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  1. I figured this would be the best place to put this without creating a new listing. I am trying to create Zarley Zalapski jersey since it will be extremely hard to find and afford all of his game used jerseys I used to have. I was hoping some collectors out there can help me out to recreate some if his jerseys. At the start of the 1998-99 season, ZZ signed with the New York Rangers, but was the last cut made before the season started. Does anyone know what number he used during that preseason? As situation, 1999-2000 season, ZZ was with the Tampa Bay Lightning during the preseason. He was in camp from only 9/2/99 - 9/13/99. Does anyone know what number he wore with the Lightning. I did hear a rumor that his game used jersey is floating around somewhere, but I have never seen it. Thanks for any help!
  2. It was all about the name when I was young. I was about a teenager when he come up and I thought it was cool on SportsCenter. When he scored from the point, they would say something like, "his wicked Za-lap shot" And playing NHL 93 & 94 on Sega Genesis, he was pretty good in that game. So even as a Hawks fan, he kind of became a favorite player of mine. As I got older, and started collecting, I got one, then two, and you know how it goes after that. In 2011, my wife and I were moving, getting a house, needed the money, so my jerseys helped pay for that. Stopped collecting for awhile, then got back into it just authentic Hawks jerseys, then into every other team, then sold most everything that last few month (except for the Hawks jersey). I figured I would see if I could get back some of my old gamers. I had some of the emails from those I sold them too. The guy I sold this to 9 years ago still had it and sold it back for exactly what he paid back in the day. It was so cool of him to do so, and I am so happy to have it back.
  3. No I haven't. The problem I am running into is that he got traded that year to Calgary, so his 94-95 cards are him on the Flames.
  4. No, this is one of the 12 that I had to sell in 2011.
  5. After 9 years away, this has finally returned home!!! 1993-94 Zarley Zalapski Hartford Whalers Home Set 1 Game Worn Jersey (I wish all gamers had this much wear on them) If anyone has access to any more of his game worn jerseys, please let me know. Before I had to sell them, I had 12 total ZZ gamers. I know where another 4 of them are, but they are either not willing to sell, or won't respond to my email requests. Thanks!!!
  6. I know the 1994 Rangers used a smaller Stanley Cup Patch for their White jerseys. Did they also use this smaller patch for the Road Blues jerseys as well?
  7. Who doesn't love a happy ending!!!
  8. Well, I watched the game, and the jerseys they wore definitely had the fight strap, and it looked like double elbows too. So the MIC may have been made in Canada, they are definitely not on ice quality.
  9. How come I have a feeling these all-star jerseys are going to screw with what people think MiC mean. These all-star jerseys that are made in Canada are obviously not what they wear on the ice. My guess is they were pinched with time and had to throw some together at their Canada plant to meet demand. They didn't bother to put fight straps in and no double elbows. It is basically a replica jersey, but since it says "Made in Canada" everyone is freaking out, like they are better than the Indo's. These are NOT on ice authentic jerseys!!! It's like when people call 90's replica jerseys MiC jerseys because they were manufactured in Canada...they are still replica jerseys! Edit: I will eat crow if I am wrong on this...I just doubt.
  10. I'm assuming whomever customized that Admirals jersey was drunk when the did the back 2's!
  11. Years ago I had a pretty extensive Zarley Zalapski Game Worn Jersey collection. As we all know, we buy and sell things for different reasons - at the time, I was getting married and also getting ready to move, so i had to part ways with them. In the last month or so, I have changed my collection and sold the majority of my non-blackhawks jersey and I am leaning back to wanting to build a Zalapski Collection again. These can just be authentic jerseys, but if anyone has any connections to his game used jersey, I would be interested in trying to obtain some of the old jerseys I used to have. Here is what I am looking for: Late '80's small block/early '90's Big Block without the NHL shield Pittsburgh Penguins 1990-91 Hartford Whalers White or Green Mesh with CCM Big Block with NHL logo 1991-92 Hartford Whalers White or Green Ultrafil with CCM Big Block with NHL logo 1992-93 Hartford Whalers new style white with the silver with CCM Big Block with NHL logo 1993-94 Calgary Flames White or Red Old Style 1994-98 Calgary Flames White or Red Weird Stripe Style 1999-00 Philadelphia Flyers (prefer the black alternate) CCM Silver Logo at the bottom of the hem 2002-03 Vancouver Canucks Dark Jersey (the one without the shoulder patches) If anyone has an relatively cheap jerseys (obviously the older Pens and Whalers are going to run higher) they don't need, I would be interested. Also, if anyone has any contacts to where the any of his game worn jerseys are, I would be interested in getting those back. However, I don't have access of Facebook, and my understanding is there is where most game used stuff takes place now. I used to me a member of gameworn.net and that is a ghost town now. Thank you to everyone on the board!!!
  12. Looking for a 1989-90 10th Anniversary Patch Calgary Flames Patch Quality reproductions are fine, just need to find one.
  13. I know where you can get one, but only if there is $150 bounty attached.
  14. That green patch is an authentic patch. Here is the back side of the patch to show it is an original:
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