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  1. Dr. D

    The Want List

    /dusts off account Hey everybody. I'm looking for a blank, blue Rangers 2.0, size 52, 54, or 56. Anything out there?
  2. Dr. D

    The feedback thread

    Great transaction with Xspoilerx - sent payment immediately. Enjoy the new Hejduk jersey!
  3. Dr. D

    My Stanley Cup Vow!

    Classy through and through, just like the rest of his teammates. Me, I would've skated right up to John Tortorella and said "Tell Glen thanks for trading for Mr. Potato Head over there." A guy that posts on a Rangers board I frequent got to go to a season subscriber lunch with Henrik Lundqvist, and Hank said that he feels like he needs the team needs to be good and fast so his prime doesn't get wasted. Which is exactly what we're doing with Vinny Prospal or Brandon Dubinsky as our #1 center. Oh wait... Sigh.
  4. Dr. D

    My Stanley Cup Vow!

    Only a joke! You HAVE seen my sig haven't you? Effin' Olli Jokinen.
  5. Dr. D

    Toronto to Unveil New Jerseys

    I like the old jerseys with no stripes better. This message brought to you by crack cocaine.
  6. Dr. D

    My Stanley Cup Vow!

    Guess this isn't a problem now.
  7. Dr. D

    It arrived today

    Great pickups from everyone, especially BurnabyJoe and akteon. I have a couple from a WHILE back that I still haven't taken pictures of. Although it will be kind of superfluous seeing as one of them is a 2001 World All-Star Hejduk, which looks STRANGELY like one of BJC's recent pickups.
  8. Dr. D

    Did Patrick Kane wear the Reebok 6100 jersey?

    Yikes, that team was awful. Brent Seabrook is another good choice.
  9. Dr. D

    Question about game issue vs game worn

    I don't see a problem with that at all. It's not like you're desecrating an extremely nice or important jersey. A training camp jersey that was never worn is barely above a retail authentic in my books.
  10. Dr. D

    Best deal or trade you have made...?

    I got an authentic Avalanche KOHO customized with Drury #37 for $70. I spent less than $10 to get a 2001 Cup patch and put it on there.
  11. Dr. D


    The Cyclones scored the game-winning goals with less than a minute to go in games 1 and 2. Idaho's goalie Beauchemin absolutely stood on his head in OT in game 3 to rob the Cyclones of a win. The Cyclones had I think 31 shots total in games 4 and 5. So yeah, it was a lot closer than the 4-1 series win shows. The Cyclones won the Cup in 2008 on pure talent; this year, they won by working hard, buying into the team system, and scoring timely goals. Either way, it was a fun ride. I'm thankful I got to see another championship at home, there's nothing like it.
  12. Dr. D


    For the second time in three years, I watched the Cyclones hoist the Kelly Cup at US Bank Arena.
  13. Dr. D


    Why did you quote the photo so we all had to see it twice?
  14. Not to mention a selfish, whiny S.O.B.
  15. Dr. D


    Here's hoping that the Cyclones make it 8 in a row.