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  1. Columbus 3rd jersey appreciation post. (Y)
  2. Me coming home, raving about how impressed the local sewing shop was about the fabric and quality of a team issued practice jersey. Missus: "You only have enthousiasm for booze and hockey"
  3. Silverback53

    eBay version 4.0

    I snagged a white one recently, probably a '96-'97, judging by the neck tag. No idea what to do with it, nevertheless an absloute steal.
  4. According to the book it was either, if I understand correctly, a signature of the local Adidas outlet or an Adidas advertisement. In other words, who knows.
  5. The one and only Adidas jerseys. 😉 Awesome pickups D.!
  6. Looks like a black carpet. :-) I like the Edge 2.0 crest, never saw a close up Flyers.
  7. That's conformity between me and you, I'm down with that.
  8. Looking at the jerseys it’s going to be an All Star ‘Traffic Directing’ Game
  9. Gameworn jersey, with blood, on 17 black. Rien ne va plus.
  10. Nice overall Kings jersey breakdown, D. Thanks.
  11. I saw a red/green MacLean for sale on FB very recently. Me thinks it’s from a member here.
  12. Well done. Is that the one from eBay?
  13. Like the sign outside the bar that says “Free beers tomorrow!”
  14. Very impressive USA jersey, looks like they put a lot work into that one. Those stars really tie the jersey together.
  15. One can never have an overkill of Over Kill.
  16. You mean plenty of room in the jersey. Dayum, that’s almost a nine tiles big ‘un.
  17. Thanks forzzaazzurri for the awesome-fast-delivered patches.
  18. Had a great deal with JustAnothaVictim from Germany. Thanks a lot dude.
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