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  1. Since I seem to be striking out on the Seabrook jersey, does anyone have a blank red authentic Edge 1.0 or 2.0 Blackhawks jersey (not the IndoEdge versions), size 52 available for sale?
  2. Looking for a red authentic Edge 1.0 Blackhawks jersey - Seabrook, size 52. (Stitched and accurate customization please, not the heat pressed/ironed on stuff). This one is for a gift, so hoping to find one in excellent condition.
  3. Bear

    It arrived today v2.0

    Picked this up from World Hockey Jerseys. Light wear, stickmarks on sleeves front and back, small board burn. The Polish jerseys are some of my favorites. Wish I could get a retail version of one of these. I'd hate to rock it at Taste of Polonia or Pierogi Fest and end up dripping beer and kiełbasa on it all day. Those marks probably wouldn't count as gamewear.
  4. Bear's collection Still need to add a nameplate to the Larmer, and eventually finish off the blanks.
  5. I found two of these sitting in the display case of City Sports Lettering a few weeks back. I asked where they came from and was told they were cleaning out in back and found them. Don't know how many there were originally, but I got the last two. I dropped in again recently and asked if they had found any more old stock patches, as I'm still looking for an authentic Blackhawks WWW Wirtz memorial patch, but nothing old/new had turned up. I'm keeping one (as I'm into patches now too), but I'm hoping to trade the other for the WWW patch. There are a lot of reproductions out there, but I have some references and Murf was kind enough to point me in the right direction as far as the correct size. The repros are bigger and have detail differences. I figure if I had any chance to get the right one, it would be from somone on these boards. I know there were a couple of people here looking for this one. If someone wants to do a simple trade that would be great.
  6. Bear

    It arrived today

    Amen to that! Sweet jerseys!!!
  7. Bear

    It arrived today

    A jersey from DaNoobie that needed the customization fixed. I take my current Hawks jerseys to City Sports Lettering, but Triple Threat Sports does a great job on older ones like this.
  8. I've had positive dealings with the following members: Buyers MountainKing - jersey HawksFan79 - jerseys (a purchase and a trade) mdwsta - patch All paid promptly and communicated well. Easy to deal with. Sellers DaNoobie - jersey IIHFjerseycollector - jersey Great jerseys and no problems. Smooth transactions. Also picked up an item locally for JustAnothaVictim to ship overseas for him, again with good communication and no problems with payment.
  9. Thanks Brilliant. Yeah, I really wanted to do up this one with the All Star patch. Plus, its going to be a Belfour. Had to go with either the 91 AS patch or the 92-93 Cup 100th anniversary patch for him, and I personally like the AS better. 1991 was the better year all things considered. Mdwsta4 - have you tried any of the links on the first page of the thread for those patches. I think that an accurate replica of the finals patch is about as impossible to find as an original, but you may have better luck with the NHL 75th patch. Try Murf and Pat, that's where I got the big AS patch. If not, I would be willing to part with the small AS patch I have, as I have no real use for it now.
  10. Need opinions/advice on the 1991 All Star game patch. I picked up two, one from Patch Collection and one from Murf and Pat. Comparing them to the few close-up examples I could find on the web, the Murf patch (which is almost the exact size of a CD) seems the most correct. The biggest differences are the size of the white border, the hair stitching, the lack of a registered tradmark symbol, the missing forhead detail, and the red feather details (colored in solid white instead of white lines). The PatchCollection patch has all the details, but the patch is much smaller and the font size appears to be too small as well. Does anyone have an original or gamer example of this patch? I know Murf generally has the best when it comes to patches so I was planning on trimming the white border down to about half of what it is now and going with that one.
  11. Probert was one of my all-time favorite Blackhawks. What a shame that he died so suddenly, and in front of his family like that.
  12. Bear

    It is good or not?

    Thanks guys! I figured it was legit as it has the notorious screened shoulder patches, the NHL shield looks good, and the customization is sewn twill like it should be. But I wasn't sure about what the vector logo should look like on a premier sleeve and neck. Its directly embroidered on this one, and I know that is one of the signs of a fake authentic. I figured I had better run it by the experts before I tried to swap it, in case I had missed something. Thanks again!
  13. Bear

    It is good or not?

    Can someone please confirm that this is a genuine Minnesota Wild Rbk Premier jersey? It was given to me by a friend who knows I collect jerseys. It was left by someone at the hotel he works for, and he got it after no one ever came back or called to claim it. Everything looks legit to me, but I've never owned a premier or a Wild jersey before. I have no use for a Wild jersey, and hope to find someone who wants to trade a Blackhawks premier or older replica for it, though the nameplate is twill and would need to be replaced. At least its all stitched so hopefully stripping it wouldn't be too bad. Anyway, I'd like to double check before I post it up for trade. Wild front Wild front 2 Wild back Wild back 2 Wild shoulders Wild neck tags Wild jock tag Wild sleeve tags
  14. xcdude is right. I went to City Sports Lettering this morning to pick up some patches and they put two on for me right away. Its a ziz-zag stitch that looks a bit tighter than the ones on the sleeve numbers. The patches also have a glue backing and I think they pressed it before sewing.
  15. Bear

    It arrived today

    Man, some really nice Hawks jerseys there guys! Love the old ultrafils. Seeing all that Hawks goodness makes me want to go spend money I don't have right now!
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