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  1. Spudrock512 Selling/Trading Thread

    Price Drop Bump
  2. For Sale: A Great One, A Katina, & A McFarlane - All Authentic - Price Drop!!! 1992-93 Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Kings Road Black Jersey Size 52 $225.00 100% proper customization, mint! 2000-01 Jeremy Roenick Phoenix Coyotes Away Jersey Size 52 $199.00 Jersey is New with Tags still attached. Roenick's last year with the Yotes. 2003-04 Ryan Smyth Edmonton Oliers McFarlane Alternate 25th Anniversary Jersey Size 56 $300.00 Super rare style with authentic 25th anniversary patch (not a reproduction) Pictures are found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/149993333@N06/albums/72157684015285303 All price include shipping to the US, Canada, add $10.00, overseas whatever it costs. Payment via PayPal friends/family or add 4% for the fees.
  3. eBay version 4.0

    Yea, the stuff that is high on my want list are not easily found, and nothing on eBay, but even stuff I don’t need but wouldn’t mind...I can’t find anything. It’s probably a good thing, i’d just be spending money I don’t need to spend.
  4. eBay version 4.0

    It could be worse. i have been trying to find anything to use the coupon on, and I haven't found anything. I think that is a sign I have too many jerseys.
  5. The Want List

    Updated my signature line, but figured i would post here too for those looking on their phones. Jerseys Wanted in a size 52 - 56 in order of most to least wanted: 1991-92 Toronto Maple Leafs TBTC 1980-88 Los Angeles Kings Road Forum Blue Preferred, but Gold is fine (Adidas Logo a plus) 1988-91 Pittsburgh Penguins Road Black (Century Sport Logo a plus) 1980-90 Winnipeg Jets Road Blue 1995-97 Vancouver Canucks "Salmon" Alternate
  6. The Patch Thread 2.0

    Not very likely, but does anyone have an original Kings 25th Anniversary patch?
  7. Gretzky Paulina Patch

    I am wondering if the Paulina patch should be on all his gamers, or if this was just done on the '91-92 jersey shown here: Here is an example of the 92-93 jersey from Grey Flannel Auction that does not show or make mention of the Paulina Patch: https://www.greyflannelauctions.com/1992_93_wayne_gretzky_los_angeles_kings_game_used_-lot35076.aspx Just trying to figure out if this should be included in all his jerseys, or if it was just in the 91-92 jersey. In Slim's book, it makes it seem like it should be there for all of his jerseys, but I haven't found any indication of this. I am trying to do as close to a 92-93 reproduction of what he would have used, but want to get it accurately done. Thanks for all the help!

    Oh, you are right, I thought he was up for good in 92-93, but I am wrong. OK, 93-94 it is.

    Good idea on those, a 1992-93 Martin Brodeur it is!

    Thanks, got them talked down a few extra bucks. Who to go with for a 92-93? Broduer? Stevens? Or should I go 94-95 Stanley Cup Patched jersey? Then I need the patch...options.
  11. Spudrock512 Selling/Trading Thread

    Sorry about that - it should be fixed now.
  12. Spudrock512 Selling/Trading Thread

    Bump - added stuff on eBay, but you can purchase here.
  13. It arrived today v. 8.0

    That is the exact patch that needs to go on the Modano I just posted. You won't see the pin holes once is it ironed and sewn on your jersey.
  14. Dawn dish soap to pre-treat stains. Oxiclean for dark jerseys, Oxiclean White Booster for white jerseys. This is what I do and it works perfect: Rub Dawn into any stains you see with your fingernail. Don't use brushes because it can pull the fabric. Rinse, than soak the jersey in hot water with the Oxyclean. You will be amazed at how much grossness will come out in the water. Rinse again, than machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water, with more OxyClean and detergent. You will have one very clean jersey!
  15. Nameplates Needed

    I'm on the hunt for Burgundy Starter Mesh for a first year Av's jersey. It could be super short as I am OK doing a Roy jersey, but would rather do a Forsberg or Sakic jersey. Also - I have a bunch of Yellow Air-Knit material if anyone need it.
  16. It arrived today v. 8.0

    Ultrafil goodness! 1991-92 Mike Modano Minnesota North Stars Jersey Size 44 Love the jersey - just wish it was bigger. I have been wanting one of these Ultrafil North Star jerseys for a long time, but a 44 is so small. I might end up selling it - but if someone has a one that is too big for them and would prefer a smaller one, I would be willing to trade - PM me.
  17. It arrived today v. 8.0

    This is now the oldest jersey I have in my collection - so ugly, but so cool! 1980-81 Dave "Tiger" Williams Vancouver Canucks Sandow SK Authentic Jersey Thanks to JJM4 for the fight strap. The bottom picture is from a game worn jersey to show how they attached the fight straps back then. I tried to recreate this the best I could.
  18. 1997-98 Washington Capitals Customizing Help

    I have Keener working on a kit for a blue Capitals jersey I have, and we are both having trouble figuring out the proper customization - stacked, or kiss cut. Here is a link to at 1997-98 Bill Ranford White jersey from that year that appears to be stacked numbers: http://www.gamewornauctions.net/products/1997_98_Bill_Ranford_Washington_Capitals_Game_Worn_Jersey_Team_Letter-4591-120.html Does anyone know if they used stacked for both the white and the blue through the whole season? I am making mine a Stanley Cup finals jersey, so I want to make sure it is accurate to what they used during the finals. And, if they were stacked, does anyone know when they went to kiss cut? Thanks for any help as we want to make sure before Keener starts cutting the kit.
  19. Adidas NHL On Ice Jersey

    The big issue of it is when players were it on the ice. With the edge, you can see both the black and the white collar. With the Adidas, the white is so think, and the black part kind of hinds into the shoulder pads, all you can see is this think white collar and it looks like crap!
  20. Starter Made In El Salvador Jerseys

    I just wanted to check others opinion of Starter Jerseys. I would think most of us know that the Starter jerseys that were used on the ice were the ones produced in Berlin, WI. Because of this, are the El Salvador jerseys still considered authentic jerseys? I know there are sometimes discrepancies between the two; for example, the back yoke on the Coyotes jersey comes to a point on the El Salvador jerseys, were the Berlin jerseys it is properly rounded. In the past, I have avoided all Stater jerseys not made in Berlin, but is this too picky? Or is it similar to the issues now with the Adidas "authentic" jerseys being made in Indonesia, where the game jersey are made in Canada.

    Good deal on a Buffalo Sabres Goat Head jersey. It’s listed incorrectly, and has only one picture, but you can clearly see the authentic tag in the collar. It has a buy-it-now for only $30. I’ve bought too much in the last week otherwise I would jump on this in a second. Here’s the link: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F263744139151
  22. The Want List

    Need to find a detached fight strap from an '80's/'90's Authentic jersey. If anyone has one, please contact me. Desperately need to find one.

    If this was a size 52, it would be mine - a Devils authentic for $39.99 free shipping. Maybe I will buy it..... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-NHL-New-Jersey-Devils-Center-Ice-Hockey-Jersey-Embroidered-CCM-Red-Sz-48/382482727627?hash=item590dbf42cb:g:MhQAAOSwxphbFv6T
  24. Starter Made In El Salvador Jerseys

    Other than the Phoenix error and the White Liberty jersey, are they any other discrepancies I should look out for? I think i remember reading the Starter's quality control around this time was really bad. I also know about the Made in Haiti versions that didn't have double elbows and fight straps. Edit: I think I remember something about an incorrect font on the Av's jerseys.
  25. The Want List

    Is this a reproduction? I’m thinking yes, but figured I would check. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F401546243997