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  1. Awesome Lou! It's the chase that really gets you going.
  2. Lou, Joe Tomon got both of those from me. I traded 3 of them to him for something (I can't remember). I bought the whole set (10 whites and 13 oranges) from a guy who used to coach the Komet pee wees back in the 80's. The team gave them to him and he placed them in a box and stored them in their equipment room at the rink. Fast forward to 2005 and he finds them in his garage. He asked on one of the Komet Fan Forums if any one was interested. Luckily I was just cruising thru and bought the whole set. And the white Kapt Komets were 1st worn for an old timers game in 1990. The players wanted to wear them and boom....
  3. Emanual has made a total of three jerseys for me over the last 10 or so years. I've only gone with the heavy weight options have have been pretty much satisfied with everything. The material he used were akin to the Polyester Ultrafil Bauer used in the 90's (my personal favorite). The logos are accurate and nice looking. I would have no problem going back to him if I wanted enything else.
  4. HJimm

    Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    I went ahead and placed an order today for the Wings Pro from Frozen Pond. I'll take some pics when it gets here.
  5. HJimm

    Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    So honestly what's the difference between the Canadian and Indo proweight jerseys?
  6. HJimm

    Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    I contacted one of the guys selling pro's on eBay last night asking questions. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=151042655430&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123 Dear hockeyjimm, from what i have been told by my jersey rep. there is no canadian version and the ones that are showing canadian tags are the counterfeit ones. the real ones that were produced by the nhl have a lime green size strip in the inside back of neckline that can be seen in my photos. if it doesnt have the green in the inside neckline, its not real. there were only a few of us who got the authentic style and if it isnt priced at 300 or above, its not real if they are claiming it to be a officially licensed. good luck in your search. - dinglebears Honestly really I want a proweight but I want to make sure it's not a crappy one. What size did you get? I see FP only has 52 and 56's left. I like the way a 54 fits personally. Not too big not too small. Thanks!
  7. HJimm

    Utica comets

    Not bad... not "I WANT ONE" either.
  8. HJimm

    Leafs / Wings Winter Classic 2013

    I'm hoping the Wings pros are nice like the Leafs. Has anyone purchased one of those yet?
  9. HJimm

    Albany Choppers

    Yes I did. I kept one and move the rest on to other collectors.
  10. HJimm

    lakeland Florida hockey

    Bob, The Ice Warriors is gonna be a very hard find. They didn't make many replicas. Every few years a gamer pops up in one of the big hockey auction sites. The Loggerheads and Prowlers will be a little easier. I think there's one over on gameworn.net right now. I'll keep an eye out for you. HJ
  11. HJimm

    "Goon" Glatt jersey

    Crap! All they have are small and mediums at this point.
  12. I have a friend that wants one of these. He's not a huge hockey guy and thinks my collection is "for the crazies". But he watched Goon and loved it. He said he would wear a Glatt #69 to the Solar Bears games. Anyone have any suggestions for a site that has decent quality stuff? I see a few Chinese sites are carrying them but I'm concerned about quality. I wouldn't want him to spend good $$ of a piece of crap.
  13. HJimm

    Your absolute favorite jersey!

    1st year Topeka Scarecrows!
  14. Cleveland Lumberjacks - Martin St Louis #9 Detroit Vipers - Sergie Samsonov #30 the original Orlando Solar Bears - #29 Darcy Hordichuk
  15. HJimm

    Fort Wayne Komets gamer

    Lou, Gamers are the way to go IMO. I used to have a huge replica collection and saw the light. I of course got next to nothing for them even though I had some rare ones. Old Komets shirts are gold and do very well in resales. I've picked up quite a few 80's shirts off of the bay for decent $$ (200-300). Jimm