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Found 8 results

  1. My USHL Chicago Steel jersey collection is available for sale. Hopefully it is okay to post a link to the album since the amount of photos would be a lot for this thread. The collection features a few who have played at the NHL level (John Moore, Jaccob Slavin, Andy Miele), a few that have played well at the AHL & ECHL level and some solid college players. The jerseys were all purchased through the team over the years. I'm looking for $3300 shipped obo for the collection. Would possibly entertain offers on singles but would prefer to sell it all as one. Photobucket link only seems to work if you copy and paste it, I'll figure something else out shortly. http://s19.photobucket.com/user/MountainKing79/library/Jerseys/Hockey/Chicago Steel?sort=6&page=1 And 3 more up for sale. These were all team issued Reebok Edge 2.0 jerseys that were stripped and customized by Triple Threat Sports. All 3 are size 56. $950 for all 3 shipped. No trades, not interested in breaking them up, I'd like to sell them as a batch. I will entertain offers that are reasonable, I will not respond to any PM's that do not have offers in them. Thanks guy!
  2. I have a sweet Todd Bertuzzi Islanders fisherman authentic on ice jersey for trade. Its a size 54. Id be mostly interested in lightning and penguins jerseys but if you have some other jersey to offer just pm me I'm sure we will work out a trade!
  3. I figured I'd make a topic specifically for this. As a lot of you know, the Pens unveiled the alternate sweater they'll be wearing 12 times this season. As everyone knows, these are based off of the black road jerseys worn during the years the Pens won two consecutive cups in 1991 and 92. Like the 91/92 throwback they've been selling for the past few years, the crest logo is slightly different than what it actually was. Though, I think they were just going with the general look, and they successfully accomplished that. This is not only the return of the classic jersey, but of the shade of gold, called Pittsburgh gold, to the team since 2002. And yet another successful attempt at a traditional style jersey on the Edge template. The jersey is now available online and at the PensGear store inside the ConsolEnergy center. I expect the jerseys and other throwback merch to sell hot, and people will love to see these out on the ice again, including myself. I was hoping it would be the gold jersey the team wore in the 80s, but oh well. I was also sort of hoping for something new, or even something with the RoboPen on it, but with Lemieux owning the team, I doubted that. I was also kind of underwhelmed considering they've been selling this jersey as a throwback for a few years, but nevertheless, it's going to be exciting having Pittsburgh gold on the ice again. I am currently wearing one of the throwbacks. It is blank, and not an Edge, so I think I'll pick one of these up one day. These are the dates it will be worn, one time on the road.
  4. The Lightning revealed their new alternate jersey today. The team are going to wear a mostly-black jersey and grey-outlined text for the first time since 2011. The jersey sports the team's current shoulder patches, and lacks the victory stripes the team has worn up until this year. It retains the same "Bolts" crest as the previous alternate did, and has thin white arm-length stripes like on the Kings' home jersey. Here is a rendering from Andrew M. Greenstein of NHLUniforms.com. The team will wear it 12 times this year, all at home. Full gallery here. I'm a little disappointed. It looks cool, but I was expecting some throwback elements with it. However, there are a couple of them, I would've loved to see the classic Lightning logo, or at least the primary one, instead of "Bolts" again. But it's always good to look forward once in a while, too. I really like the shoulder patch, but I wish they colored the shoulder/arms area white.
  5. Confirming recent rumors, the Flyers will again wear a full time alternate for the 2014-15 season, their 2012 Winter Classic jersey. It'll be worn for 12 games this season, twice on the road. I was hoping it would be something new and original, or perhaps a new black jersey, or a replica of a Lindros-era jersey, but I'm fine with this.
  6. I was doing some thinking and feel that some NHL teams need a new alternate jersey. Some just don't make sense or just don't fit the team anymore. A couple I can think of are the Lightning, my favorite team introduced the "BOLTS" third jersey and I loved it! (Although nothing comes close to their previous storm jerseys(; ) With their new uniforms none of the colors go with the current set of uniforms and I would love to see a new black alternate. A couple others that come to mind are the Islanders and Panthers. The islanders alternates look like horrible roller hockey jerseys, the old orange alternates were sweet. With the Panthers, the light blue with dark blue jerseys we just a bad choice in my op. They looked stupid and I thought they could elaborate more on it. I would like to see the Jets make an alternate soon as I feel they would look cool if they put though into it, same with the Devils even though they have never dipped into the third jerseys. There are much more out there and I wasn't sure if anyone felt the same way. Any thoughts?
  7. Well I'm pretty new to these forums but love hearing what jerseys everyone likes. Since buffalo debuted their new third jersey today ( wish they hadn't haha) I started thinking about their past jerseys. I was wondering how you guys feel about the Sabres jersey history. A couple stand out in my head that I like so i want to know what would be your top five from Buffalo. Here's my personal list. 1. Previous "throwback" alternate, I enjoyed the stitching on the numbers and thought it was a clean looking jersey. 2. Red crossed sabres alternate. I liked the addition of the red jersey with the black and white home and aways. 3. Original jerseys. I like the bright blue and gold, just the classic simple look. 4. Current home jerseys. It's a mix of modern and older Buffalo look although I think they could take the gray out. 5. Last but not least the "buffaslug" jersey. The logo wasn't the best buffalo has had but the striping on the jersey looked great. Also they added numbers to the upper right portion of the torso which I felt was a good looking touch to the jersey. Those are my picks for Buffalo. They have had some great jerseys but after tonight I just want to forget their alternates exist.
  8. The Sabres have been slowly teasing a new alternate jersey over the past few weeks on twitter. Today they dropped the most interesting picture yet -- their captains patches. I've included the rest of the puzzle photos below:
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