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  1. Hockey Monkey is having a 50% off sale with code “apparel50”. Code works on reebok edge jerseys but not adidas. $50 for edge 2.0 jerseys.
  2. Anyone have a Howell/bathgate retirement night patch?
  3. Can you post or send me list of jerseys? Thanks!
  4. Will it be too close to numbers? If not, I may take you up on that offer! Thanks Mike!
  5. Here is the response I got from JB: “The reason the nameplate is put there is because the jersey is small. Its already lower than it should be if the jersey was proper sized.This problem exists for the size 46 and 50 jerseys.If you wish you can return it for a refund.Regards,JB” The jersey i got is a 52. Mike what size is the jersey you did? The placement of the nameplate on yours is much higher than mine. Not sure what I should do now. Return and get a player with shorter name? JB doesn’t seem keen on just lowering the nameplate.
  6. So I got a Rangers Stadium Series from JB and the white nameplate intrudes onto the blue part of the jersey. I realize that zuccarello is a long name but to me looks weird. Should I request he move the nameplate down or is it normal? Any advice would be appreciated. Ray
  7. Decided to go with richter on the white liberty. anyone have pics of 3 layer name and numbers for reference to send to keener? also anyone have picture of pics of nedved wearing white vintage jersey from 2004? thanks in advance
  8. Anyone know if kovalev wore white liberty before getting traded to Pitt in 1998?
  9. I’m considering Keener as well but shipping to Canada concerns me. Read stories about packages getting stuck in customs and getting charged fees. About how much is shipping from New Jersey to Winnipeg?
  10. Hey all, Has anyone used Arena Wear for a white liberty rangers jersey? They said they can customize for $115 but do they have the most accurate kits? They also said they have kits that are a close match for 80s/90s CCM. i did a search on the forum and others have used them for Reebok libertys but didn’t see any posts for starter liberty or early 90s CCM. i usually use EPS but they take too long and it doesn’t seem like they are doing a spring sale this year. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Ray
  11. Hi 

    could you please provide measurements for the leetch starter white liberty?



    1. Zeshy25


      Sure. Will measure tonight and send it over. 

    2. trueblue2735



      have u had a chance to measure?

  12. Hi guys, I have a 96/97 liberty that i'm sending to EPS. Been reading all your helpful information here, but still unsure of what exactly to tell Josh.From the information i've gathered here the gray drowshadow layer and white layer on the numbers should be thinner on the starter than the koho era but is it enough to say to make those layers thinner? Does anyone have specific measuresments for these layers? I'm having it customized with Beukeboom, are there any specific instructions regarding the name as well? Thanks in advance for all your help! Ray
  13. Josh at EPS said he doesn't make/sell vectors and wordmarks anymore. Any other place I can get a vector logo made?
  14. Rangers white indo edge on sale for $118. Only 2 left in stock so better hurry. http://www.amazon.com/York-Rangers-Authentic-Jersey-White/dp/B005GXRUXQ
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