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  1. I contacted Ebay through FB and Twitter since there really isn't any other means of recourse when someone just cancels the paypal transaction. What is the big red flag is that he also had a white nords jersey for sale that didn't sell. Right after I win the auction for the blue jersey, he messages me and offers the white jersey through a "buy it now" he was going to list for me. When I politely declined and told him I'm just interested in the blue jersey, he then cancels the transaction. What a terrible seller, if you wanted more money for the jersey, list the starting bid higher. Avoid buying from Ebay seller "cuplifting" at all cost.
  2. Looking for an authentic 91-95 Blue Quebec Nordiques Jersey in Size 48, 50, or 52. I had thought I had won an auction on Ebay for one in a size 52 but the seller flaked out on me and cancelled the auction after I had won and paid for the jersey. His excuse is that he had an emergency that requires him to leave home for at least a week bu I think he was hoping to sell if more money than the starting bid so he cancelled selling it to me. Bummer but oh well nothing I can do about it but move on.
  3. Hi, Just wondering if the CCM Vintage Reproduction is a fake: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mint-Condition-Quebec-Nordiques-Jersey-Size-Large/253826781321?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140131123730%26meid%3D0c99f4b673e149f887df707695c918f1%26pid%3D100167%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D10%26sd%3D132758858297%26itm%3D253826781321&_trksid=p5411.c100167.m2940 I find it weird that I now have to worry about fake jerseys of The Vintage Reproduction Line...
  4. madflava


    Man, I wish these Caps jerseys were smaller than size 58. I wonder if EPS did the customization even though they were used for a commercial.
  5. Do you think obtaining a Scotiabank Patch that they used on the Marlies jersey is possible? Maybe the official customizer of the Marlies team has the patches?
  6. madflava

    eBay version 4.0

    I was going to use the coupon to purchase a refurbished Playstation Vita but I fell asleep early last night. Ah the joys of having a infant.
  7. madflava


    Man, that Marlies jersey is a beauty. It could also make a great Andreas Johnsson jersey too if he makes the Leafs and has an impact as a rookie next season.
  8. This topic has taken an interesting turn
  9. madflava

    eBay version 4.0

    I should be checking the Ebay thread more often. Great deal for those that got in on those Avs. MiC jerseys. I would have love to get one to turn into a MacKinnon.
  10. That's good to know this ahead of time. I purposely avoided getting a GI Capitals jersey with the 100 patch because it would be one more thing to deal with to recreating a SCF jersey. I'll have to see how bad it is first before I decide on my jersey stripping options. I may have to consider using Bill Henderson to strip my jerseys. Anyone have experience working with him? Last time I had EPS help me strip a jersey, I removed all the stitches first and let them handle removing the numbers and glue and it came out great. The cost for the stripping wasn't so bad either since I had removed all the stitches for them. Anyway, I had email Josh at EPS and he replied: "Red works best but there are no guarantees on strips. We don’t put game jerseys together with the intention of taking them apart later. The game jerseys get pressed in the locker rooms to make them look better for games." So that might explain some of the things we are seeing with EPS customized Caps jerseys.
  11. Indeed. I remember this thread for years ago when I lost out on a Nike Ultrafil replica. I too ended up buying a Keener special because I know I would never be able to afford and actual Oilers Nike from that era. It's the only fake in my collection but I bought through Keener directly and got a decent deal. I still love the jersey and hang it on my jersey wall from time to time. It's still a beautiful jersey
  12. Indeed. One day I hope we get an explanation from a former employee why we got Indo-Edge and Indo-Zero jerseys instead of the real deal. Until then it is all speculation that cheaper manufacturing cost in Indonesia along with cheaper materials is their way to combat Chinese knockoff jerseys. To me it still doesn't make sense. Those of us that collect the real deal will pay the premium for the actual on-ice-jersey or Jersey Baron would have closed up shop a long time ago. This switch to Adidas and Jersey Baron being frozen out has me really worried that Adidas really doesn't want us to own a MiC jersey unless it is through an auction or team sale. Anyway, I pulled the trigger. I bought a home and away game issued Capitals jerseys through Meigray in size 56! Once my wallet recovers from the initial shock, I'm going to have them stripped and customized to be Stanley Cup finals jerseys. The things I do for my jersey addiction...
  13. As far as I know, MiC Adidas jerseys for NHL teams can not be purchased blank directly from Adidas. Only way to even get a MiC authentic NHL Adidas is through Meigray by purchasing a GI/GW jersey or through the actual NHL team if you have a connection. I know some teams sell their left over stock exclusively through Meigray. KB67 and Mfitz804, I'm very envious of your Adidas jerseys. Wow, those are beauties. I wasn't sold on the Adidas jersey until I saw MiC Game Issues. It's a shame they are making us go through extraordinary lengths to get what we always wanted.
  14. Thanks guys! I knew I would get great answers here and indeed I'm looking at a white GI to strip and will probably send it to EPS to do the stripping since they customized the jersey originally. I'm thinking of taking my chances with a GI White 56 and stripping the two numbers to replace with one. I think my biggest concern with the 58 is sleeve length, I'm only 5'8" and the 58 jersey is probably intended for someone way over 6 foot. I would have to roll up my sleeves every time I intended to eat anything at a game or restaurant.
  15. The largest Edge 2.0 I own is a 56 and the largest jersey I own are a bunch of Authentic Reebok Practice jerseys I picked up at an equipment sale that are all size 58. Comparing the two, they actually look very similar in size except the sleeves on the Practice jerseys being a tad bit thinner. As for me, 56 in the 2.0 is very big on me but not so ridiculously huge that it looks strange. I tried on some Indozero's and the 52 seems to be as small as I can go. Size 50 was very tight at the chest.
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