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  1. Dasle

    2014 Olympic Jerseys

    After missing every other game, I finally got to see the gold medal game. I know the jersey material has been talked about before on here, but it looked like everyone was wearing colored garbage bags during the medal presentation.
  2. Dasle

    Others' opinions on CAPS vs. PENS

    There is a history....just very different in how it's viewed. Caps see the Pens as a rival, but not the other way around, since the caps have lost to the Pens in all meaningful games. (No, the WC doesn't count...that's just a glorified regular season match.)
  3. I guess I can update this with Consol Energy Center (Pens) and the United Center (Blackhawks).
  4. Dasle

    NHL Team Customizers

    Their email is cuttingedgesport@aol.com, or at least it was when I got a jersey done by them about eight months ago.
  5. Dasle

    Awful River City Sports Experience

    Seems like RCS is just trying to save some money, since they'd be responsible for shipping both ways again. Maybe take it to get it cleaned, and get documentation from the dry cleaners in case the stain doesn't come out, that way you can still send it back? And keep documentation of all your dealings with RCS in the matter in case they try to back out. Just a thought anyway. Sending the jersey back is probably the least stressful option in case something goes wrong. Speaking of which, you should probably bring that up to RCS before doing anything as well.
  6. Dasle

    2011 IIHF World Championships

    I know what you mean, although I'm rooting for Finland so I thought it was hilarious how the Russian goalie just stared at him after. I would hate to see the game decided on that goal though. Here's the video:
  7. Since we didn't have a thread about the tournament yet, I figured I'd start one...mainly to discuss Mikael Grandlund's goal today (although it'll be a catch-all thread for any other discussions). I hope I'm not the only one to see it, but I'm sure it'll be on the highlights tonight. It was the first goal in the Finland - Russia game. Pretty incredible for a kid to try that in the semifinals! No video yet :/
  8. Dasle

    Playoffs 2011

    I think it's more that the NHL didn't want to suspend key players that could determine the results of the whole series instead of just one game, since both would be game 7's. Which, seems to have been the case most of the year with the exception of the Cooke suspension.
  9. Dasle

    NHL Team Customizers

    Wow, just got two jerseys back from there not too long ago and was getting ready to send two more out. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. Dasle

    Hand Pass Rule 79.1

    Having known the rule, but not the actual language it was written in, I had always assumed it was the way the refs called it in that game. Black and white. Unless you or the opponent plays the puck, it's a hand pass. However, the rulebook does allow for that grey area, a refs discretion which would apply in your in-game scenario. Going by the rules, it probably shouldn't have been called. But, like I said, the refs tend to make it a black and white case and call it as such. Personally, I think that the phrasing in the rulebook should change and just make it black and white. I hate when refs decide games on calls that other refs don't make due to that grey area.
  11. Dasle

    It is good or not?

    Also, notice the picture of the fight strap. Next to the CCM logo to the right is a Penguins logo. A real authentic should have the NHL shield there instead. The team logos were used on replicas.
  12. Dasle

    It arrived today v2.0

    It took that long for me to get around to taking a picture and posting it here
  13. Dasle

    It arrived today v2.0

    Just got a couple more jerseys in and figured it was about time I posted what I've bought since I stumbled across this place. Sorry for the picture quality, but it was much easier to take a picture with my cell phone and upload it rather than trying to find a camera and then connect it and transfer the pictures before uploading them. First is a Crosby Winter Classic 550 jersey I purchased customized from Ice Jerseys shortly after the first WC. I have a patch to put on it, but just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Next is a Crosby Olympic replica jersey that I bought last summer from IceJerseys. Here we have a Malkin Edge jersey like he wore when he won the Conn Smyth (and cup too I guess ). Took advantage of the RCS sale and sent it to Cutting Edge Sports to be customized. And finally, a Letang Edge 2011 Winter Classic jersey bought from IceJerseys during their sale around Christmas. Customization was done by Cutting Edge Sports as well, but I would have had IceJerseys do it had I known for sure that they were using stacked numbers and not kiss cut. Would've saved money as well, oh well. Of course, waiting until after the game ensured that the chosen player would in fact wear the jersey. As for Cutting Edge Sports' customization, they did a fairly good job of replicating the jerseys (as they should, since they do the on-ice ones). There are a few threads that ran off the letter a bit during stitching, but honestly, I can live with that. The letters are also spaced out slightly more on my jersey than the one he wore, but all in all I'm happy.
  14. Dasle

    What is this thing? From shop.NHL.com

    It doesn't come up when looking for St. Pat's gear, and the Flyers also have a green St. Pat's jersey on there anyway. Could this mean a return of the fashion jerseys?
  15. Dasle

    2011 NHL Trade Deadline

    What a boring deadline day. Although I can't say I was too surprised considering how close the western conference is.