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  1. spudrock512

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Add a couple more to the collection: 1990-91 Dave Babych Hartford Whalers Home Jersey Size 52 - God I love the heavy mesh of the Whalers jerseys. I know other team had mesh jerseys like the North Stars and Rangers, but for some reason, the Whalers jerseys always felt like they were so much heavier than those. Shout out to kkash48 for the hook up on this one. 1994-95 Eddie Belfour Chicago Blackhawks Home Jersey Size 54
  2. spudrock512

    The Want List

    I’m one of the weird ones that doesn’t have (or want) a Facebook account. Any help from those that do would be greatly appreciated though.
  3. spudrock512

    The Want List

    Still looking for this - 1992-93 Tampa Bay Lightning Away Jersey in a size 50-56 would work. Doesn't have to be with the patch, but it does need to be the one with the black CCM logo on the hem.
  4. I’ve used it for vinyl, however, you could still see what was originally there. I was able to get enough off where it’s hard to see, but it will never be completely clean. I will say this, I will never buy a jersey with vinyl numbers again - it wasn’t worth the effort. My guess is that no matter what you find, you will see some indication of the original print. And yes, it is some strong stuff!
  5. spudrock512

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    1996-97 Bret Hedican Vancouver Canucks "Salmon" Alternate Game Used Jersey Size 54 This has been high on my want list for some time. It's been awhile since I have seen a reliable authentic come up for sale. And with the 15% eBay sale, I was able to get this gamer for close to the price authentics are selling for. Extremely excited to add this to my collection. Now to find a photo match...
  6. spudrock512

    It is good or not?

    Looking at a gamer, they did have double elbows, so they are not quite the same as what the players used: https://www.gamewornauctions.net/products/1996_97_Mario_Lemieux_Pittsburgh_Penguins_Game_Worn_Jersey_Alternate-3659-102.html
  7. spudrock512

    Jersey fabric materials

    It I remember right, they are a bit heavier than the edge 2.0 jerseys, but that is going on memory.
  8. spudrock512

    Jersey fabric materials

    Depends on what years you are talking about. The earlier CCM Air-knits were a little lighter, but the 2000's CCM/KOHO jerseys were the same material of the Reebok 6100 if I am not mistaken. Can anyone corroborate that?
  9. spudrock512

    It arrived today v. 8.0

    Agree 100% At first I wasn't the biggest fan for the edge, especially the 1.0, but once they went to the 2.0, that was much better. But the 6100 were the best. Although I still love Ultrafils! However, I can see why they would want something lighter, and more breathable. With the Adizero, it is getting to the point were they are in jeopardy of losing the hockey jersey feel for the sake to lightness. Practice jerseys with the screened on crest...come on! And don't get me started on the whole Indo jerseys...ugh!
  10. spudrock512

    The Want List

    This is now at the top of my want list: 1980's Los Angeles Kings Jersey: Obviously looking for an authentic size 50-56. Blank or any player would work, but a Luc Robitaille would be sweet!
  11. spudrock512

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    Those are so nice! Sad that I will never find a MiC version. I can dream though.
  12. spudrock512

    Spudrock512 Selling/Trading Thread

    Bunch of jerseys on eBay I listed, deals for those on here.
  13. spudrock512

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I can admit when I’m wrong. Well, at least the jersey is legit. Being a Blackhawks fan, give me the chain stitched patches and dual layered twill numbers any day.
  14. spudrock512

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I stand corrected, they are holes. However, after looking at my Indo Vegas jersey, those are holes too. I guess I was thinking they would be a lot more obvious. I think the single layer twill kind of causes this, same will my retail Vegas Indo. I still don’t like the fake two color single layer twill though.
  15. spudrock512

    Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    I opened up the box to take some pictures. This is a preseason jersey, so it is possible that they used a different style of number during this time instead of regular season jerseys, but they are definitely printed on. And the shoulder patches might not be printed, but they are very smooth feeling, the only thing with texture is the silver part of the patch.