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  1. You are a lucky man. They are, by far, my favorite band!
  2. Looks good to me, I have never seen a fake jersey get the fight strap correct. Could be a authentic retail that was just sent to Asia to sell? Looks just like the one that I have.
  3. Bump for new jerseys and price drops.
  4. I didn't full appreciate how good the Expos looked back in the day, but man they have some beautiful jerseys. That 1994 team got robbed!
  5. I guess I'm an unoriginal MIC jersey collector now! 2017-18 Vegas Golden Knights Team Issued Home Jersey Size 54
  6. 1990-91 Mats Sundin rookie jersey. 1998-99 Brett Hull 2 jerseys on my most wanted list - so jealous!!!
  7. Just the way it’s laying. I should have straightened it up better.
  8. So i couldn't find any 1991 Canada Cups Patches available, so I had some made. They are close to what the originals looks like. I had to order a bunch so if anyone want one, they are $10 shipped. PM me if you are interested.
  9. The similarities are striking!
  10. I don't even know who that Gretzky guy is, was he a good player or something???
  11. Thank for the head up, I will make the correction.
  12. 1987-88 Scott Stevens Washington Capitals Home Jersey Size 50 I have been waiting a long time to find this: 1992-93 Roman Hamrlik Tampa Bay Lightning Inaugural Season Road Rookie Jersey Size 48 Proper Flat silver crest, white lightning bolt shoulder patches, and black CCM Logo 1997-98 New York Rangers Wayne Gretzky Alternate Jersey Size 52-R 2001-02 Los Angeles Kings Road Team Issued Jersey Size 56 with this "crazy persons" born on tag It will become this:
  13. Well, between the tagging difference and the born on date, I know it sounds a little picky, but I think I am going to go the route of the Palffy 01/02 jersey. At least I am not getting to the point of only buying jerseys the player actually wore...but I'm close. Hey LAK74 - these numbers were stacked ion 01/02 right?
  14. Just the single tag.
  15. So, this might be a bit obsessive, but let me know if this would bother you or not. I bought a KOHO Kings jersey with the thoughts of making it a Luc Robitaille jersey. He used this style in 2000-01 before playing for the Red Wings in 2001-02. Well, when I received the jersey, it turned out it was a team issued jersey with the hang tag still on it. The issue is, it still have the born on date tag on it, and it was made on July 26, 2001. So this would have been after Luc played for the them and it would make the jersey a 2001-02 season jersey. I could always do a Ziggy Pallfy Team Issued jersey, or Potvin. Just curious if this is taking it to another level to craziness. Thanks!
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