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  1. Mike is right. This baby turns me on all the time!!!
  2. Someone can't spell...What a shame...
  3. I have the NIKE white in sz 48, with VK patch and 98 Finals patch I have the NINETY NINE Tour CCM Jersey sz 56
  4. tb426

    It arrived today v3.0

    Got these two big boys... Not a gamer btw...
  5. 1000000000000000000% CORRECT Don't bother going to walmart or any fabric store. Seems as though CCM/Reebok has a patent on it and no one has that exact material at all. I am not talking about the velcro, but the "socks" like material...
  6. You have to buy an authentic and take those off from it. it doesn't have to be from the 90s exactly, cause CCM and Reebok use the same type/same material/same design since the early 90. So you can use those from the reebok edge as well. As for sewing it--easy, get a 2" x 4" twill, sew 2 rectanges, and a cross, and that's it!!!
  7. tb426

    It is good or not?

    nameplate is wrong, not material, but they only used single colour name.
  8. tb426

    It arrived today v3.0

    the front 17 looks huge!!!!
  9. Original means from the 1990s...
  10. that one from kijiji is a replica. If you want the original, I have one available, customized, sz 50, in black... PM me if you are interested...
  11. According to Howard Berger, the Leafs will replace the current alternate jersey with another style.
  12. looking for a Team Sweden from the 2002-2006 era. Yellow NIKE Brand, replica is fine with me, used is fine with me also.
  13. tb426

    It arrived today v3.0

    give beckett a shout eBay Judging by the Getzlaf and other gamers it really looks like 10"... I might be wrong, but it wouldn't hurt asking beckett...
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