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  1. Sorry to be late on this, but thanks it was a smooth deal for me as well.
  2. Thanks Bob - glad you like it and I agree was a great transaction on my end too.
  3. Some sold - some added - some prices lowered ... come get some
  4. akteon

    eBay version 4.0

    Anyone know atlantathtashersfan on eBay?
  5. ** All jerseys include shipping in the US. I only accept PayPal. Use Friends & Family or add 3% to the price. Starter mesh New York Rangers white authentic size 60-R, used in good condition, some light yellowing on front - $100 Brendan Shanahan authentic Wings white size 56, excellent condition, small spot near neck - $155 Brendan Shanahan authentic Rangers white Edge 1.0 size 60, excellent condition, font is slightly off (noticeable with the A's in name) - $90 ** Get both Shanahan jerseys for $200 ** Terry Virtue authentic Hartford Wolf Pack red 5th Anniversary jersey size 56, great condition will include loose USA flag patch they wore with this style - $200 Marian Gaborik replica Wild jersey size XXL, like new condition no tags, factory customized - $40 Blank authentic Manitoba Moose Edge 1.0 black jersey size 58+, NWT - $85 Blank replica Sudbury Wolves grey alternate jersey size XXL, NWT - $50 (SOLD) Tony Amonte authentic Hawks black alternate size 56, with 75th Anniversary patch and C, in excellent condition - $250 (SOLD) (SOLD) Reebok 6100 vector New York Rangers white authentic size 58 team issue new without tags - $90 (SOLD) (SOLD) Henrik Lundqvist replica Rangers Winter Classic jersey size XXL, NWT completely sewn felt customization from Sportsk - $60 (SOLD) (SOLD) Glenn Healy authentic Rangers blue mesh size 54 goalie cut, replica Stanley Cup patch, neck tag and fight strap cut out - $110 (SOLD)
  6. akteon

    third jerseys are back

    honestly the more i look at them the thing that seems to annoy me the most is the orange sticks on the front ... granted no one uses wood sticks anymore anyway, but at least make them yellow like they were originally with that logo ...
  7. akteon

    third jerseys are back

    Ugh I saw that on twitter and thought it was a joke - like a horrible knockoff where all the colors were off and the put on random patches.
  8. Okay not a real "new pickup" ... I've actually had this for 8 years, but I sorta forgot I still had it and found it in a spare closet with some other authentics. My main reason for posting it again was that someone here had messaged me about it, but now I forget who it was. So hoping to they'll see this and remember.
  9. Glad I'm not the only one with a "jersey will".
  10. If I recall correctly the only ones made in Haiti were the two sublimated ones, RoboPen and Pooh Bear. And as stated before the ones made in Haiti didn't have fight straps.
  11. Here's some hi-res shots from my Langdon 3-color White Liberty gamer http://akteon.us/jerseys/white_liberty_gamer_numbers.jpg http://akteon.us/jerseys/white_liberty_gamer_letters.jpg http://akteon.us/jerseys/white_liberty_gamer_sleeve.jpg
  12. akteon

    adidas sells CCM

  13. Cool Hockey posted on Reddit about this: https://www.reddit.com/r/hockeyjerseys/comments/6j6i4z/got_to_try_on_the_new_adidas_jerseys_at_the_draft/djcd1hq/
  14. Saw this on CCSL forums, but the Devils jersey quite literally is just a sweatshirt
  15. Compared to these two from gamers (linked because the images are huge) I'd say is definitely a repro. http://www.gamewornauctions.net/images/products/secondary/10011.jpg http://www.gamewornauctions.net/images/products/secondary/43601.jpg
  16. akteon


    There was a guy I got a bunch of Nike stuff off of eBay that were prototypes and rare stuff (eg. blue 96 WC USA jerseys). He had worked for Nike in the 90s, then went on to Easton, then got into a bit of trouble when he left and went to Warrior. May have been the same guy.
  17. Hey man! Sorry I just saw this when looking back through this thread.
  18. Dude, you made me actually laugh out loud - well done.
  19. Hi other Matt - I still lurk here sometimes. Shame you're not on FB anymore, at least for the Rangers GW group.
  20. I couldn't help but make a "grail" jab on FB well the thread got deleted, so as thebiggoalie said he'll come out unscathed ... feh
  21. You should see the stains under the jerseys
  22. Yeh I was surprised when I got it - I think you or others have talked about the sublimated numbers on material then sewn to the jersey previously, but seeing it first hand is quite interesting. I kind of like it, at least compared to sublimating the name and numbers directly onto the jersey.
  23. Personally I've only cared if it was something I was planning to resell. I prefer not to have auto's on my jerseys, but if there is one I normally compare it to other legit autos from that player online and if it looks close enough for me, I don't worry about it. However if it's something I'm going to resell I don't let the auto factor into the price if it's not authenticated.
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