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  1. I like the first one better, its how I take pictures if my jerseys.
  2. bruno

    It arrived today

    Wooo! Got my authentic Flyers Leclair jersey today. Its a nike from the late 90's, im hoping to put the 1997 Stanley Cup patch on it.
  3. does it matter whether its a ccm or maska tag? its a 100% authentic jersey though, and the ccm tag does still say maska in smaller font on the bottom
  4. Hey I need to know who made the jerseys in 1994 when the Canucks made the finals. On the authentic jerseys would you find a Maska tag or a CCM tag? Which tag was it, and again this is for the authentic jerseys. Thanks. Im thinking of buying an authentic skate jersey from someone and its a Maska tag, it would be great if they wore that so I could put the SCF patch and 2 PTS FG patch on it.
  5. bruno


    ^ Yeah I was thinking Oates as well, but really I just want to put on the player that could get me the most money hehe. Would Oates be better than Bondra? I was even thinking putting on Gonchar. As far as the trade goes yeah im probably going to do it.
  6. bruno

    It arrived today

    Sweet Lemieux jersey man, but I wouldnt say its the Holy Grail of NHL jerseys. Id say an authentic Bobby Orr jersey from the 70's would be the Holy Grail. (This is if your not counting gamers)
  7. bruno


    Well I actually havnt put Bondra on it yet. Its still blank, what player do you think could demand the most money on it? Maybe Kolzig? Its an authentic capitals ccm from like 1997. Please give me your opinions.
  8. bruno


    Il probably do it. How much do you think the Chelios could sell for on ebay? Oh, and how much could an authentic Bondra 1997 Capitals jersey sell for on ebay?
  9. bruno


    hey i have a question for all you jersey experts... a friend of mine has an authentic red blackhawks chelios jersey, from like 1997, its nike. he said he would trade it for my authentic blank white canucks orca jersey from 2002 how much could that chelios jersey sell for on ebay? its great condition btw oh and also, how much do you think a Bondra capitals jersey from 97 go for? its a white jersey, ccm, authentic and great condition i didnt know where to put this sorry if its in the wrong spot
  10. what makes me question it is that it doesnt have the V patch... is this a fake? also, if it is infact authentic, just without the V patch i will just take the V off my replica jersey and put it on this one. also im not very familiar with the vintage line jerseys, so i wanted to know if the patches inside the jersey were correct for an authentic jersey heres the pics...
  11. bruno

    patch question

    is it possible to take a patch off a jersey that is glued/ironed on? and how... will it ruin the patch and will it ruin the jersey?
  12. nope, i was looking to buy it but if your sure its a fake than i definitely wont thanks for the help, and for the future, what board should it be in?
  13. pavel bure finals jersey is it authentic? here are the attachments, hopefully it worked in the second pic its a close up of the tag, im just wondering if its real
  14. bruno


    hey i got a fedorov red wings jersey, it is authentic and it nike, im pretty sure its 1997 jersey i want to put a stanley cup patch on it, but i just want to know if the red wings had nike on their jerseys in the years 96-97 and 97-98, those are the 2 years they won while wearing nike, but i just want to make sure its both years they wore nike also, if i put on a 96-97 cup finals patch was there any other patches they wore during those finals? smae as for 97-98? thanks
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