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  1. This new message is on the EPS Facebook page: "As you have probably heard, Illinois has been placed under a shelter in place order. We have someone coming in daily to receive packages. You can still send in your orders and the sale is still going on. Our production staff is unable to come in until the order is lifted. Please be patient as we all work through this time. Thank you for supporting our small business. Stay healthy!"
  2. Thanks. I think I'll hold onto them until things are more firm.
  3. Do we know if anyone is there to accept packages? Don't want them to just sit on the doorstep or be returned.
  4. Thanks for the update!
  5. Hope so. I'm 15 weeks on an order of 8 jerseys. Granted, I send in random ECHL and other minors stuff, plus a Capitals jersey which they could do in their sleep. Sending 9 in for the sale in the next few weeks. Hoping to see something soon.
  6. I wondered if the coronavirus shut downs were going to spark this. Great news. I saw the "must be postmarked by 4/20" in SnakeOiler's message, converted that to March 20 in my head, and thought, , I've got to get on it by Friday! I'm an idiot, we've got plenty of time.
  7. LetsGoCaps

    eBay version 4.0

    Pretty bold selling stolen items in the public like that.
  8. No, I've not heard anything. It doesn't make much sense. But this is the NHL, so..........
  9. Cool. Hope you enjoy the Oates. I think I'm one of the few Caps fans who really like these black jerseys. Some great players wore these jerseys. Cheers!
  10. Definitely looks all over the place. Like your research shows, it looks like there is no consistency from year to year because of reused jerseys. So, what player, and what year, are you looking to customize. Oates?
  11. ...or maybe something mob related. Can you make a jersey out of a "burying bodies in the desert" theme?
  12. Agree 100%. Spectacular jersey!
  13. I believe people do that so that there photos are identifiable, and are not able to be reused by someone else.
  14. LetsGoCaps

    eBay version 4.0

    You remember old Stan Macinnis, don't you? Stan Macinnis
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