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  1. Sorry to hijack the thread a bit Johnny, but I've not been on for ages and I'm way out of the loop here. So, can someone kindly recap for the remedial class - Reebok have started churning out Indonesian crap and selling it as "authentic", with a price tag to match? Is a Canadian made Edge no longer available, and what about the Premier?
  2. Other than taking Ducky, Steen and Hull off the Ring of Honor business, what is there to surrender? Phoenix don't own the rights to the Jets name or the logo, the NHL does, got returned to them a long time ago ('96). So there's no obstacle there if Winnipeg wants to go that way. I'm glad for the Winnipeggers that they've got a team, but I'm very sorry for the fans in Atlanta, who must feel like crap.
  3. I'm glad that you guys in AZ will have hockey to watch next season Haz, and I hope it's just a short term thing while they conclude a deal, but it's really tying DM's hands on the signings front, Tippett called it a "competitive disadvantage", they both seemed sure it'd be resolved one way or the other this summer; that doesn't appear likely. So do we just get another year of being a bargain bin shopper, struggling to hold onto our UFAs like Bryz, and then they move them anyway next summer? There's talk now that Hulsizer may be backing out, Reinsdorf may be back in, doesn't suggest it'll be done this side of October to me. Like I say, I'm honestly glad you'll still be able to go to the Job and watch them and I hope that continues for many years, but, from a selfish point of view, I don't see how the team improves at all, as our series with the Wings shows we need to, under the continuing setup.
  4. Fantastic pickup Walz, definitely needs the display case treatment.
  5. I'd always fold them as neatly as possible, put them in a bag and then into the box. The bag's just for a bit of extra protection against the postal service dropping it in a puddle or something Bin bags work pretty well for that, always air-tight and you know there'll be no muck in them to begin with.
  6. I think they're alright, not 100% keen on the plain numbers but I wouldn't be too upset if I was a TBL fan.
  7. I'm surprised the NHL hasn't bowed to the almighty dollar and introduced jersey sponsors yet. Maybe not to the European extent of multiple patches, but one main sponsor. Just seems like a great big untapped revenue stream. Being used to seeing them, it doesn't really bother me. Some jerseys go a bit overboard mind you.
  8. Totally agree. I do think there's a separate discussion for whether Reebok charge too much for their jerseys, but fakes aren't the way round that. Delighted to see the US government stepping in, about time too.
  9. Thanks guys. I'll have to try it. Actually I notice a comment on mine from Lightning_4, who I guess is our very own, from 11 months ago. Didn't see it, sorry dude
  10. On Webshots, is there anyway to send another member a private message?
  11. Yes, it does devalue a jersey to remove the tags; tagged and unworn is obviously going to hold more value than the opposite. Whether you should or not, and whether you should wear a signed jersey or not, really depends on how important it is to you for your jerseys to maintain value and how mortified you'd be if something happened to it (i.e. some bellend spills his pint down you).
  12. Great set of Sweden jerseys. Did you make the Oddset patches yourself, Jeff? If so, did you ever do that update on TSG about how you go about that?
  13. It'd be a hell of a resource if someone could put it together. ###### of a job though, for the reasons already pointed out by others, only way I can see to get an accurate list would be game sheets, if they're stored anywhere. I've asked about this before, as have others. I'm still trying to work out for sure if Mike Gartner wore the "A" for Phoenix in one of his two years there, for a jersey I have waiting to get done. I've got a picture of him with it, but no way of knowing if the pic is from the right year for my jersey (can't see the back hem), so the search continues. It's frustrating, but there you go. As for people on here being "complete jerks" and not wanting to help, you're miles off. I doubt I was the only one to spend some time the other week trying to find you proof that Garth Snow was backup for the Game One Japan games, just couldn't find it. People'll help if they can, but we're all in the same boat by and large with what information's available to us.
  14. I'd think plenty of people on here (myself included) are well aware of DHGate, and have browsed through it at one time or another. Seeing as most people selling them on use the photos from that site, it's another weapon in the arsenal for spotting fakes. You're not Reebok, so they won't care. There is a degree of poacher turned gamekeeper about it...
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