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  1. I'm assuming whomever customized that Admirals jersey was drunk when the did the back 2's!
  2. Years ago I had a pretty extensive Zarley Zalapski Game Worn Jersey collection. As we all know, we buy and sell things for different reasons - at the time, I was getting married and also getting ready to move, so i had to part ways with them. In the last month or so, I have changed my collection and sold the majority of my non-blackhawks jersey and I am leaning back to wanting to build a Zalapski Collection again. These can just be authentic jerseys, but if anyone has any connections to his game used jersey, I would be interested in trying to obtain some of the old jerseys I used to have. Here is what I am looking for: Late '80's small block/early '90's Big Block without the NHL shield Pittsburgh Penguins 1990-91 Hartford Whalers White or Green Mesh with CCM Big Block with NHL logo 1991-92 Hartford Whalers White or Green Ultrafil with CCM Big Block with NHL logo 1992-93 Hartford Whalers new style white with the silver with CCM Big Block with NHL logo 1993-94 Calgary Flames White or Red Old Style 1994-98 Calgary Flames White or Red Weird Stripe Style 1999-00 Philadelphia Flyers (prefer the black alternate) CCM Silver Logo at the bottom of the hem 2002-03 Vancouver Canucks Dark Jersey (the one without the shoulder patches) If anyone has an relatively cheap jerseys (obviously the older Pens and Whalers are going to run higher) they don't need, I would be interested. Also, if anyone has any contacts to where the any of his game worn jerseys are, I would be interested in getting those back. However, I don't have access of Facebook, and my understanding is there is where most game used stuff takes place now. I used to me a member of gameworn.net and that is a ghost town now. Thank you to everyone on the board!!!
  3. Looking for a 1989-90 10th Anniversary Patch Calgary Flames Patch Quality reproductions are fine, just need to find one.
  4. I know where you can get one, but only if there is $150 bounty attached.
  5. That green patch is an authentic patch. Here is the back side of the patch to show it is an original:
  6. I asked for a picture of the back of the patch to verify. I will let you know what I find out. Here is what we are looking for: Looking at the close up of the patch, it looks a like closer to the original than the reproduction:
  7. This eBay seller has Green, look to be authentic to me: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NHL-2000-JERSEY-CREST-PATCHES-EMBROIDERED-4-Colors/114018141120?hash=item1a8c02c3c0:m:mzfFusOS031KcfQWnjDkDTQ
  8. The shoulder patches are different too. The first year, the lightning bolts were white, the next year, they are the glittery silver as well.
  9. Just in from CSL: 2019-20 Kirby Dach Chicago Blackhawks Home MIC Jersey Size 58 2007-08 Dustin Byfuglien Chicago Blackhawks Home Reebok 1.0 Jersey Size 54
  10. Normally the MIC jerseys make the design look better than the Indo's, but these still look like crap. The single color logo is awful!
  11. Still desperate searching for one of these. I know ice_hockey_patches has theirs on eBay, but the ones Joe created are much better. If anyone has one, please contact me.
  12. I wouldn't be the first time we got the same jersey - It probably won't be the last time either.
  13. 1991 Steve Larmer Canada Cup Team Canada Jersey Size 52 1991 Jeremy Roenick Canada Cup Team USA Jersey Size 48 2018-19 Alex DeBrincat Chicago Blackhawks Home Jersey Size 54
  14. I need help finding as close to authentic shoulder patches for the 2001 NHL All-Star Game Jersey. I need a Canadian Flag and the Penguins shoulder patch like on this Lemieux:
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