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Found 39 results

  1. My USHL Chicago Steel jersey collection is available for sale. Hopefully it is okay to post a link to the album since the amount of photos would be a lot for this thread. The collection features a few who have played at the NHL level (John Moore, Jaccob Slavin, Andy Miele), a few that have played well at the AHL & ECHL level and some solid college players. The jerseys were all purchased through the team over the years. I'm looking for $3300 shipped obo for the collection. Would possibly entertain offers on singles but would prefer to sell it all as one. Photobucket link only seems to work if you copy and paste it, I'll figure something else out shortly. http://s19.photobucket.com/user/MountainKing79/library/Jerseys/Hockey/Chicago Steel?sort=6&page=1 And 3 more up for sale. These were all team issued Reebok Edge 2.0 jerseys that were stripped and customized by Triple Threat Sports. All 3 are size 56. $950 for all 3 shipped. No trades, not interested in breaking them up, I'd like to sell them as a batch. I will entertain offers that are reasonable, I will not respond to any PM's that do not have offers in them. Thanks guy!
  2. I picked up this jersey recently from a former LA Kings employee who had locker room access. I need a photo match for Meigray to certify it. Can anyone help me? I am told there is a Kings jersey guru on this site! $50 to the first person who can nail down a conclusive photo match. Photos stored on the google link below. Please help! https://photos.app.goo.gl/8jI6OqHlAnHC1TcY2
  3. Looking for help with provenance on this odd jersey, tagged as Pederson's. 1984 Team USA Olympic jersey. Came across it on Yahoo auctions Japan, thought why not and got it for about $20. Sorry about the monster post. Better quality pics in the links at bottom. Here's the question - did Pederson's ever made 1984 Team USA jerseys available to the public for sale? I've found Cooper's, Eaglewear and Reachwear 1984 Olympic jerseys, but none tagged with Pederson's. Aside from the real team jerseys, which only saw some exhibition games. The story of the actual team jerseys from their exhibition games is odd. They went on auction around 2005, after Pederson's was sold off and they found the team jerseys in storage. (Quote Source with Pics of the Team Jerseys) (Gameworn Auction of one of the jerseys.) Looking at the authentic ones used by the team as seen on the link above, mine is similar, but a size medium, so I'd say it's def not for on-ice. Logo and tag - the neck tag position is different from the team jerseys but consistent with other jerseys made by Pederson's. Embroidered logo on the hem is similar - mine has a slight bluish tint, which mostly came out with Oxiclean. Ink staining? I don't know how they handled embroidery on older jerseys, whether they embroidered over an inked paper pattern with stabilizer in the back or...? Fabric - fabric type is the same pinhole polyester. Lettering fabric is same sort of twill satin. Neck ribbing is the same, but lacking the reinforcement over the V point. Pattern and cut - same curved style armhole. The blue sleeve stripe on the player jerseys have piping, which mine doesn't. Proportion and width of stripes matches. Lettering and appliques - Material type for lettering and positioning of USA on the front matches. Size/style matches. Star on sleeve is correct. Stitching and seams - No extra piece for the elbow reinforcing on mine. No top-stitching to strengthen side seams. Stitching color for hems is correct. Overlock stitching at collar is different color from team jersey, though I noticed on some of the team jerseys the hem stitching was in either red or white, so I don't think it means much. Letter stitching is a bit sloppy with skipped stitches. (Change your needles, people.) An overlocked side seam is unravelling at the bottom. Don't know if it matters but when I got it, it was musty as all get out (storage smell) and had yellowing consistent with age, which I removed by soaking it in Oxiclean. The seller only listed it as vintage, didn't say where it came from, or if they'd bought it themselves back in the day. Where did this piece come from? It's bizarrely close in many respects to the authentic jerseys, and very close to what Pederson's made for fan jerseys (see vintage Minnesota North Star jerseys for examples.) It would be a lot of effort to replicate something like it, and hardly anyone bothered doing fakes back in the 80's. Anyone else have one like it? I'd contact Pederson's but... they're gone. I still would like to have some opinions on this tiny beauty. So, jersey people: what do you think? Test jersey? Made for sale replica? Elaborate fake? Thanks for any help! Imgur album with more and higher res pics.
  4. Hey all, wondering how everyone chooses to store their jerseys? Do you keep them in garment bags? Plastic bags on hangers? Do you put moisture pouches with ur jerseys? I just have mine hanging in the closet but I have 3 cats whom I worry may scratch at them since they hang quite low. Wondering how everyone chooses to keep their jerseys stored and in top condition? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and looking for some advice. I can get a reebok premier parise jersey for a very good price. Thing is, I want to get it so I can strip the name off and put a HALL nameplate on it. My brother recently got a hall oilers reebok premier jersey from lids, and from the looks of that one the nameplate seems glued onto the jersey without any stitching going through the actual fabric to the inside of the jersey. I was wondering if the parise jersey is like that, is the glued nameplate easy to take off? Any recommendations on how to go about this? Also, I believe the parise nameplate will be longer than the hall nameplate, so will any residue be visible on the sides of the hall nameplate once I put it? Thanks so much for the advice.
