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  1. The hideous slanted red and blue with yellow trim style they wore after this one. I’ve heard it referred to as that before.
  2. All of this goalie... I approve!
  3. Gary Bettman gives a speech. Girlfriend: “BOOOOOO MOTHERF@CKER!!”
  4. “Why is Chicago playing another outdoor game?”
  5. “You bought a f@cking devil’s jersey?!?!”
  6. “Why do you buy all these dirty jerseys that sweaty men wore while playing hockey?”
  7. I think you just found Fitz’s new avatar.
  8. In this hobby, it’s a blessing...and a curse... ...jerk.
  9. thebiggoalie

    eBay version 4.0

    Isn’t this exactly how everyone felt about jersey baron when the 2.0 era first started?Maybe the tide has finally turned. Who knows?
  10. thebiggoalie

    eBay version 4.0

    The fight strap also appears to be sewn in the same way as the team issue ones.
  11. I’m sure the entire team hated you as well... ...jerk.
  12. I love how Addidas first said there would be no alternate jerseys because they couldn’t fulfil orders when they first took over. Now, the only decent looking alternate designs they’ve put out were the ones that were all originally created by Reebok. Anything adidas has produced on their own is absolute garbage.
  13. That was for their last album release.
  14. thebiggoalie

    eBay version 4.0

    Smallest size CCM I’ve seen is a Size 36 I bought for my girlfriend years ago.
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