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  1. Would the measurements of an Edge 3.0 practice jersey help? It's the only thing I have that is a 58G
  2. Spudrock512 Selling/Trading Thread

    Price Drop Bump
  3. eBay version 4.0

    Yea, the stuff that is high on my want list are not easily found, and nothing on eBay, but even stuff I don’t need but wouldn’t mind...I can’t find anything. It’s probably a good thing, i’d just be spending money I don’t need to spend.
  4. eBay version 4.0

    It could be worse. i have been trying to find anything to use the coupon on, and I haven't found anything. I think that is a sign I have too many jerseys.
  5. The Want List

    Updated my signature line, but figured i would post here too for those looking on their phones. Jerseys Wanted in a size 52 - 56 in order of most to least wanted: 1991-92 Toronto Maple Leafs TBTC 1980-88 Los Angeles Kings Road Forum Blue Preferred, but Gold is fine (Adidas Logo a plus) 1988-91 Pittsburgh Penguins Road Black (Century Sport Logo a plus) 1980-90 Winnipeg Jets Road Blue 1995-97 Vancouver Canucks "Salmon" Alternate
  6. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Not very likely, but does anyone have an original Kings 25th Anniversary patch?

    Oh, you are right, I thought he was up for good in 92-93, but I am wrong. OK, 93-94 it is.

    Good idea on those, a 1992-93 Martin Brodeur it is!

    Thanks, got them talked down a few extra bucks. Who to go with for a 92-93? Broduer? Stevens? Or should I go 94-95 Stanley Cup Patched jersey? Then I need the patch...options.
  10. Gretzky Paulina Patch

    I am wondering if the Paulina patch should be on all his gamers, or if this was just done on the '91-92 jersey shown here: Here is an example of the 92-93 jersey from Grey Flannel Auction that does not show or make mention of the Paulina Patch: https://www.greyflannelauctions.com/1992_93_wayne_gretzky_los_angeles_kings_game_used_-lot35076.aspx Just trying to figure out if this should be included in all his jerseys, or if it was just in the 91-92 jersey. In Slim's book, it makes it seem like it should be there for all of his jerseys, but I haven't found any indication of this. I am trying to do as close to a 92-93 reproduction of what he would have used, but want to get it accurately done. Thanks for all the help!
  11. Spudrock512 Selling/Trading Thread

    Sorry about that - it should be fixed now.
  12. Spudrock512 Selling/Trading Thread

    Bump - added stuff on eBay, but you can purchase here.
  13. It arrived today v. 8.0

    That is the exact patch that needs to go on the Modano I just posted. You won't see the pin holes once is it ironed and sewn on your jersey.
  14. Dawn dish soap to pre-treat stains. Oxiclean for dark jerseys, Oxiclean White Booster for white jerseys. This is what I do and it works perfect: Rub Dawn into any stains you see with your fingernail. Don't use brushes because it can pull the fabric. Rinse, than soak the jersey in hot water with the Oxyclean. You will be amazed at how much grossness will come out in the water. Rinse again, than machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water, with more OxyClean and detergent. You will have one very clean jersey!
  15. Nameplates Needed

    I'm on the hunt for Burgundy Starter Mesh for a first year Av's jersey. It could be super short as I am OK doing a Roy jersey, but would rather do a Forsberg or Sakic jersey. Also - I have a bunch of Yellow Air-Knit material if anyone need it.