  6. Hey all quick question, I tried on a few jerseys today and noticed one of the Canadian authentics I tried on had the CCM logo underneath the Canadian flag and it didn't say 7187a. Does this mean it's a 1.0? Both of the edge 2.0's I have don't have this CCM logo and say 7187a at the bottom of the white hang tag. I tried on an Indo too and they are obviously much lower quality than any 7287 I have, also they fit much more like a premiere. The sleeves were super long compared to my Canadian made ones. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I'm definitely cautious or even anxious with starting new topics, but I accidentally found this awesome shot of a guy wearing a Canucks jersey in an awkward situation and thought it might be quite funny to open a thread on strange/famous/hilarious people wearing hockey jerseys in public.
  8. i own a 2011-12 boston bruins game worn jersey (black set 1). the jersey is an edge 2.0 7287. unfortunately, my wife somehow lost the lace from the jersey's neck. does anyone know where i might find: 1) an authentic replacement lace 2) a replacement lace that is as close to the "real thing" as possible if this question has already been answered, i apologize in advance. i tried searching the site, as well as google and have thusfar struck out. HELP!
  9. Hey all, I was watching a game today and noticed during a player interview that the NHL crest patch that is sewn on the front neck looked like it had vertical stripes going through it instead of the normal flat black and white/silver-ish embroidery. Did they change the shield crest patch this year? Just wondering if anyone has noticed this or if it was just camera angle lighting that maybe gave this effect.
  10. Here is a link to my website which shows all of my game used penguins jerseys. The pens are 1 of 2 teams I collect for. Tampa is the other Www.penswearhouse.com Let me know what you think!
  11. Hi! I'm not completely sure if this is is the right section/board for this but here goes: My father obtained a jersey a long while ago, one of thirty ever made. It's an 88-89 Edmonton Oilers Mark Messier replica jersey that came with a plaque and a serial as the sign of authenticity. He's decided that it's time for the jersey to find a new home, so we're trying to gather information on where would be the best place to get in touch with people who'd be interested in buying it and possibly to get some advice on the price tag. I'll post some photos, I hope someone will recognize these and is willing to help. Thank you in advance.
  12. Ohlensehlen35

    CCM or RBK?

    My friend and I were talking and we both like the CCM jerseys, I was wondering if anyone felt the same? The RBK jerseys are nice but I feel like teams don't have that creativity like they used to because they are limited with the edge design. I know they are lighter and give the players more mobility and all but they just don't appeal to me like the CCM, Koho and starter/ pro players do. So how do you feel about it? would you like to see the crazy fun designs like CCM jerseys or do you prefer the sleeker RBK Edge jerseys?
  13. I have a sweet Todd Bertuzzi Islanders fisherman authentic on ice jersey for trade. Its a size 54. Id be mostly interested in lightning and penguins jerseys but if you have some other jersey to offer just pm me I'm sure we will work out a trade!
  14. I figured I'd make a topic specifically for this. As a lot of you know, the Pens unveiled the alternate sweater they'll be wearing 12 times this season. As everyone knows, these are based off of the black road jerseys worn during the years the Pens won two consecutive cups in 1991 and 92. Like the 91/92 throwback they've been selling for the past few years, the crest logo is slightly different than what it actually was. Though, I think they were just going with the general look, and they successfully accomplished that. This is not only the return of the classic jersey, but of the shade of gold, called Pittsburgh gold, to the team since 2002. And yet another successful attempt at a traditional style jersey on the Edge template. The jersey is now available online and at the PensGear store inside the ConsolEnergy center. I expect the jerseys and other throwback merch to sell hot, and people will love to see these out on the ice again, including myself. I was hoping it would be the gold jersey the team wore in the 80s, but oh well. I was also sort of hoping for something new, or even something with the RoboPen on it, but with Lemieux owning the team, I doubted that. I was also kind of underwhelmed considering they've been selling this jersey as a throwback for a few years, but nevertheless, it's going to be exciting having Pittsburgh gold on the ice again. I am currently wearing one of the throwbacks. It is blank, and not an Edge, so I think I'll pick one of these up one day. These are the dates it will be worn, one time on the road.
  15. The Lightning revealed their new alternate jersey today. The team are going to wear a mostly-black jersey and grey-outlined text for the first time since 2011. The jersey sports the team's current shoulder patches, and lacks the victory stripes the team has worn up until this year. It retains the same "Bolts" crest as the previous alternate did, and has thin white arm-length stripes like on the Kings' home jersey. Here is a rendering from Andrew M. Greenstein of NHLUniforms.com. The team will wear it 12 times this year, all at home. Full gallery here. I'm a little disappointed. It looks cool, but I was expecting some throwback elements with it. However, there are a couple of them, I would've loved to see the classic Lightning logo, or at least the primary one, instead of "Bolts" again. But it's always good to look forward once in a while, too. I really like the shoulder patch, but I wish they colored the shoulder/arms area white.
