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  1. I hate the dark as home uniforms. Every Kings game I go to the uniform is black. Every team that comes to play them, the uniform is white. Not much variety there people.
  2. I like this style from the late 70's: Rick St. Croix Jersey
  3. Chris Chelios Randy Holt Tie Domi and any NY Ranger
  4. I actually did order from these guys. I had them custom make a Cleveland Barons blank for me. I sent them in a photo and it came back better than expected with some minor differences. I wouldn't get them to do the numbering however. On another jersey I ordered (philadelphia firebirds) they glued those crappy fake stitch numbers from Stahls on my shoulders. I was disappointed that they did that. The guy was able to complete the jersey in about a month. I'll order from him again because of the great customization work but I'll never get the numbers or letters done there. They are based out of Canada.
  5. Apparently the Flyers did wear those white name plates throughout the 73-74 season. Here is a link to the history of the flyers jerseys. According to this website, they did use their home name plates on the road jerseys for NBC games: http://www.flyershistory.com/cgi-bin/jerseyhistory.cgi and another clip I came across against the Canadiens Feb. 17, 1974(sunday game) I think this was Larry Robinson's first NHL game: Craig
  6. I wish I could find Durene material so I could make my own throwbacks! I wonder if the NHL had restrictions on jersey design for the throwbacks, hence that edge type design. Craig
  7. Here you go my pretties white name plate in all its vintage glory. This clip was from April 14, 1974, game 4 in Atlanta. Flyers trailing the flames 3-0 late in the second period when Dave Schultz hammers (get it) Brian Hextall.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVtF2X9N4cU And guess who scores the game winner in OT to win that game and series 4 games to none? : However, During the remainder of the playoffs the flyers did not wear the white name plates against the Rangers or Bruins. And notice the flames weren't wearing names plates at all. In 1972-75 NBC telecast weekly games on Sunday and covered the Stanley Cup finals. Since most NHL teams still didn't have players' names on the backs of jerseys, NBC persuaded NHL commissioner Clarence Campbell to make teams put on players' names on NBC telecasts beginning with the 1973-74 season to help viewers identify players. And guess what day April 14, 1974 was?? Yes, Sunday. I'm guessing the flames didn't have the name plates because they were the home team and a cheap Arse franchise. btw, the flyers also wore those white name plates in game three of the Atlanta series. It is quite possible those are the only two games that the flyers ever wore the white name plates., unless someone can come up with a picture or video to the contrary. But because it happened in a playoff run to their first stanley cup, those white name plates are being featured on these throwback uniforms. Now that's how you incorporate history into a throwback. That design didn't come out of their marketing departments Arse...like some other thirds I've seen. Also, sleeve numbers did overlap the sleeve striping on certain jerseys like the one Bobby Taylor is wearing. Especially numbers ranging from 20's-30's: and I rather the flyers used the logo like one in Rick Macleish's 1971 jersey (left). Notice the size difference of the crest and center of the P has a thicker white outline as opposed to the new throwback logo: Any other flyers jersey questions from back in the day? I'll be happy to research and try and find an answer for ya. Craig
  8. another site worth a shot is: dropthepucks.com you might get lucky looking for a year a particular jersey was from. They have great game worn jerseys with huge photos to see in great detail. and sometimes even the history of the jersey.
  9. Prior to January 14, 2006, NBC's last regular season NHL game occurred on April 6, 1975. The game in question featured the Minnesota North Stars at the Chicago Blackhawks.
  10. I think some of the other logos were too busy also. i don't like the color scheme so much on the new one but the cartoon look doesn't bother me. I mean peter puck was awesome. now these stanley cup patches the flyers wore were ugly:
  11. where did you get this jersey? I notice the Logo is a bit different than the original. The letters "Cleveland" and "Barons" isn't the same font type as other logos I've seen. Also the "B" isn't as detailed as should be. Nice jersey all the same. Craig Swanson
  12. has anyone ever ordered from oldjerseys.com? I want to get a Philadelphia Firebirds jersey from them and wonder if they do a good job. Even if they don't I probably don't have much a choice because where else am I going to get a firebirds jersey. I always can get it customized elsewhere though if needed. Craig Swanson Brilliant edit: I added the link to your post.
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