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  1. That Larsson is a beautiful piece -- congrats! I've been trying to land a Sabres or Rangers GW or GI from the 2018 Winter Classic or any of the regular season games that the team wore that style, so congrats on landing one!
  2. I was wondering who scored that Kapanen Arenas. Congrats, that is an awesome pickup!
  3. As you mentioned, finding blanks of these is definitely going to be a challenge, unless they are GW/GI that someone has already stripped. Your better odds are grabbing a gamer of a prospect or fringe player and stripping it. The good news for your list is that both the Flyers and Pens are teams that are easily found. A quick search found these as a baseline: Flyers (MGG) -- lowest GI of prospects/training camp players is as low as $200 https://www.meigray.com/Carey__Greg_br_White_Set_1_w__NHL_Centennial_Patch___Game_Issued__GI__br_Philadelphia_Flyers_2017_18-ITEM92826.aspx Pens (JJDistributing) -- lowest TCamp is 250 http://www.jjdistributing.biz/2017-2018-preseason--game-issued-jerseys.html Searching eBay quickly, here are some more from your list: Ducks ($200 on a 58 stripped gamer) -- https://www.ebay.com/itm/John-Gibson-Anaheim-Ducks-Authentic-MiC-Adidas-Home-Jersey-Size-58/174134426604?hash=item288b387bec:g:4VwAAOSw4qZeAGDP Sharks ($800 on a gamer) -- https://www.ebay.com/itm/Kevin-LaBanc-San-Jose-Sharks-2017-18-Set-2-NHL-Game-Worn-Used-Jersey-Fanatics/264065455803?hash=item3d7b8716bb:g:bqcAAOSwFAtcAEvA Enjoy your hunt!
  4. That's awesome, congrats man. I completely forgot about the foundation auction until after it ended, but I definitely agree that they went for more reasonable prices compared to the NHLAuctions one. Even the GIs on the NHL ones were pretty high.
  5. Anybody score a Stars or Preds Winter Classic from the NHL Auctions that were earlier this week? I was hoping to land a Stars one and was in the running for a while, but they went pretty crazy in the last few hours. Still interested if anyone changes their mind!
  6. Sweet V! Did they auction off at the arena that night?
  7. I've also seen some FB sellers disable comments on their sale posts to avoid the price-bashing comments and instead do all serious deal-oriented discussion via DMs.
  8. Honestly, it's like they're not even trying any more. The design concepts that members of Icethetics upload to the blog are so much more creative and well thought out compared to both sets of outdoor games' designs this year.
  9. Are the Canucks selling blanks in their store or are these GW/GI that were auctioned off or the like?
  10. I have both in hand, and viewed them side-by-side in consistent lighting before giving my description so what you are seeing on the photos is confirmed IRL
  11. It's very close but not 100% identical. I have a VGK gamer and a NE patch and can tell you that on the NE patch the grey for the text and the field surrounding the helmet/shield logo is a little lighter than the grey on patch on the Gamer. On the gamer, the text and field are a slightly darker grey, almost closer to black. Despite this, it's very close in appearance and worth the purchase IMHO.
  12. For those interested, received my Golden Knights MIC TI from MGG today -- good news is that it's exactly as advertised. Blank TI with no internal tagging, but otherwise 100% legit with all the correct features. Happy with the purchase and not having to strip one!
  13. I see what you did there Very sneaky, but well played sir!
  14. I saw that Vegas is no longer a MEI Gray team, so it makes sense that they are selling them off. For a blank TI MIC of a pretty popular team, I'd say this is a very good deal. Funny that a little over a year ago, you couldn't land a Vegas GI of their AHL callups for less than $750-900 and now you can get a blank for $250 and make it into any player! Will probably see a bunch of these on the secondary market very soon
  15. SnakeOiler12

    eBay version 4.0

    I am impressed you were able to sell a $275 jersey in the current climate. Congrats!
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