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  1. As an ND fan, I've grown to love UA apparel and fan gear. It's top quality stuff. So much better than Adidas/Reebok and comparable to Nike (I think UA quality is better, but I like Nike designs better). Their golf stuff is also top notch and most of the newer Jordan Spieth stuff is traditional designs, so they don't get too crazy like Nike has recently. In terms of jerseys, I dislike their football jerseys immensely. The cut is weird and they use single layer twill (with sublimated 2nd color) even on gamers. Really cheap looking. Not sure what their hockey jersey quality is like though.
  2. Kreider wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overpriced
  3. ND has actually changed their jerseys around a ton over the years. For a team that has that much tradition, their jerseys have been all over the place. And I'm not just talking about switching the primary color from blue to green from time to time. Gerry Faust made us wear royal/madonna blue jerseys with stripes. We had shamrocks on our helmets in the 60s. Parseghian put pride stickers on the helmets for big plays, etc. Granted, still no excuse for those abortions they wore against Miami, but that's a whole different debate...
  4. Au contraire, my friend.ND wears names for their bowl games. Parseghian started it in the 70s when he allowed the players to keep their bowl jerseys. Weis and Kelly brought it back. Here's a pic of Teo's game jersey for Monday posted by the equipment manager. I don't necessarily like it, but I had to be accurate. https://twitter.com/NDFBEquipment/status/278200877599301632/photo/1
  5. Non-hockey jersey, but my latest addition. Will be wearing it in the stadium Monday night...
  6. Could be wrong, but I don't think CCM even makes heavy mesh jerseys anymore.
  7. Does Arena Wear do the actual Rangers team jerseys now? Do they use EDGE material nameplates? How much is their customization via the NHL Shop? Thanks!
  8. irishlaxburger2

    Ebay 2.0

    He was for a handful of games during his second season (Toews' rookie year) when they rotated the alternate captains.
  9. Bruins use dyed twill these days? Weak.
  10. Not sure where to put this, but it seems like whoever customized the Skills Competition jerseys for the Rangers players didn't customize them 100% right. The drop shadow looks too skinny and the #2 on Hagelin's jersey looks slightly off. Or maybe I just need to lay off the sauce.
  11. Haha...great minds think alike. The letters were sewn together first and then only the outer edge was sewn to the jersey which would make things easier. My only concern is harming the twill since it's so old and not in the greatest shape, as you can see in the last picture of the back 9. For the white jersey, I'd just redo the front cresting, replace the arm numbers, and then add a Broten nameplate. For the blue, I'd just strip the numbers and completely re-attribute to a different player. I'm gonna ask around on gameworn.net before anything though. For all I know, the white one was a prototype between the pre-Olympic and Olympic jerseys that was never used. Highly doubtful, but you never know.
  12. Pretty sure they used the "regular season" ones.
  13. The white one is a bit of a head scratcher. The USA is diagonal like the "regular season jerseys" which they wore for 60 exhibition games prior to the Olympics, but it also has stars on the shoulders which the pre-Olympic jerseys didn't have. And the "S" on the pre-Olympic jerseys was a different font. The "s" on mine matches the Olympic jerseys. So it's some ###### child between the two. Pre-Olympic Jersey Olympic jersey The Olympic jerseys were also cut much longer due to player complaints, and mine definitely has that long cut. It's kinda cut like a M&N jersey. An extra few inches in the body.
  14. They both have double shoulders. Neither has double elbows. I'm not even sure if the gamers had double elbows. Looking at all the pictures of gamers I've seen, I don't believe they do. I'm gonna ask over at gameworn.net once my account gets verified though. I feel like some guys over there will have some more info. Really wish both still had Norcon tags. Would be a lot more valuable. Oh well. I'm about 99% sure the blue one is definitely a Norcon original (due to the matching laundry tag) and about 90% sure the white one is too simply due to the construction of the jersey (everything matches the blue one and photos of Norcon jerseys I've seen) and the seller's provenance. Again though, I'm gonna ask around and see what I can come up with. The customization on both kinda irks me though simply because A) it's wrong and B)you can tell they're both after the fact jobs.
  15. And here's the white one, though this jersey is a bit of a mystery. As you can see, the front lettering is diagonal which was seen on the pre-Olympic jerseys. It also has the stars on the shoulders which were only on the Olympic jerseys. The front "s" is the same font used on the Olympic jerseys too. The "s" on the pre-Olympic jerseys was a different font. So basically, this is a perfect replica of the Olympic jersey besides the diagonal USA configuration. No tagging, which stinks, but there's remnants of the white neck tag still hardly in place. In terms of construction, everything matches the other Norcon jersey so I'm pretty confident it was made by the same company. The seller apparently bought it in Minneapolis right after the Olympic games and said the Norcon tag was intact at one time. Fits like a starter 46 authentic with a couple extra inches of length. The actual Olympic gamers had extra length added to the body as well because the players complained about the pre-Olympic jerseys. So the cut is a match as well. I'm 95% sure this is a legit Norcon jersey too. The customization on this is a bit off as well. The sleeve numbers are too large and the wrong font. The back number is perfect size, font, and location though.
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