  16. http://www.icethetics.co/blog/2014/10/6/islanders-resurrect-the-fisherman-for-final-season-in-nassau Welp...this is something I don't think any one of us would have ever expected, the Islanders are going to bring back a controversial era from their wardrobe. For at least one game, the team will wear special throwback jerseys based off of the infamous Gorton's Fisherman jersey during the pre-game, for their last season playing at Nassau. Read: it won't be worn during the actual game, only pre-game. I know this is going to get a very mixed reaction. I personally like the colors and design of the jerseys that were made among the wild flock of crazy 90s jerseys. I don't really want them to go back to them as full-time home/away sweaters, but I'd like it to be an alternate one of these days. Strangely, these will only be worn pre-game. What do you all think of this? If you hate those jerseys, do you think it's a lot less offensive to the team that they won't be wearing it during the game?
  17. I was just wondering if anyone knew what kind of nameplate the Lightning used in the 1999 season. I am getting two of the Alternate storms customized as well as their black away jersey. Is it a twill nameplate or what?
  18. Chris Smith, founder of Icethetics.co was able to stumble upon a sneak peak of the future face of the St. Louis Blues, which will debut on-ice this October. My first impression is that this is a huge, huge improvement. No more templately Edge crap, no more piping and ugly shoulder design. They're going back to a more traditional pre-Edge look as other teams have been doing the past few years, and I absolutely love everything about this jersey. It has a look most reminiscent of their classic 1998-2007 blue sweater, and I imagine the new road jersey will look similar. The lack of a multi-colored collar is slightly disappointing, but I am happy with the jersey nonetheless. St. Louis Blues, 1998-2007 St. Louis Blues, 2007-2014 (alternate 2008-present) The Blues will keep their dark blue alternate jersey in their wardrobe this upcoming season.
  19. Hello Everyone! Today I got my Vancouver Canucks Jersey back from the store, Now the problem was that they put the wrong player name on the jersey (but it was a really good job) and so this is what the person told me my options at that point and this is what they said: There would be puckering. Like little holes possibly. I honestly don’t think you would be happy with it if something did happen to it. and so this is what they told me: This is what we can do I can give you the jersey as is right now for $65.00 before taxes Or send it back and get it redone with you aware that it maybe demaged at no extra charge to you, Just the end of the day price once send and done for $95.00, So would it be better if I took the jersey?( Ryan Kesler isnt really one of my favourite players...) or I send it back and deal with the conquences of the jersey getting damaged and paying more? (I tried stripping before, but I failed pretty bad) (This is a premier jersey customized) Thanks for your help everyone! - Halifornia
  20. I was wondering in this Sweden jersey was legit or not. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ice-Hockey-Jersey-Sweden-NIKE-XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL-265238-749-New/191019859523?_trksid=p2047675.c100010.m2109&_trkparms=aid%3D555012%26algo%3DPW.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20644%26meid%3D5602457766110148717%26pid%3D100010%26prg%3D9209%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D24%26sd%3D201003567736 If it is, where would a good place be to get it customized?
  21. Does anyone know when they officially started selling jerseys as merchandise? I've seen some footage of late 80's/early 90's games with people in the stands wearing the teams' jerseys, but they could have started earlier than that.
  22. Well I'm pretty new to these forums but love hearing what jerseys everyone likes. Since buffalo debuted their new third jersey today ( wish they hadn't haha) I started thinking about their past jerseys. I was wondering how you guys feel about the Sabres jersey history. A couple stand out in my head that I like so i want to know what would be your top five from Buffalo. Here's my personal list. 1. Previous "throwback" alternate, I enjoyed the stitching on the numbers and thought it was a clean looking jersey. 2. Red crossed sabres alternate. I liked the addition of the red jersey with the black and white home and aways. 3. Original jerseys. I like the bright blue and gold, just the classic simple look. 4. Current home jerseys. It's a mix of modern and older Buffalo look although I think they could take the gray out. 5. Last but not least the "buffaslug" jersey. The logo wasn't the best buffalo has had but the striping on the jersey looked great. Also they added numbers to the upper right portion of the torso which I felt was a good looking touch to the jersey. Those are my picks for Buffalo. They have had some great jerseys but after tonight I just want to forget their alternates exist.
  23. Anyone happen to know anything about the Canucks heritage classic jersey? The Sens released a teaser of their jersey which looks like it's just going to be a lighter version of their black alternate. Also the senators might use as script crest instead of the "O" but nothing official. Just wondering if anyone has an idea on what these jerseys will look like?
  24. Quick question about places to get a Wild Wing jersey customized. I have purchased an XXL Wild wing jersey and definitely want to get it numbered. I want to put Guy Herbert on it and am looking for a place to trust. It's my first Wild Wing jersey and my favorite of all time besides the Lightning's storm jersey so it is very special to me and I really don't plan on selling it. I want to send it to a place that is reliable and reasonably priced. I know the wild wing had glacier twill and the name was arched so I want a place that can do that for me. My friend and I have discussed a couple places he knows because he has 3 wild wings but I am open to options so I was wondering if you guys know of any places!? Thanks, Alec
  25. The Sabres have been slowly teasing a new alternate jersey over the past few weeks on twitter. Today they dropped the most interesting picture yet -- their captains patches. I've included the rest of the puzzle photos below:
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