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Found 11 results

  1. Hey all, wondering how everyone chooses to store their jerseys? Do you keep them in garment bags? Plastic bags on hangers? Do you put moisture pouches with ur jerseys? I just have mine hanging in the closet but I have 3 cats whom I worry may scratch at them since they hang quite low. Wondering how everyone chooses to keep their jerseys stored and in top condition? Thanks!
  2. Hey all, Are commemorative patches done by the team customizers or by the teams equipment staff? I'm specifically interested in adding the Sharks 25 year patch to my Hertl Jersey I just got done by action spot. Looks as though the NHL centenniel patches are sticking around the rest of the season from what I've seen and I opted to not get front numbers on my jersey to match this years kits, but now that's only really relevant for a 3 month window now that the centennial patch has been added to the sleeve. I'd prefer the Sharks 25th over adding a centenniel to make it as authentic as can be, but enough rambling. Just wondering if I should be sending it back to action spot for the most accurate patch application.
  3. Hey just wanted to post an update of my Sharks jersey. Finally sent my black alternate to Action Spot for customization and the work came back awesome! Really happy with how it came out, turn around time was about 2 weeks and great customer service. If only Hertl would come back off IR here are pics https://m.imgur.com/a/7515L
  4. Hey all, I just took my Sharks authentic edge 2.0 to a local hockey store in the Bay Area to have them ship it out for customization. All of their customization is done by Stahls, who from what I've been told is who officially does the letters and numbers for all NHL teams. Is this true or has anyone had any experience with having customization done by Stahls? I'm a little OCD so I want my jersey to be as close to an on ice as possible. (I know some of you will say buy a game worn then, I just couldn't afford it) thanks in advance!
  5. Ohlensehlen35

    CCM or RBK?

    My friend and I were talking and we both like the CCM jerseys, I was wondering if anyone felt the same? The RBK jerseys are nice but I feel like teams don't have that creativity like they used to because they are limited with the edge design. I know they are lighter and give the players more mobility and all but they just don't appeal to me like the CCM, Koho and starter/ pro players do. So how do you feel about it? would you like to see the crazy fun designs like CCM jerseys or do you prefer the sleeker RBK Edge jerseys?
  6. Dropped off my blank Blackhawks 09-11 alternate jersey at Triple Threat yesterday to be customized as a Seabrook jersey. Question - how big of a jersey foul would it be to have the 2009 Winter Classic patch put on it as well?? This jersey has the tomahawks patches on the shoulders so it's definitely the alternate (the original WC jerseys didn't have those).
  7. I was just wondering if anyone knew what kind of nameplate the Lightning used in the 1999 season. I am getting two of the Alternate storms customized as well as their black away jersey. Is it a twill nameplate or what?
  8. Hey everyone, I have a Reebok Edge (1.0) authentic Blackhawks alternate (the winter classic design but without the patch) that I'm looking to get customized as #7 Seabrook. I've had it since April but finally have some spare cash to do the customization job... Can I get suggestions of what shops around Chicago do the best customization jobs?? Thanks!
  9. I was doing some thinking and feel that some NHL teams need a new alternate jersey. Some just don't make sense or just don't fit the team anymore. A couple I can think of are the Lightning, my favorite team introduced the "BOLTS" third jersey and I loved it! (Although nothing comes close to their previous storm jerseys(; ) With their new uniforms none of the colors go with the current set of uniforms and I would love to see a new black alternate. A couple others that come to mind are the Islanders and Panthers. The islanders alternates look like horrible roller hockey jerseys, the old orange alternates were sweet. With the Panthers, the light blue with dark blue jerseys we just a bad choice in my op. They looked stupid and I thought they could elaborate more on it. I would like to see the Jets make an alternate soon as I feel they would look cool if they put though into it, same with the Devils even though they have never dipped into the third jerseys. There are much more out there and I wasn't sure if anyone felt the same way. Any thoughts?
  10. Blobs21

    Best NHL jersey site

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this website so I may need some seasoning what exactly proper etiquette is on this forum, but I'm wondering what the best place is to get jerseys from. The NHL official shop has an absolute atrocious supply of jerseys. Thanks for your feedback.
  11. Long time lurker, first time poster with a question for jersey aficionados concerning lettering on an Reebok Premier jersey. Being a long time Kings fan, I purchased a Kopitar jersey from icejerseys.com and just recently received my jersey. Everything is fine about it, except for the lettering on the jersey being placed on a nameplate (or name bar as they call it on their FAQ). Being a stickler for authenticity (and with authentics being outrageously priced and hard to find right now), I asked if it was possible to have my jersey redone as it should be, after all, their website states the following: As you can see from these images, the Kings do not use nameplates and use individual lettering: So, I write back to their customer service and was notified that: Now this concerns me a bit. I am not sure if I should bother sending back the jersey to have individual lettering done to it or just retain it with the nameplate. As I stated earlier, my pet peeve for having jerseys look as close to the real thing as possible makes me want to send it back, but if the stitching is going to come off from individual lettering on a Reebok Premier jersey, is it worth it? I'm hoping some of you can speak from experience and help guide me in the right direction. EDIT: I'm such a dummy. Meant to say Reebok Premier since it's a replica. It's not an Edge jersey. Tried editing the title but I guess that option isn't enabled.
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