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    eBay version 4.0

    Notice how both the red and the blue layer of the name is stitched on to the jersey. Now compare that to the stitching of this game used Dan Cloutier jersey: Now compare the set tags: (Unless the Gretzky tags had is own specially set tag that they had a different manufacturer do). Gretzky: Cloutier:
  2. spudrock512

    eBay version 4.0

    I really haven't either. I know they listed a bunch of "Game Issued" jerseys yesterday only to take them down and relist them as just authentic. I'm not really sure anyone there knows the difference. That being said, you can still get occasional good deals if you just think of everything as a regular authentic jersey.
  3. spudrock512

    eBay version 4.0

    Lelands put a bunch of jerseys on eBay yesterday, one of them being a Gretzky game issued alternate jersey: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1998-99-Wayne-Gretzky-Set-2-New-York-Rangers-Game-Issued-Jersey/362994410145?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on it. Everyone knows how much these were faked. I ask for a picture of the Made in Berlin, WI tag, and I got a response back, it came from the Equipment Manager. It didn't really make me feel much better about it.
  4. I do, again, mine is the green though.
  5. I just got a youth s/m Starter Coyotes Alternate for the same reason. I can say that the material is a close enough match that no one will really notice. Definitely better that using an air-knit nameplate or something like that. I was able to get 6 good sized nameplates out of that jersey, so if you can find one for cheap, I would say it would be worth it.
  6. What color are you looking for? Black, white, or the green?
  7. spudrock512

    eBay version 4.0

    Are you talking about for the seller to ship the item or just a delay in shipping? Post offices are open, so it shouldn't take any longer to go to the post office to actually ship the item out. Now there are delays in shipping, especially overseas. I've had one jerseys that shipped out early April, go to Chicago, then 3 weeks later it said it was back in Chicago, then was being shipped overseas...again. But being from Iowa myself, I haven't had any issues going to the post office to ship stuff - that has been business as normal for me.
  8. I am still looking for help with these. I have found a proper Starter Rangers Jersey, but I am still having trouble finding the number ZZ wore during the preseason. I would think it would be #3 because it was not retired at that time, and Marc Savard had #33. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Didn't know I was trying to spread a rumor - apparently I was misinformed. It happens and it is good to know for future reference.
  10. The pictures were really dark, so I was hoping it was a green starter nameplate.
  11. I just got this hoping it was a match - it didn't 😓 Sharks Teal Starter nameplate. This is the darker teal closer to what they sharks introduced as their alternate in 1996-97 before making that their full time road jerseys the next year. However, they never wore Starter in this style and their nameplates were arched (except for a very short time when they were introduced) Anyway, if anyone wants it, $10 shipped
  12. Jersey Shore!!! Hahaha. What a f’n tool! Next thing you know he’ll be saying he’s in the mob and there is a hit out on all of us.
  13. I need to get a Starter Coyotes Alternate Green nameplate big enough for Roenick. It needs to be Star-Knit material.
  14. I’m a 90’s kid, so I just loved the game. So as I got older, just always wanted a jersey of his...ended up getting 12 of his gamers.
  15. Looking for a few jerseys for my Zarley Zalapski collection and a couple others a friend is looking for authentic only of course: Any Zarley Zalpski Game Worn Jersey Hartford Whalers Home or Away - either Mesh or Ultrafil, no Air-Knit 1994-1998 Calgary Flames Early 2000's KOHO Vancouver Canucks Navy Jersey (The one without the stick-in-the-rink shoulder patches) New York Rangers Starter Made in Berlin Jersey New York Rangers Starter Lade Liberty Jerseys both Navy and White (white must have the correct neck)
  16. First, so happy this site is up and running ago. It sucked seeing it down and got a little nervous it was never coming back; there are a lot of great people here. Anyway, as some of you know, I have been working to get some of the Zarley Zalapski Game Worn jerseys I used to own back and I am happy to show this one... 1989-90 Pittsburgh Penguins Game Used Set 3 Away Jersey with photo match to the white scuff on the elbow. If anyone has any leads to any other game used jerseys of his, it would be greatly appreciated!
  17. For a short period of time (1987-89) the Hawks crest became a flatter shape then in years past. They have been described as flat faced or Pinhead crests. Here is a good website that has some good info on Hawks jerseys: https://blackhawksjerseyhistory.weebly.com/
  18. No, it was one I found on reddit a couple months ago. Bad custom job too, but it cleaned up nicely, and restored very nicely.
  19. 1988-89 Denis Savard Chicago Blackhawks Road “Pinhead” Jersey. I have wanted one for these for awhile. The only downfall...it's a size 42
  20. I figured this would be the best place to put this without creating a new listing. I am trying to create Zarley Zalapski jersey since it will be extremely hard to find and afford all of his game used jerseys I used to have. I was hoping some collectors out there can help me out to recreate some if his jerseys. At the start of the 1998-99 season, ZZ signed with the New York Rangers, but was the last cut made before the season started. Does anyone know what number he used during that preseason? As situation, 1999-2000 season, ZZ was with the Tampa Bay Lightning during the preseason. He was in camp from only 9/2/99 - 9/13/99. Does anyone know what number he wore with the Lightning. I did hear a rumor that his game used jersey is floating around somewhere, but I have never seen it. Thanks for any help!
  21. It was all about the name when I was young. I was about a teenager when he come up and I thought it was cool on SportsCenter. When he scored from the point, they would say something like, "his wicked Za-lap shot" And playing NHL 93 & 94 on Sega Genesis, he was pretty good in that game. So even as a Hawks fan, he kind of became a favorite player of mine. As I got older, and started collecting, I got one, then two, and you know how it goes after that. In 2011, my wife and I were moving, getting a house, needed the money, so my jerseys helped pay for that. Stopped collecting for awhile, then got back into it just authentic Hawks jerseys, then into every other team, then sold most everything that last few month (except for the Hawks jersey). I figured I would see if I could get back some of my old gamers. I had some of the emails from those I sold them too. The guy I sold this to 9 years ago still had it and sold it back for exactly what he paid back in the day. It was so cool of him to do so, and I am so happy to have it back.
  22. No I haven't. The problem I am running into is that he got traded that year to Calgary, so his 94-95 cards are him on the Flames.
  23. No, this is one of the 12 that I had to sell in 2011.
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