I’m sad I missed the one time they mention one of my jerseys! My jerseys were a mixed bag of some done by Keener or others I had Keener apply kits I already owned.
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