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  1. nordiques-fan

    The Patch Thread 2.0

    Murph does not have the Avalanche 2000 patch s*** lol any leads I need 4...
  2. nordiques-fan

    1980 team usa jerseys

    Does anyone know if they make authentic or are there just replicas?
  3. nordiques-fan

    Value of NY Islanders Fisherman Gamer

    Ive been doing the game worn thing for 8 years there is a fine line what is game worn and what is not. Trying to find out who wore 55 95-96 preseason. Any help would be great....
  4. nordiques-fan

    Value of NY Islanders Fisherman Gamer

    Curious to what the value of a Ny Islanders Fisherman jersey. Jersey was used in pre season number 55 probably a camp hopeful. Any help would be great curious if i got it for a steal. Here are photos
  5. nordiques-fan

    The Want List

    LF Devils authentic CCM KOHO Pro Player Mitchell and Ness size 60 the authentics 54-56 lmk email me at dcrules01@msn.com
  6. nordiques-fan

    The Want List

    Lf NJ Devils pro player authentic 52-54-56 or a CCM authentic customized or blank..lmk
  7. Thanks guys the jersey sold for 222.50....I didnt bid so the hunt begins..
  8. Been going back and fourth with this jersey. Spoke with Brilliant who said it has a lot of issues and might be able to be fixed but there is no guarntees and could be a waste of money. So educate me on what is wrong. This jersey is a grail as I am sure it is for many. Here is the link and thanks ahead of time for your help. http://www.ebay.com/itm/320891018375?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  9. nordiques-fan

    The Want List

    Avalanche blank Starter 54-56 possibly 52 depending on measurements Customized Ricci Sharks Nike Avalanche Forsberg Avalanche Nordiques Joe Sakic Nordiques Avalanche KOHO 1st year Starter Valeri Kamensky Devils Avalanche Nordiques 54-56 NJ Devils Pro Player Chris Drury Starter Pro Player Koho Avs 3rd KOHO Alex Tanguay Starter Pro Player Avalanche 3rd Koho
  10. nordiques-fan

    New arrivals v5.0

    Have to remove the Stanley Cup patch from the Sakic. The Dennis is a pre season gamer.
  11. nordiques-fan

    New arrivals v5.0

    A few new pickups Rob Shearer game used pre season the CHS patch was put on in case he was called up due to an injury for the playoffs Peter Forsberg 2000 All Star jersey still has the tags
  12. nordiques-fan

    SVP Sports Sale

    They have the edge 2.0 in a 56 or 58? If so shoot me an email on prices. Ill throw in a few dollars extra thanks. I am really late I guess
  13. nordiques-fan

    Columbine CHS Patch

    Any idea who did the embroidery for the CHS Patch? Julie at Denver Athletic said in an email they didn't do the work. I'm confused lol..
  14. nordiques-fan

    The feedback thread

    Bought a 2 jerseys from ic0dex fantastic to deal with fast shipping thanks.
  15. nordiques-fan

    Would you sell your favourite jersey if offered big bucks?

    Certain jerseys are untouchable. I've been outta work for over a year back surgery. I sold 2 baseball gamers that ill never find again for 4 times what I paid. I was lucky to get the one back but not the other but I replaced it.I have offered certain collectore money and been turned away. I have been looking for a home Mets Joel Youngblood and I know someone who has an 82. I offered him 1200 for it at best its a 500 dollar jersey and he said thanks but no thanks. I offered Jay the big Avs fan on the board 300 for his pro player Drury he passed. I now own his Pro Player gamer . I say if its a jersey that you will never find again don't sell you will regret it.I did and now nothing is leaving my collection.