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  1. Premier's don't have numerical sizing nor the elastic sleeves (cuffed?) but at least seem to have been available ... don't know if they even sold the authentics though (still have to find that out, you would assume so at least ...$$$ ). Seems they did: edit: this was posted in 2010 Another from 2011:
  2. Nice ! Saw the size chart on nfl.com and I guess a 44 Nike Elite = 48 Reebok/Adidas authentic ... or a 50? (where's an old chart when you need it). 48 Adidas is ~ 22 inches across the chest ...
  3. (Spoken) Swiss German is quite different from standard German (Hochdeutsch). Can't understand a thing of it (like German with a Swedish flow/accent; I guess it could sound a little Dutch as well if you can't understand Dutch) . Even written it is very different but standard German is (one of) the official languages yes as used on the website here. So yes there is a Swiss dialect at least ... Coffee first then proceed:
  4. mithras1

    New Arrivals v6.0

    Just happened to catch this post just now and afaik it really depends on the players themselves whether to wear Formotion or Techfit rather than it depending on which team. Liverpool Techfit's are out there as well and I don't recall any player wearing them on field ... likewise for Argentina. Personally liking the current US home jersey, will go well with the blue white pinstripe I still have to pickup , although getting lettering for that last one is proving to be almost impossible by now. edit: now seeing the Chelski techfit in question. Surprised they call it that, given that it has no compression strap (just saw a Liverpool home as well) . Have not paid attention to this season's jerseys though since the Euro's ... But yeah, we should start a separate thread yes in the watchmacallit section. ... as you were, incoming hockey jersey show offs ...
  5. I've read about hat stretchers at New Era Flagships stores when researching how to. Being in Europe I don't think there are any, maybe in Germany or the UK (in my case still no solution). DIY method I read was: "New Era Cap company sew a stiff plastic strap(the narrow white netting inside the sweatband) on every cap to maintain the shape and size. This is the part that you have to break in order to loosen your cap. Place your cap over your knee, hold the side sweatband together with the edge of brim, and pull it until you hear a pop sound; that's due to the plastic strap breaking. Don't pull it too hard or too long though, else you could break some seams." From neweracaptalk forum; think I'll just replace my 1/4's ggl search terms: stretch new era hat
  6. Gotcha . I just get low profile ones only , saves me that hassle: http://forums.icejer...17 Only problem is the smaller selection and afaik/iirc no NHL yet ... and I am more or less a tweener between 1/4 and 3/8 but sticking to 3/8 from now on (hence the shrink/ stretch interest).
  7. Let me present my budding collection, low crown only (just started this year) :
  8. Really interested to read about your findings when you get them. I mean I see players with 44's on, usually skinny receivers and db's ... Now I have an authentic sz 48 Adidas Notre Dame jersey and it fit's the same as a medium "premier" replica Nike (or whatever Nike used to call the in between ones). I'd compare it to a 44 hockey jersey (well 46 maybe at best; 6100's). I mean, sure if you have pads on a 44 fbl might/will stretch and fit fine but without pads ... . Obviously the cut is/looks quite different compared to an actual player one so really mostly it's probably just the material that is the same as on field (for the 48). Actually got a 52 RBK Saints for my lil brother who wore XL Reebok NFL replica's, same fit ...
  9. Looking good . Saw a lot of people walk around with hockey snapbacks around here over the summer and a good bet they don't have a clue what those teams are . How do you shrink a poly cap though? Read it was practically impossible and stretching it was even "easier"?
  10. Euro Trophy ones don't have the sponsor patches but it doesn't come in blue. Still like I already mentioned the white Euro Trophy one is pretty decent as well with the Berlin "Skyline".
  11. Read this the other day and I think you don't understand the VAT concept right there . Unlike sales tax, VAT is already included in the store prices and yes all local consumers pay it including the guy on the forum (unless he owns his own business perhaps). For you however, if ordering directly from outside the European Union it should get deducted from the store price . Example: " Price from: 105,52 USD ( 87,94 USD ex. VAT)" But like you say the store only ships to a few countries so not much choice and good to have someone order for you .
  12. 'Cause it's not like there is an open Colorado Avalanche Lettering thread open and active already right? :thumbsup:
  13. This is no sudden rule, you just have been lucky so far . Well until this one ... aNy experienced shopper would have experienced this by now . The old limits was ~15gbp/22 euro for everything, gifts included and not just vat but import tax as well. Remember once paying 60% of the value in additional taxes before the limit changes . The thing is, jerseys are small packages and don't stand out on a conveyor belt when passing royal mail at the airport. Only a small percentage of incoming parcels is ever checked unless sent by courier service or EMS. So always have it shipped first class or priority (of course if it get's lost you are only insured for the marked value so your risk. First class has none at all or very little insurance anyway, priority something like up to $500 I think). Now picture yourself buying an authentic from a store online that for insurance purposes marks it at actual value and it get's picked out. 20% VAT bill + import tax on clothing of >10% iirc at values over 150 euro. AND the VAT is charged over the (jersey value + import tax + shipping cost) Remember US prices do not include VAT yet so a much heard argument that "we already paid VAT in the US and now we pay it twice?!?" is an invalid argument ...
  14. Can't find a thing about what they plan to do with the gameworn pinks but indeed everything except the DEL logo and (championship?) stars appears to be sublimated on this one. Of the regular ones I'm partial to the red one but of course in your case you won't know if he will even get to actually wear it Personally liking the 2012/13 Euro Trophy in white as well (but again no authentic). 2011/12 regular white not bad either But I don't follow DEL at all so no knowledge of the main websites/forums to visit for news/rumours. Maybe justanothavictim can help out a bit. Can hardly go wrong with getting the home authentic though imo . Berlin/Canada flag I see are sublimated as well so they would likely be on the jersey. Here is an overview of their jersey history as well: http://www.eisbaeren...rikot-historie/ edit: found out they did auction them last year early-mid November on this ebay account: http://myworld.ebay.com/trikot-store/ (http://www.eisbaeren...arbene-jerseys/) But surely the Giroux will fetch a good sum for a good cause ... Oh yeah no pink authentics for sale in the past either.
  15. Excellent choice. Been meaning to get one for myself as well (for a few years now ) , hope they can still be ordered. Rather have them come straight from Russia than being produced in Russia, shipped to US and then back to Europe again . And get a Nizhny Torpedo as well ...
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