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  1. Mike, Avs repair all the time. Good photo matching material for sure. And they either took the shield off and/or just went around the outside of it. I had never seen anything different than this before this jersey. Just seen different variations of stuff like this. This is the first time I didn't know that reinforcement was there until I actually flipped the shield over.
  2. Latest Avs auction pickup. Love this one. Gabriel Landeskog's set two white from last season. Hammered. 8+ repairs, stains (post and blood), burns, marks, neck reinforcement for fights, and more. Matched this to tons of photos and video of the only goal he scored wearing it. Happy to have this one in my collection. Thanks again to Hollywood Cannon for working with me to get it. Right on, Dan.
  3. Those look great, Dan! EPS creates magic. The Edge 2.0s are the same way with laying flat. They just won't do it. Pretty sure it's Reebok and Nike just messing with us.
  4. Dammit. Where's my editor when I need him/her! Off to edit that post. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. I don't get non-Avalanche jerseys very often, but when I do I try to make them awesome. 2012 Patrik Elias Stanley Cup jersey. Thanks to mfitz804 for this one. We've chatted a lot since the purchase and we're kindred jersey spirits for sure. 2006-2007 Martin Brodeur 25th Anniversary jersey And I know there have been varying opinions about EPS here. I think every order is a little different. Between my latest order (which included the Brodeur and a bunch of Avs all-stars) and seeing the Elias I'm a big fan of the work EPS does. Just my two cents.
  6. MeiGray Summer Sale pickups. Milan Hejduk, 2013 burgundy set 2. Scored his 375th and final NHL goal wearing this jersey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDgPX97pJi0&feature=youtu.be&t=1m55s Erik Johnson, 2013 white set 2. The repairs on the right elbow were calling me. Easy photo match,
  7. Hey everyone, been a little while. Hope you're all well. Jersey "business" has been a little slow. Picking back up now. I have some Avs new gamers and an EPS order I'll share in waves. Let's go with the gamers first. 2014-15 Erik Johnson, Burgundy Set 1 2005-06 Steve Konowalchuk, Burgundy Set 1 Cory Sarich and Nate Guenin Adam Foote Night (11/2/13) worn jerseys Just need to take pics of a bunch more jerseys. Stay tuned!
  8. Smooth deal with Mnwildfan7000 for an Avs jersey because I needed another Avs jersey. Thanks, Ben!
  9. Was a little nervous about this pre-order until Ryan O'Reilly re-signed with the Avs a few weeks ago. Hopefully he's in the burgundy and blue for many years to come. Set 2, photo-matched to stick marks on the front and behind the left shoulder) as well as repairs on the left sleeve. Hope you guys are well. Been a bit since I've gotten any jerseys, but working on a couple orders right now.
  10. I have a Team Sweden Nike jersey I need a nameplate for. 1998 era. Can anyone help out? Looking to make this a Peter Forsberg. I don't know what Nike's fabric from then was called so I'll just call it Nike-fil until I learn the more official term. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. As you've figured out, 2.0s are TOUGH to come by. I'd like to grab all of the 58+ 2.0s (Reebok logo or word mark) that I can. I literally have patches waiting for jerseys. I have run into maybe two since they switched to the Edge. One I got from MeiGray many years ago and one was on eBay for a crazy price so I left it alone. I want one, but I'm not willing to pay as much for a blank as I could get a game worn jersey for. That doesn't make sense. You're definitely not alone. Your best bet is get a GI from MeiGray, have someone else strip it for you, and then send the jersey to Denver Athletic ot get lettered. I like to leave the stripping stuff to people that have way more experience than I do. When you care about your jerseys like we do it's important they get done right. If you experiment too much you may get a pull or two that is going to drive you nuts. I've gone through this process a few times and it was been great. Make sense?
  12. Thanks. I'll let you know what I see there Saturday.
  13. I know there is going to be special set of jerseys worn during warmups similar to to past Avs jersey retirement nights. Not quite sure whether the team will wear a special set during the game, but I'm assuming so. MeiGray has been quiet about it so far. As far as the pucks, they are available right now on Altitude Authentics' website: http://www.altitudeauthentics.com/p-3233-2013-adam-foote-official-game-puck.aspx I was there last Friday night and there were no patches available. I should have asked, but I didn't. The Sakic and Forsberg patches were available there in the past. I will definitely be checking on Saturday night when I get there and can let you know. We'll see how the voting goes Vince! See you Saturday!
  14. Hey guys. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm headed to Adam Foote night on Saturday at Pepsi Center. I have four white Foote jerseys in my collection. (Why I don't have any other colors I'm not quite sure, but that's nothing that can't be taken care of here in the future.) I'm having a tough time deciding on which jersey to wear. Could you please help me out? Visit my blog post and cast your vote. Thoughts? Comment on the post or post them here. You know I'm always down to chat about Avs jerseys. Thanks, in advance, for your time and your vote! I appreciate it. Here's the post: http://www.avshockeypodcast.com/2013/10/what-to-wear/ Your chance to vote is embedded in the post itself. Take care, Jay
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