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  1. Brass97

    It arrived today

    Pics? Now those are two uniforms I'd like to see.
  2. Brass97

    It arrived today

    I have to disagree, especially with the block font on the back. Ouch.
  3. Brass97

    It arrived today

    Wow. bjd624, those Whalers jerseys are terrible.
  4. Brass97

    It arrived today

    Two words. Dennis. Wideman.
  5. Brass97


    Well, at least he wore that "style", not necessarily the brand, though. But hey, I'd put the greatest hockey player of all-time on that jersey, too!
  6. Brass97

    Dark Blue Nordiques Jersey

    Not in the case of cheap, Asian knockoffs. Nice try, though!
  7. Brass97

    Dark Blue Nordiques Jersey

    Jeff, it's not a Chinese jersey, it's chineese jersey. Get your facts straight!
  8. Or you can just look at the pictures. I know he hides the front a little bit, but there's still enough room to see that a logo should be visible.
  9. Brass97

    It is good or not?

    I'm guessing this is a counterfeit jersey, correct? I apologize for the size.
  10. Brass97

    It arrived today

    Beauty! Any chance I can trade you a Flames jersey for it? Where did you get it, by the way?
  11. Brass97

    I have found a good use for purchasing fake NHL jerseys..

    I agree that while buying fakes is the wrong thing to do, RBK and the NHL should be working harder toward shutting down websites that sell them. I've sent them e-mails and gotten back short responses that say "we're working on it". If RBK was really serious, they would shut these sites down the second they pop-up.
  12. Brass97

    customization laugher

    Ummm, hello copyright infrigement ReebokNHL.com
  13. Brass97

    It arrived today

    Only one person to get on that Detroit Vipers jersey....
  14. Brass97

    customization laugher

    Hey, look! It's Ulf Samuelsson almost getting exactly what he deserves.
  15. Brass97

    I need a realistic answerL

    Probably from preseason, though.