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  1. Jovo has sold, thank you to those of you who showed some interest in it. The autographed Premier is still available.
  2. Paypal only. I'm open to reasonable offers. Either PM me here or email me at dahmer29@yahoo.com (email will be get my attention much quicker) Game-worn, 2009/10 Set #2, Ed Jovanovski. $300 - SOLD Road Premier size XL, autographed by the 2009/10 team. I removed the Rbk jocktag on the front of the jersey. $130
  3. Hi,

    I'm interested in the blank 48 burgundy Yotes jersey. Is it still available?



  4. Sold a Roadrunners jersey to IslesHockey21 this past week. EASY transaction! Thanks Isles!
  5. Doesnt sound good for Atlanta, but, Ill believe it when the NHL announces it. The Canadian media has confirmed about 40 times over the last 2 years that the Coyotes move to Winnipeg was a 'done deal' to be announced officially in 2 weeks.
  6. I've heard the same about going with the Manitoba Moose name. Something like the ownership group saying they've spent so much time and money on the Moose brand that they'd like to keep it going when the NHL comes back. And as was mentioned above, WAY better looking logos/jerseys for the Moose anyways.
  7. Im thinking we wont see any kind of jump in attendance until the management issue is worked out. Maybe when people around here know the Coyotes will be here for the next 40 years they'll feel more comfortable getting emotionally and financially vested in the team. Until then, Im guessing the casuals will sit and wait to see what happens, or just spend their money at Suns games. Lets hope that gets worked out quickly. And then, like you said, a nice run through the playoffs may be just enough to get the bandwagon filled up.
  8. Man I hope your right. Im still holding out a slim bit of hope that Bryz comes back. Reality is that without Bryz the past 2 seasons, the Yotes arent in the playoffs. He has stolen so many games the past couple years that his talent alone has covered up alot of the offensive/talent problems the Coyotes have been dealing with since Tkachuk and Roenick left. If the Coyotes cant put Bryz-like talent in net, then the decline starts again. Fortunately (I guess), the majority of people in the arena right now are the die hards, so attendance shouldnt get much worse. The problem is that it wont get better either. Phoenix is a bandwagon town like no other, and the non-native Arizonans wont turn out to watch their 2nd favorite team if they arnt a winner (see: AZ Diamondbacks). The Coyotes need to overachieve again in 2011/12 in order to keep the casual fans that sold out the arena in March and April, and a playoff run past the 1st round wouldnt hurt either
  9. Thanks Rab, Ive lost a couple teams myself (ECHL & PCL), but with either of those I never lost the amount of sleep that the Coyotes have caused me. Seems like the Cleveland area has been hit pretty hard over the years with stuff like that. I still scratch my head over the Browns move years ago.
  10. A pretty good editorial in the Phoenix paper today on the recent developments... http://www.azcentral.com/sports/coyotes/articles/2011/05/12/20110512phoenix-coyotes-saga-quick-resolution.html
  11. You are right on all points. The Coyotes should not be a playoff team next season if FA goes as expected. Jovo is likely to not give a hometown discount, so he is expected to be gone. Coyotes had a chance to resign Bryz, but he refuses to play in Winnipeg, and since that is still a possibility, the Coyotes chances of keeping him in Phoenix are slim. Ive heard that Bryz is also exploring playing in the KHL next season. Im cringing at the thought of Jason LaBarbara being the starter in net next season. And as you mentioned, DM's hands are tied and will probably only bring in guys who really wanna play in Phx, because he certainly wont be able to outbid many teams. Needless to say, there are alot of question marks for the Coyotes next season on and off the ice.
  12. I know Sluggermatt, you've been pretty supportive through the drama out here. I dont think anyone likes seeing a fan base lose their team, but I guess Im a little beaten down with alot of the talk from other fans about how badly they want the Coyotes out of Phoenix. The comment section in the local newspapers and alot of the trolls coming to the Coyotes boards have got ALOT of the true fans on the defensive. You have been very positive towards the team staying in town, and I do appreciate it. And Im with you on the frustration about whether they are leaving or staying. Its been a roller coaster ride for the last 2 years, and it seems the direction the talks are going change every 2 weeks or so. I feel beaten down at this point and I wish I could just turn off the tv and ignore the news. But, much like a bad car wreck, its hard to turn away.
  13. Coyotes will be staying in Phoenix for the time being. City of Glendale just voted to fork out 25m to the NHL to keep the team in Phoenix for the 2011/2012 season. City of Glendale did this so they have additional time to make a deal happen with Hulsizer. Glendale would not have done this if they felt like they couldnt get a deal done. My gut tells me that the Yotes will be in Phoenix for a while. Sorry to dissapoint you guys.... but I am THRILLED!
  14. Agreed... Im a bit of a homer but I think Doan's a better fit than Morrow or Berguron. Then again, Doan's been very cold as of late.
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