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  1. LetsGoCaps

    eBay version 4.0

    Sure. It works both ways . I've had some items listed at $x.xx BIN OBO. And they BIN at full price. Were they worried that someone else would BIN at full price? Or did they not understand the offer process? Who knows? Just like I've had listings end on Ebay, then I relist at a higher price, and it sells. It's a puzzle of human psychology and the unknown of who searches Ebay for what, and when. The roulette wheel of life.
  2. LetsGoCaps


    I have always found February-March to be the best selling season. Maybe NFL season over and NHL season coming to a head. There's no fighting the morons buying the counterfeits. Our market is extremely narrow.
  3. For the first time, I'm wearing an Adidas MIC tonight. Definitely like the 2.0 better for wearing. As others have said, it's more substantial. The Adidas collars suck. The only thing I like about the Adidas is they solved the waist stripes/diaper looks of some of the teams.
  4. LetsGoCaps

    eBay version 4.0

    I guess there's no understanding human psychology.
  5. Please, no. That might be the worst jersey ever.
  6. LetsGoCaps

    eBay version 4.0

    Old issue that drives me crazy. Ebay listing for fixed price or best offer. After several lower offers being automatically declined, I offer 90% of the BIN number, and it is still automatically declined. What is the point of the Best Offer option, if you are not even going to counter a 90% offer? /rant.
  7. Just completed a flawless purchase from Gewargis. Couldn't have gone smoother.
  8. Ain't no way any modern goaltender is fitting in that jersey. Amazing.
  9. I can confirm, one week later, that I don't have the @LAK74 magic. Although Josh has confirmed that they have 2 of 3 jerseys finished, and only are working on the LV Wranglers jersey......and it should be done "soon".
  10. OK. Let's see if it works for me. I've been waiting almost 12 weeks for a 3 jersey order from EPS. It'll be freaky if I get the invoice now.
  11. Bump for Ebay auctions ending.
  12. And...............he was still a bum in DC. He's a first ballot HOF'er, no doubt. But in DC, he was a dog, management sucked, it was ugly. It was no steal for the franchise................unless you draw the line to, that eventually, that era got the Caps Ovechkin. What happened to Guam?
  13. Funny, when it happened I just blew it off. I sent a question on a glacier twill customization through the website contact form and got a response dated 7/26 from Josh's email address. Then, out of nowhere, I got a response to the same inquiry a month later (exactly 8/26) with the same general information but the verbiage was different, from Josh's email address. Maybe that was Lynette just following up on stuff. Who knows? As long as I get my jerseys by 2020.
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