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  1. I can’t be the only one who misread that, right?
  2. Curious question: does anyone know if they still customize the Toledo Walleyes team jerseys?
  3. Well, to be honest, I’ve been completely inebriated all week without a job. I just realized today isn’t Thursday.
  4. Wow! Quarantine is bringing everyone back to IceJerseys!😆
  5. You stole MFitz’s jersey collection?
  6. Thanks to the virus, there is a shortage of Devils jerseys to wipe our a$$e$.
  7. Hahaha! I also knew that was coming. Good play Mike.
  8. I was just going to say Calgary’s looks like a candy wrapper and Anaheim’s looks like a new Gatorade bottle.
  9. thebiggoalie

    eBay version 4.0

    I suggest a gag in your mouth. TWSS
  10. thebiggoalie

    eBay version 4.0

    Out of curiosity, why are you going for a non-Devils jersey, you jerk?
  11. thebiggoalie

    eBay version 4.0

    I previously owned that one. It’s a beauty that certainly has made it’s rounds. If I didn’t have a blank waiting in the wings, I’d attempt buying it again.
  12. What’s the latta with you, Jerk?
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